What's the New Changes on iPhone 12 Touch ID

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Apple is all set to launch the new iPhone 12 at a mega event in the month of September this year. There is a lot of speculation around this release by the world #1 smartphone brand. iPhone 12 is expected to have a 5.5 inch LCD display. It may come with the Apple A13 Bionic chipset, and run on iOS14. In a nutshell, the tech-savvy people across the globe are anticipating some big features.

The analysts suggest that iPhone 12 will be another chapter in the history of Apple, ever since the iPhone 6. In this post, we'll try to answer some of the most common queries such as the iPhone 12 Touch ID, so, let's find out:-

Will the iPhone 12 have a Touch ID?


Several media houses suggest that the Touch ID will make a comeback in 2020 with the new iPhone 12. The Touch ID is typically found in high-end devices. Touch ID was first launched by the tech giant Apple in 2013 with the unveiling of the iPhone 5S.

Later, Face ID took over the Touch ID with the launch of the iPhone X. And, tech experts across the globe believe that Touch ID is going to feature again with the new iPhone ID.

Numerous reports in the recent past that Apple is collaborating with suppliers on work on building a fingerprint sensor under the screen known as the iPhone Touch ID. Believe me, people worldwide lovers of Apple are welcoming this news.

What is Face ID?


It is an advanced intuitive and secure authentication technology of Apple that involves unlocking the iPhone after thoroughly scanning the symmetry of face, which involves a lot of parameters to ensure fool-proofness.

This feature is found in the latest models of iPhones and iPad. But, there are several flaws associated with this feature such as sometimes it simply doesn't work which causes big trouble or can easily be unlocked by showing the screen someone else's picture. Therefore, more and more people these days turn off the Face ID feature, and go with traditional passcodes to unlock phones.

Even when iPhone X had Face ID, instead of Touch ID, the company hasn't given the concept of a fingerprint scanner as the latest release iPhone SE featured the Touch ID in its home button. However, the tech giant Apple is unable to have the Touch ID features in smartphones that don't have the home button; this is perhaps why they made a swift to Face ID.

The biggest hits of Apple iPhone 11 & iPhone Pro could scan the face, but not the fingerprint. Breaching facelock isn't really touch, you must have seen several YouTube videos where people were able to open the smartphone of others with their picture, which makes the Face ID quite vulnerable.

This could change in the new iPhone 12, as the company is working to embed the fingerprint scanner under the screen itself. The same scanner is available on high-end Samsung smartphones, which includes Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10.

Will the iPhone 12 Have a Fingerprint Scanner?


There isn't a yes or no here, but iPhone 12 may feature the in-screen fingerprint scanner. Apple has majorly stopped using the Touch ID in most of its iPhones, except for iPhone SE and some iPads. The iPhone 12 Touch ID will be under the screen.

Not all in-screen fingerprint scanner smartphones are worthy, sometimes they create big trouble and are annoying if your thumb isn't placed correctly, wet thumb, or just not your luck. This is the reason Apple is doing a lot of troubleshooting to ensure smoothness.

However, some reports say that iPhone 12 won't be a screen fingerprint scanner because they believe this technology is still work in progress and will take time to develop. Probably, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 may have the Touch ID.

Time will tell wasn't going to happen, at present the rumors around iPhone 12 Touch ID, and this only come to once Apple makes an official statement or launches the product.

Does iPhone 12 have Touch ID?


No the iPhone 11 doesn't have the Touch ID feature, isn't it have the new Face ID system, which means you can unlock your smartphone with your face. Although it looks pretty cool, try to open your smartphone with a bad beard day look, you'll have a lot of a hard time.

Moreover, we have seen how easy it is to unlock someone's Apple 11 by showing the owner's picture to the scanner; it can be a digital one, which is the biggest flaw of the Face ID. There is an option on the iPhone 11; if you don't want just the Face ID, you can opt for the regular touchpad password, which is conventional yet effective.

The public opinion of Face ID has never been great, except for the initial excitement in the tech world. Even Apple understands this, and probably have made up their mind that the new iPhone 12 will have the old yet powerful Touch ID.

However, this time, it won;'to be in your home button, instead of ensuring the screen will be a fingerprint scanner. Are you all excited about this, don't worry, the September launch of iPhone 12 will tell whether the phone is bringing back the Touch ID, but still sticking to the Face ID.

Let’s Wind Up

After reading the article, you probably got an idea of how the iPhone 12 Touch ID speculation 8s real. We also discuss how the Touch ID holds the edge over the Face ID, and what are the odds the new iPhone 12 will have the Touch ID. Do you've something to add, like a feature that may feature in the all-new iPhone 12, share with us via the comment section below, we'll hear from you?

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