iPhone 12 Pro to come with 6GB RAM

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With each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to the day we have anticipated. Yes, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro release. Although the coronavirus pandemic has prolonged our wait, we can finally smile because we are not miles away from the release date. As usual, there is not yet an official communication regarding the release date, but reliable sources point October as the month of the iPhone 12 Pro release.

Nevertheless, we expect to see a lot of design and functionality improvements from the new iPhone 12 Pro. Of course, there will be differences in terms of processor and size, among others. However, one exciting development is about the size of RAM. Yes, the role of RAM in any device cannot be underestimated as it is the chief architect of speed and performance. The higher the RAM space, the faster the device and thus the iPhone. iPhone 11 came with a 4GB RAM, but iPhone 12 Pro is reportedly coming with a 6GB RAM. This is incredible, and you can easily smell how fast the iPhone 12 Pro would be. With that said, let us dive into the depths of the iPhone 12 Pro 6GB RAM.

iphone 12 with 6GB RAM

Where Does iPhone 12 Pro 6GB RAM Rank to its Predecessors?

How does iPhone 12 Pro's 6GB compare to its predecessors?

Is it worth much attention, or is it just the same RAM we have seen on other iPhone versions?

To cut the story short, no other iPhone versions have packed a 6GB RAM before! The closest is iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, both with a 4GB RAM. iPhone 6 Plus was the last iPhone with a RAM of 1 GB then followed by 2GB for which was last deployed on iPhone 8. The newer versions have been alternating between 3GB and 4GB RAM.

From the history of iPhones, it is crystal clear that the iPhone 12 Pro is taking iPhone by storm with another dimension of RAM. Some would have expected the 4GB RAM to prevail, but genuinely we have had enough of 4GB RAM for the previous versions. The move to role out a 6GB RAM comes at the right time, and for sure it is the right trajectory by Apple. You can imagine how this device performance would be. A combination of Apple A14 Bionic processor and a 6GB RAM is a performance of one of its kind.

Although there are plenty of other reasons why iPhone lovers can't wait to unleash their new iPhone 12 Pro, the 6GB memory is a significant catalyst for this high-spirited anticipation.

Is iPhone 12 Pro's 6GB RAM Worth Celebrating?

If you are tech-savvy, you understand that RAM is a very crucial part of the processing system. It is a temporary location where the much-needed files are stored so that they can be loaded quickly for the processor. This means the more the RAM space, the more the memory for keeping data that is actively needed by the programs, and thus the file access speed is ramped up.

Whenever you are shopping for electronic devices, say a computer, one of the most important parameters is the RAM. You will likely go to bed with a computer of higher RAM space if other factors like processor speed and hard disk memory are the same. Higher RAM size ensures faster processing speeds. If you love doing graphics or games with your device, then a higher RAM will ensure a seamless and amazing game experience.

On the other side, a low RAM slows down your computer speed and becomes overwhelmed when processing large and complex tasks. From these illustrations, you can clearly understand the excitement surrounding the 6GB RAM for the iPhone 12 Pro. To put it in context, this iPhone would be faster than all the other versions because it has the largest RAM size. The processor technology is a key factor in speed, but for the iPhone 12 Pro, the processor is also more polished. So expect to load huge games on your iPhone and enjoy a better graphic experience than never before. Speed can break or make your device experience, and the iPhone will not cease to bombard you with amazing speeds perennially.

Release Date

The Covid-19 Pandemic has dealt a blow to a plethora of companies, and Apple is one of them. Perhaps the iPhone 12 Pro could have been released months ago, but unfortunately, it didn't happen. We could be sharing endless stories and experiences on how much the 6GB RAM has lit the iPhone 12 Pro. The rumors would have been done and dusted, but this is where the pandemic has condemned us to now.

Nevertheless, everything about the iPhone 12 Pro has been engineered accordingly. The only thing remaining is for those chiefs to finally hand over the much-awaited iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to its users. Our patience has been stretched to the limit, and we are slowly running out of the patience steam. Fortunately, the amazing specs of these new iPhone models, specifically the 6GB RAM, make it worth waiting.

According to trusted and reliable sources close to Apple, we expect the iPhone 12 Pro to be released in the mid of October. This is good news given how fast October is approaching. It is just a month and a few days away before we put our hands on this new amazing gadget. Keep waiting, buddy, and soon a smile will rock your face.

Final Thoughts

As we deploy our final bit of patience waiting for the new iPhone 12 Pro release, there is every reason for us to smile about it. Yes, this iPhone version will take our iPhone experience to another level. A 6GB RAM isn't a joke for a mobile device. It translates to amazing speeds and generally improved performance. Who doesn't want to be part of this new iPhone 12 Pro ship? Not me. I have my ticket ready and can't wait to sail on that 6GB RAM packed iPhone 12 Pro!

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