Top 5 iPhone 12 immediate rivals

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The Apple iPhone 12 series has been the talk of town since its release. Many phone enthusiasts have shown their great love for the phone. Perhaps you are an iPhone fan and you are interested in knowing some top rivals of the iPhone 12 series? Well, no matter your situation, this article will completely list and discuss the top 5 iPhone 12 immediate rivals.

With much said, let’s dive in and find out.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

What are some of the top reasons why you need to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S20 Series? Some of these reasons are:

  • It’s a powerful Android flagship that is fully loaded with many features.
  • The Samsung Company promises its users a three years of system updates.
  • This phone is widely available in different markets.

Well, currently, Samsung is listed among the top rivals of Apple when it comes to Android world. Just to say more, the Samsung Company launched four S-series flagships that are fully loaded with amazing features.

You should have in mind that all the Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones are well fixed with a Snapdragon 865 or an Exynos 990 flagship SoC, are water resistant, have wiressless charging, and a 120Hz OLED panel.

To be more specific, you can opt to the $1,300 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra since it tops all other devices in its series. This device boasts of a 108MP main camera, a 5,000mAh battery, a 4x periscope zoom camera and lastly a massive 16GB RAM. If you are that person that only speaks about the top specs, then you need to have a keen look at this model. I bet you will fall in love with this phone.

Someone may also ask about the Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE, right? Well, this device goes for only $700 with some few setbacks such as: a plastic back lacks 8K recording and even an FHD+ screen. With the limitations said quite earlier, what are some of the specs that will make you love this device? This phone still boasts of a 120Hz OLED screen, its water resistance and has a wireless charging. Not to forget, you are also going to enjoy its massive battery capacity and also a more flexible triple camera setup.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

galaxy note 20 ultra

Just to mention a few, what are some of the reasons why you need to go for this device? They include:

  • The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with an S-Pen and other great features.
  • The device is fully available across the globe.

This phone trended some time back due to its high price of $1,300. Well, you may have been pissed off with the price but you don’t know quite well what the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have in stock, right? Let’s find out.

Some of the top features that you are likely to enjoy when you grab this phone from the stores are:

  • A QHD+ 120Hz OLED screen
  • Wireless charging
  • Water resistance
  • S-Pen
  • 8K recording
  • 4,500mAh battery
  • A triple rear camera setup of 108MP main, 12MP 5X Optical, 12MP ultra-wide.

Honestly, when comparing this device with the Galaxy S20 FE, they both have plastic back. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has even a slightly smaller battery, standard refresh rate panel and lastly no microSD slot. You should only have one reason to buy this phone, which is, when you can’t do without the S pen. You can opt to the Galaxy S20 FE that will cost you less bucks.

3. OnePlus 8 Pro

oneplus 8 pro

An overview of the OnePlus 8 Pro is not limited to:

  • The newly introduced features such as water resistance and wireless charging.
  • OnePlus always supports its phones, the three versions of Android.
  • This phone is strictly available in Asia, Europe and North America.

Usually, there is need to give credit where its due. OnePlus deserves some sort of crown this year since they have joined the premium flagship ranks for the first time ever. You will get this phone at a cost of $999, and also enjoy several features such as:

  • Wireless charging (30W) and water resistance
  • 120Hz QHD+ OLED panel
  • Quad rear camera setup of 48MP IMX689 main camera, a 48MP ultra-wide shooter, 8MP 3X zoom shooter and lastly a 5MP color filter camera.

If you are concerned with the software support, then you still deserve to use the OnePlus phone because they deliver updates for a period up to three years. That can be confirmed with their phones such as the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.

4. LG V60

When discussing about the LG V60, we are not limited to:

  • Fully loaded with great features for price such as the headphone jack
  • The Dual screen case accessory that supports foldable-style experience
  • Fully available around the globe

You may have heard someone talking about this phone. Someone will say that its one of the most underrated high-end phones. That may be true. This phone is one of its own and can match the iPhone 12. You will grab this phone at a cost of only $800.

This phone boasts of high-end features such as:

  • Snapdragon 855 and 5G enabled
  • Massive 5,000mAh battery
  • Headphone port
  • Water and dust resistance
  • 8K recording
  • 64MP/13MP Ultra wide/3D ToF cameras

5. Google Pixel 5

google pixel 5 phone

You must have about this phone, either in phone forums, work place or even with your friends. Many Android fans have crowned this phone to be the best Android that matches the iPhone world. What are some of the reasons that make it have that praise? Well, let’s find out what the Google Pixel 5 have in stock.

Some of the top features of this phone:

  • Water resistance
  • Wireless charging
  • 90Hz OLED screen
  • Reliable and fantastic cameras

The Verdict

The above mentioned phones are the immediate iPhone 12 rivals currently. There isn’t a big gap when comparing these phones with the iPhone 12. You only need to carefully choose one that meets your needs then you are off to go! You become an iPhone hunter or destroyer. Good luck!

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