The Ultimate Flagship Showdown: iPhone 12 Vs. Samsung S20 Ultra

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The iPhone 12 will be by far one of the most anticipated mobiles to come in 2020. When it comes to smartphone supremacy, the fight always revolves around iPhone 12 vs. Samsung s20 ultra. In this S20 Ultra, we have already seen Samsung rocking a 120 Hz display along with 5G capabilities. And above all, who can ever forget the 100X zoom camera.

iphone vs samsung s20

In this article, we will discuss the rumored specs of iPhone 12 vs. Samsung s20 we are always aware of. Believe it or not, at the end of this fall, that’s the two mobile phones that are going to stick around our pockets.

Compare at a Glance

Feature iPhone 12 Samsung S20 Ultra
Chipset Apple A14 Bionic Samsung Exynos 9 Octa
Base Storage 64 GB (Non-Expandable) 128 GB (Expandable)
Camera 13 + 13 + 13 MP 108 + 48 + 12
RAM 6 GB 12 GB
Operating System iOS 13 Android 10
Network 5G 5G
Display Type OLED Dynamic AMOLED
Refresh Rate 60 Hz 120 Hz
Battery Capacity 4440 mAh 5000 mAh
Charging USB, Qi Wireless Charging Quick Charge 2.0
Biometrics 3D Face Unlock 2D Face Unlock, in-display Fingerprint

iPhone 12 vs. Samsung s20 ultra: Pricing

One of the biggest advantages that Apple can pull of this year is its iPhone line is aggressive pricing. The reported leaks about the 5.4 inches iPhone 12 will be around $649 while Samsung S20 starts at $999. Considering $1400 for S20 Ultra, that’s a pretty huge price difference.

Similarly, with the Samsung s11 vs. iPhone 12, you can find that iPhone 12 Max will cost around $749, which is still an undercut from Samsung’s base lineup. The only iPhone model which can get close enough to S20 Ultra is the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max variants. So, if you have been waiting around for a reasonable flagship, the iPhone 12 lineup is worth waiting for.

iPhone 12 Vs. Samsung S20 Ultra: Design

There is no point in arguing that the Massive 6.9-inch screen on Samsung S20 Ultra is exceptionally huge. While holding it in hand, you can certainly feel the futuristic technology within your palm. You can also see a hole-punch display in the S20 Ultra. Instead of putting it on the right side, you can find the same in the middle this time. And this time around, Samsung has flattened their screen with all the reports for accidental touches.


On the contrary, iPhone 12 is going to bring back the iPhone 5 and 5s boxy design. According to the latest rendered leaks, all of this year’s iPhone lineup will have square off edges. It has also been reported that iPhone 12 will be thinner than its predecessors, along with having a small notch design. Although designs are completely subjective, Apple is surely going with a bolder design.

Samsung galaxy s20 vs. iPhone 12: Display

This is where Samsung is bound to get the upper hand over Apple’s iPhones. The display in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra one of the best displays on a smartphone on the planet. Its 6.9-inch screen rocks a 120 Hz refresh rate. Although it is adaptive, you can still get a completely fluid scrolling experience along with a richer gaming experience.


On the contrary, looking at iPhone 12 pro max vs. Samsung s20 ultra, you can expect an OLED panel with just a 60 Hz refresh rate. Rumor has it that only top of the line iPhones, including Pro and Pro Max, will have the 120 Hz ProMotion Display. It is also going to have a slightly lesser resolution than Samsung S20 Ultra.

iPhone 12 vs. Samsung s20: Camera

Technically, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra packs four cameras, with the 4th one being a 0.3 MP depth sensor. Its primary consists of a 108 MP shooter, a 48 MP telephoto lens, and a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor. And the biggest hype with the camera comes from its 100X zoom capabilities.


On the iPhone side of things, the iPhone 12 will have only two cameras. The first one being a wide and ultra-wide shooter. We are still skeptical if Apple would use their 64 MP sensor or stick to the 12 MP one.

Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra vs. iPhone 12: 5G Capability

iPhone 12 series are going to be the first tear of iPhones to support the 5G network. But, not all models across the lineup is going to share the same 5G capabilities. For instance, both the iPhone 12 and 12 Max will have sub-6 GHz bandwidth. That means although they come with a longer 5G range, but without the support for mmWave networks.

Only the 12 Pro and Pro Max will support the mmWave network. While Samsung S20 Ultra already packs both the flavors of the 5G network.

iPhone 12 Vs. Samsung S20 Ultra: Battery

As the comparison between iPhone 12 vs. Samsung s11 persists, none of them are actually battery champs for that matter. Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which can easily last you for a day with casual web browsing and lightweight gaming. But, at the same time, we are still skeptical about where iPhone 12 stands. According to the latest leaks, with the newer design, Apple will decrease its battery capacity by 10%.

And then there’s Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, which will be built around 5 nm architecture. Keeping that in mind, it will also be the most battery-efficient chipset ever built on a phone. So, whatever be the case, there’s always the advantage of fast charging for both smartphones.

Closing the Battle

The contest between iPhone 12 vs. Samsung s20 ultra is getting closer every single day. While looking at the spec sheet, Samsung S20 Ultra is surely a clear winner with the number game. But, with day to day usage, you won’t feel the difference, all thanks to the software optimization from Apple.

There are several unanswered questions that we can only find after Apple unveils their iPhones in late October. Once that comes up, you can visit once again to get a detailed overview of Samsung galaxy s20 ultra vs. iPhone 12 and which one stands as the best smartphone for the year 2020.

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