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What's the Best iPhone Games 2020

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So, are you a big fan of mobile games? If you have an iPhone, then there are many options, spanning from Clash of the Kings, PES 2020 to Pokemon GO. Since the iPhones are high-end devices in the market, the gaming experience is quite smooth; you'll fall for it. In this article, we'll be highlighting the best iPhone games 2020, both FREE and paid. We are also going to discuss how the iPhone 2020 design will impact the gaming experience. So, without wasting any further time, let's get on with it:-

What's the Best iPhone Game for 2020?

Here, are the five FREE best games of 2020 iPhone:-

Super Fowlst 2


This is a popular mission game that offers brilliant graphics, hard to find in any other smartphone game. The theme of this game is that the demons have broken through the world's barriers, while our superheroes are busy, who will save mankind? A chicken, the main character of the Super Fowlst 2. There will be a lot of shooty action with coins to collect, and levels to surge. The controls are pretty simple; gamers of all age groups will love to play this game.

Pigeon Wings Strike


The bad minions have taken control over our city, and only the pigeons can kick them out. The graphics of this top game iPhone 2020 is mesmerizing with everything that seems so real. The appeal of aviators is impressive, and the storyline of the game is the biggest talking point. The tilt control makes this game a big hit in the FREE segment of the best iPhone games 2020.

Disc Drivin' 2


If you are looking for a racing game with a lot of turns and ultimately breathtaking experience, then the Disc Drivin' 2 definitely tops the chart. The game is furnitic in terms of the graphics; you'll feel that you are in the fabulous world of Steven Spielberg. You can also play with a random online opponent, that is one heck of excitement. With 15 race tracks, you'll love to play Disc Drivin' 2 every day for the first couple of months. This is the amount of craze associated with this game.



It is one of most brainstorming word games on the Apple play store. This game draws inspiration from the traditional paper-based crosswords and word searches; it will bring back your old happy days. It is a game of mind with a lot of fun puzzles to solve. The FREE version of this 2020 best iPhone game contains ads, which often prove annoying for anyone.



No list of top 10 iPhone games 2020 is complete without a puzzle, and the Threes! Holds the fort for the iPhone platform. It is a brilliant game of its genre, classic with decent graphics that you may find in any other good puzzle game. The theme of this game is pretty simple merging cards within the tiny four-by-four board. But, it is not an easy game; in the few tries itself, you'll discover how baffling it is.

Now, coming to the paid best games of 2020 iPhone, let's check out:-

Donut County


Are you a fan of Katamari Damacy, but seeking for a story that makes slightly more sense, then Donut County is worth a play on your iPhone. The theme of the game is surrounding the raccoons and their quest to collect more garbage. When you visit Donut County, your mind will go to a whole new level of creativity, as the stuff there will let you come with something spectacular every time. This game is available to download from the Apple play store just for $5.



We can say Oceanhorn is the closest that mobile developers have come to experience the best of Zelda PC games on your iPhone. Although it is not a new game, it always features in the list of top 10 iPhone games 2020. The graphics are colorful, the combat style is cool, and the puzzles are challenging to solve. Yes, the game has a pretty long story but will keep you hooked the entire time. This action-packed game is available for download from the Apple play store for $8.



Wow, this game is a one-of-its-kind fusion of King of the Fictional Kingdom and Tinder. Reigns will make you the king of the kingdom, and you've taken all the decisions just by swiping the screen right. Although at first, the game may look dull, you'll get the essence of the game with time. The characters in the game have an uncanny ability to build real connections. The cost of this App on the Apple play store is just $3.

The Witness


If you're in pursuit of a beautiful and challenging, then pick your smartphone and download The Witness game for just $10. This game occupies a top spot in the segment of paid top games iPhone 2020. Imagine yourself walking up the mysterious island with no reasons why you've landed there just for a second. There are over 550 puzzles to solve in the magnificent lap of nature.

Old Man's Journey


It is a point-and-click adventure with amazing visuals, especially the hand-drawn picturesque graphics. Storytelling is the standout feature of the Old Man's Journey game. The developer has put immense details into the characters that connect with the players. The price of this game is $5 on the Apple play store.

Will the new design on the iPhone 2020 affect the iPhone games?

The iPhone's new design to be released in 2020 will have an improved refresh rate that ensures improved realism and fluidic of the game to the viewer. Plus, the OLED displays of the iPhone are expected to improve significantly for a better viewing experience. It is expected that the ProMotion technology will come to the iPhone 11, and this will take the gaming experience to a whole new level.


In this article, we put forth the best iPhone games 2020, both FREE and paid. We also mentioned the possible design changes in iPhone 11 and what games need to know. If you do have something to add, share with via the comment section.

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