Apple leak events 2023 – Know About Major iPhone 2023 Leaks Updates

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For the past few months, the rumors about iPhone 12’s launch have created quite a buzz in the tech world. While we got to hear some of the wild predictions (such as the 100x camera zoom), Apple hasn’t spilled any beans about the 2020 iPhone devices whatsoever. It means that there’s hardly any information about what the iPhone 2020 will look like and what new features it will get.

However, taking a look at Apple’s past record, it is most likely that the new iPhone will be equipped with all the rumored features and upgrades. So, in today’s blog, we’re going to share some insight into the iPhone 2020 leaks and talk about various upgrades you can expect in the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup.

Part 1: Apple leak events 2020

    • iPhone 2020 Launch Date

Even though Apple has kept the released date a secret, there are a few tech geeks who have already predicted the launch date of the iPhone 2020. For instance, Jon Prosser has predicted that Apple will release the 2020 iPhone lineup on October, 12, while the Apple Watch and the new iPad are expected to be launched in September.

jon brosser twitter

In case you don’t know about Jon Prosser, he’s the same guy who correctly predicted the launch of iPhone SE earlier this year and Macbook Pro back in 2019. In fact, he has also confirmed via Twitter that his predictions are never wrong.

jonbrosser 2

So, as far as the release date is concerned, you can expect Apple to launch the new iPhone 2020 in the second week of October.

    • Expected Names for iPhone 2020

It’s no secret that Apple’s naming scheme has always been bizarre. For instance, after the iPhone 8, we didn’t see the iPhone 9 lineup. Instead, Apple came up with a new naming scheme where numerals got replaced by alphabets, and thus came the iPhone X models.

However, in 2019, Apple went back to the traditional naming scheme and decided to call the 2019 iPhone devices iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. As of now, it is most likely that Apple will stick with this naming scheme for the 2020 iPhone lineup. In fact, several new iPhone 2020 leaks indicate that the new iPhones will be called iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    • iPhone 12 Models & Leaked Designs

It is expected that the 2020 iPhone lineup will include four devices with different screen sizes. The higher-end models will have 6.7 & 6.1-inch screens, with a triple-camera setup at the rear. On the other hand, the two lower variants of the iPhone 2020 will have a screen size of 6.1 & 5.4-inches, with a dual-camera setup. And, of course, the latter will have a pocket-friendly price tag and will be marketed to consumers who are looking for a cheaper version of the iPhone 2020.

The rumors say that the iPhone 2020’s design will resemble the traditional overhauled design of the iPhone 5. This means that you’ll get to see a flat metal-edge design in all the variants of the new iPhone. The metal design will be comparatively better than the Glass finish as it won’t absorb any fingerprints and your iPhone will shine like brand-new all the time.

Several other iPhone 2020 leaks have also confirmed that the new iPhone will have significantly small notches at the top. Again, Jon Prosser shared the mockup designs of the iPhone 12 on his Twitter handle in April, which clearly depicts that the notch has been cut down significantly. However, it’s still a mystery whether this shorter-notch design will be seen in all the four iPhone 2020 models or not.

design mockups

Unfortunately, people who were expecting the notch to be completely removed will have to wait a few more years. It seems like Apple still hasn’t figured a way to get rid of the notch.

Part 2: Expected Features in iPhone 2020

So, what new features can you expect in iPhone 2020? Here, we’ve scrutinized through different rumors and pickled some of the features that are most likely to be there in the iPhone 2020.

    • 5G Connectivity

It’s confirmed that all the iPhone 2020 models will support 5G connectivity, allowing users to connect to 5G networks and browse the Internet at a considerably fast speed. However, there’s still no confirmation on whether all the four models will have both sub-6GHz and mmWave or not. Since a few countries still haven’t got the mmWave 5G support, there’s a huge chance that Apple will provide only sub-6GHz 5G connectivity for particular regions.

    • Camera Upgrades

Even though the camera setup on the new iPhone resembles its predecessor, there are major software upgrades that’ll allow users to step-up their photography game. First and foremost, the higher-end models will have a triple camera setup along with the new LiDAR sensor. The sensor will allow the software to precisely measure the depth-of-field, resulting in better portraits and object tracking in AR apps.

In addition to this, Apple will also introduce new technology with iPhone 2020, i.e., Sensor-Shift for better image stabilization. This is going to be the first-of-its-kind stabilization technology that’ll stabilize the image by moving the sensors in the opposite direction to which the camera is moving. It is expected that this will deliver better results than the traditional optical image stabilization.

    • Chipset

With the iPhone 2020 lineup, Apple is all set to introduce its brand new A14 Bionic chipset, which will enhance the overall performance of the devices and make them extremely efficient. According to several reports, the new A14 chipset will boost the CPU performance by 40%, allowing users to enjoy smoother navigation between various apps and efficient multi-tasking.

    • iPhone 2020 Display

While all the iPhone 2020 models will have OLED displays, only the higher-end variants are expected to offer 120Hz ProMotion displays. What separates the ProMotion displays from other 120Hz displays in the market is the fact that its refresh rate is dynamic. This means that the device will automatically detect the right refresh rate according to the content that’s being displayed.

For instance, if you’re playing a game, the device will have a 120Hz refresh rate, making your gaming experience more responsive. However, if you’re simply scrolling through Instagram or reading an article on the Internet, the refresh will be lowered automatically to provide an efficient scrolling experience.

    • Software Upgrades

The new iPhone 2020 leaks also confirm that the iPhone 2020 will come with the latest iOS 14. Apple announced iOS 14 back in June 2020 during the Worldwide Developers Conference. Already, many users are enjoying the beta version of the update on their iDevices.

However, with iPhone 2020, Apple will release the final version of iOS 14, which may have some additional features as well. As of now, iOS 14 is the first OS update in Apple’s history that includes home-screen widgets for different apps.

    • iPhone 2020 Accessories

Unfortunately, Apple has decided to provide no accessories along with the iPhone 2020. Unlike the earlier iPhone models, you won’t get a power adapter or earpods in the box. Instead, you’ll have to buy the new 20-Watt charger separately. While Apple hasn’t confirmed this news yet, several sources, including CNBC, have stated that Apple is planning to eliminate power brick and earpods from iPhone 12’s box.

no adapter

This could be a major disappointment for many people as no one would want to spend additional money on the power adapter.

Part 3: What Will Be the Cost of iPhone 2020?

So, now that you’re familiar with all the major upgrades in iPhone 2020, let’s take a look at how much it would cost to own the new iPhone models. According to Jon Prosser’s predictions, the iPhone 2020 models will start at $649 and go up to $1099.


Since there will be no charger or earpods in the box, you’ll also have to spend extra dollars to buy these accessories. The new 20-Watt iPhone charger is expected to be priced at $48 along with USB Type-C cable.


So, that wraps up our summarized report on the brand new Apple iPhone 2020 leaks. At this point, it’s safe to say that every tech-geek is excited for Apple to unveil the much-awaited iPhone 2020 in October. Although considering the current pandemic, it is also expected that Apple might further postpone the launch date of iPhone 2020. In a nutshell, we have no other options but to wait!

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