What Android Users Think about iPhone Users

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It is not only in one boundary that Android users and iPhone users each have their preferred phones. A number of Android devotees have a thought that the decision to purchase an iPhone is one kind of mistake. If every person had a clear thinking, objective and informed properly many of them would choose Android. It is actually a thoughtful observable fact and it should be clear. There is some observable phenomenon I am going to state below.

It is a symbol of Status

iPhone devotees are actually attached to the brand called Apple as it is a prestigious symbol of status or it is a fashionable accessory. In the same sequence, people would like to have Gucci bags or Rolex watches.

Smartphone for ignorant user

This phone is supposed to be easy to use for that reason a beginner can be attracted to have it. But for the novice, it seems hard to use in many cases. Many of these model phone users might not have knowledge of what Android phones are capable of, and on the other hand how unnecessary iPhone limitations are. Honestly, Androids are very easy to use and it is user friendly overall.

Skillful marketing

This cluster user is brainwashed victims of Steve Jobs’ skillful marketing. Product announcing strategy, Very beautiful packaging, and commercial, Product placement on TV and Movie along with other marketing campaigns done by Apple has influenced users that must be one of the best phones. They always keep secret their new innovation design to make more curiosity.

skillful marketing

The most popular and recognizable brand

There are some customers who want the biggest selling phone and same way people go to Starbucks in lieu of a locally owned one. In addition we can say, people choose Nike shoes but not go for the brand that we never heard. Though it is true that reputable brands always produce quality products to keep the reputation up. However, popular products and brand value always attract consumers.

iPhone is allied with renowned person

At present everybody knows who Steve Jobs was. But the founders of Google are not the same people. Same as culture of celebrity adoration, some customers are attracted by the products associated with a well-known person.

Fascination of Apple products

The “halo effect” has an effect on iPhone customers for other products of Apple, along with iPod, carries over to the iPhone. However, so many customers are already using Apple's other products such as Apple TV, iPod touch, Desktop, All in one computer, and Laptop so the interface is well known to them so they feel comfortable with the iPhone.

iPhone users may not like to think too much

Android customers are usually enjoying customization to find out more things from the draws of Google Operating System. They have a belief that iPhone users like a phone that does not need to be modified as they do not have interest or do not have much time to think about their phone. Moreover, Android operated phones seem “technology”, on the other hand iPhone seems a customer appliance. Many have chosen the iPhone as they would like to avoid technology.

So the above opinions are fair or false

After all above mentioned concepts what can be thought the android users are right what they think about iPhone users? However, it seems that there may be some truth hidden in all of those beliefs. Or it can be that a number of iPhone customers are affected by one or more of those motivations.

However, it would be such that Android customers notice motivations and attributes that iPhone customers cannot see in themselves, eventually it might be true too that what iPhone consumers feel or believe the things that those Android consumers do not.

For a novice, the iPhone is engineered and designed beautifully, it is flawless ‘fit and finish’ they are using very high quality materials for their phone so that it can run for a long time without any disturbance. And from this viewpoint, it would be a good reason to have an iPhone.

It is unquestionable that Android and iOS both platforms have positive attributes. One of the benefits of an integrated platform phone is, it is a responsive phone that is also very important for overall consumer experience.

However, it can be said that, iPhone is a gorgeous toy sailboat and on the other hand an Android phone looks like a package of Lego bricks. And it is natural that some people will be attracted by one toy and others might have interest towards another kind of toy and it is personality. Can surely say that many customers are influenced by status, marketing, branding. And the iPhone is a very good phone, too. And more importantly, iPhone consumers’ are dedicated and their choiceness is dictated by personality, just like yours are.

Therefore, in light of the above point, we can say, everybody has a different taste, a different personality. So some will choose iPhone and some will choose another platform phone it is obvious. We are not arguing with those. However, which phone you will buy is up to you, we drfone are always with you to make your life easy with a software update, problem solution, and betterment of your busy life.

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