Apple iPhone 12 Vs Google Pixel 5 - Which is better?

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iPhone 12 and Google Pixel 5 are the two best smartphones of 2020.

Last week, Apple had released iPhone 12 and revealed the 5G option in it. On the other hand, Google Pixel is also featuring 5G, which makes it the best Android device that offers a 5G facility.

Iphone 12 vs Pixel 5

Now that Apple and Google are both in the race of 5G, how will you decide which is best to buy in 2020? Both the devices are almost similar in size and weight as well. Being very similar in look, there are many differences in them, the very first difference is of the operating system.

Yes, you heard it right Google's operating system is Android, and Apple's operating system is iOS, with which everyone is familiar.

In this article, we will discuss some major differences between Google Pixel 5 and iPhone 12. Take a look!

Part 1: Difference in Features of Google Pixel 5 and iPhone 12

1. Display

In terms of size, both phones are almost the same as iPhone 12 6.1" and Google Pixel 6". iPhone 12 has an OLED display with 2532x1170 pixels resolution. The iPhone screen gives a better color contrast thanks to its "wide color Gamut" and "Dolby Vision Support." Further, the Ceramic Shield glass makes the iPhone display four times tougher.

difference between iphone 12 and pixel 5

On the other hand, Google Pixel 5 comes with an FHD+ OLED display and has a resolution of 2340x1080 pixels. The refresh rate of Google Pixel is 90Hz.

All in all, both iPhone 12 and Google Pixel 5 features HDR and OLED displays.

2. Biometrics

iPhone 12 comes with a Face ID feature to unlock the phone. However, this feature seems a little tricky in the time of a virus where you have to wear a face mask all day. To overcome this issue, Apple has also added a fingerprint unlock facility in its latest iPhone 12. The finger touch unlocks button is at the side of the iPhone 12. It means you can unlock the iPhone 12 in two biometric ways with face ID and fingerprint.

In Google Pixel 5, you will get a fingerprint sensor at the rear side of the phone. It is easy to unlock the device with a simple finger touch. Yes, it's a step 'backward' from its Pixel 4, which has a face ID sensor, but the change is good for the future and current situation.

3. Speed

In Google Pixel 5, you will see a chipset of Snapdragon 765G, which offers optimal speed and good battery life. If you are looking for a device for gaming purposes and heavy applications, then the A14 Bionic chipset of the iPhone 12 is faster than Google pixel.

When you play videos, then you can see a big difference in the speed of Apple's latest phone and Google Pixel 5. In terms of speed and battery life, we recommend iPhone 12. However, if too high speed is not your concern, then Google Pixel 5 is also the best choice.

4. Speaker(s)

The ear/bottom speaker combination of iPhone 12 works great with sound quality and allows you to hear every single sound in detail. Further, the Dolby stereo sound quality makes the iPhone 12 the best in terms of sound quality.

In contrast, Google went back with stereo in Pixel 5as compared to Pixel 4, which had a great speaker pair. But, in Pixel 5, the speakers are of small bezels and are under-screen piezo speaker. If you are a music lover and watch videos on the phone, then the Pixel 5 speakers are not really good.

5. Camera

Both phones, iPhone 12 and Google Pixel 5, have great rear and front cameras. iPhone 12 has 12 MP (wide), 12 MP (ultra-wide) rear cameras while Google Pixel 5 has 12.2 MP (standard), and 16 MP (ultra-wide) rear cameras.

cameras of iphone 12 and pixel 5

iPhone 12 offers a larger aperture on the main camera, plus a wide-angle with 120 degrees field of view. In Pixel, the wide-angle offers 107 degrees field of view.

But, the Google Pixel camera comes with a Super Res Zoom system and can perform a 2x telephoto without a special lens. Both phones are best at video recording.

6. Durability

iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 are water and dustproof with IP68. In terms of the body, we must say that the Pixel is more durable than the iPhone 12. The glass back of the iPhone 12 is a weak point in terms of exposure for cracks.

On the other hand, Pixel 5 comes with a resin-covered aluminum body means it is more durable than the glass back.

Part 2: Google Pixel 5 vs. iPhone 12 - Software Differences

No matter how many differences you note between iPhone 12 and Pixel 5, your main concern will end at the software each handset is running.

The Google Pixel 5 has Android 11, and for people who love android devices, it is the latest version of the android software. You will see major software updates in the Android 11 software of Pixel 5.

If you prefer iOS, then Apple's latest phone is a great option as it comes with iOS 14.

There are indeed things that you like an iPhone 12 and which you don't. The same is the case with Google Pixel, some features you like, and some not. So, no matter which phone you like to stick to it and buy one according to your budget and requirements.

Part 3: Choose The Best Phone Between iPhone 12 and Google Pixel 5

No matter if you like the Pixel 5 or iPhone 12, you can be happy knowing that you're getting one of the best phones of 2020.

In the Android world, Google Pixel 5 is the most affordable Android phone with many new features, including 5G. For people looking for a decent phone with a good display, camera, and battery life Google Pixel 5 is a great pick.

If you are a fan or lover of iOS and want something premium with advanced features, quality display, and good sound quality, go for iPhone 12. It's incredibly fast and has excellent cameras.

No matter which phone you choose, you can transfer your WhatsApp data from your old phone to a new phone with Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer tool.


We hope that this guide helps you decide to pick the best phone between the iPhone 12 and Google Pixel 5. Both the phones are equally good in their price range. So, buy the one that fits your budget and fulfills all your needs.

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