Why People are Curious to have an iPhone

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curious to have an iphone

And the subject of this exhibition of their iPhone is very intriguing. Mostly they take pictures with their phones in front of the mirror and share it with their friends or Audience on social media. Not only that, but they also do some other activities in their social media activities or in everyday life that others are able to understand.

This happens especially in the first month or two of buying a phone. When they realize that “yes everyone has been informed that I own an iPhone”, then they slowly stop showing the phone. It's a very strange phenomenon.

But why do people do that? It is very difficult to answer in one word. Many factors may work here as well. And these factors may be Some human reasons, some social reasons, some economic reasons.

Experts have many differences of opinion. But we will also talk about something that actually happens, including all doctrines that will be more interesting to us. Here we are going to discuss some reason:

1. Status Symbol

We normally see buyers attracted to Rolex watches or Gucci bags. For the same reason, most people may be attracted to the Apple brand. They are ready to buy anything else, that is under Apple and containing the brand logo of Apple. This is a fashion accessory for them. And we are identifying this factor as a prestigious status symbol.

2. Easy for Dumb User

The iPhone is very easy to use. So some people are also attracted to this reason too. Especially novices, who are not familiar with smartphones yet. All of us know that the user interface of the iPhone is one of the easiest ones.

3. Ignorant

Although I am not willing to use the term, in some cases it is also the right one. Some users among us don't know about Android Capabilities over iPhone. Also don't know what he needs. They only consider outward beauty. Really, they are ignorant about the iPhone's limitations.

4. Marketing policy of iPhone

Some iPhone users are victims of the brainwashing Aries, the reality distortion field of Steve Jobs. Apple's product announcements, commercials, packaging, TV and movie product placements, and other marketing promotions have assured users that this is a good phone. The superiority of the iPhone is the marketing-driven perception.

5. Popular Recognizable brand

There is no doubt that the iPhone is a popular mobile phone brand in the world. Some iPhone shoppers go to Starbucks instead of a local local-owned coffee shop for the same reason or choose Nike shoes instead of a brand they've never heard of - big brands and popular products for some people who are attracted to their own.

6. Famous person in the back-end

Steve Jobs

Almost everyone knows who is the founder of Apple and how a man Steve Jobs was. But what about the founder of Android or other smartphones company? Even, Do you know who was the founder of Google? Some people are attracted to products associated with an acquaintance in the culture of celebrity worship. This effect was further enhanced by Jobs' death and subsequent media coverage.

7. iOS

Those people, who are already using Apple interface in their personal computer, iPod Touches, iPads, Apple TV system, they are already familiar with iOS they don’t want to take the challenge to face a new system. And this is one of the reasons why people are curious too.

8. Avoid tinkering Process

Some Android users really enjoy the customization and see that option as one of the main drawings of Google's operating system. But some iPhone users choose a phone that can’t easily be modified, and the reason behind that is they want to avoid the tinkering process. They have no interest in that, also they become anxious about it.

9. No interest in technology

Android users are very interested in new technology and new features or upgrading systems. For this reason, they change their phone and take new phones that are trending on the market now. Even seen, The succeeding phone was used only a month. But this does not happen with iPhone users in most cases, they feel like a consumer appliance. They don’t want to upgrade their phone, and who want to upgrade wait for the next iPhone. It can be said that they avoid technology.

10. First Use

Some people are willing to have an iPhone to grow their first experience with iPhones.

11. Gift

Maybe A phone is a better gift than anything, cause this gift always reminds its giver. So when choosing a phone for a gift, the iPhone is an uncommon and expensive one. And who doesn't like to get an expensive phone as a gift? The gift giver proudly tells others, ”Hey, I gifted him an iPhone on his birthday”, ”I gifted you an iPhone on your marriage”. On the other hand, Gift recipients promulgate “I received 8 iPhone on my birthday”. That is so funny.

12. Competitor

Many people use iPhones because their rivals use iPhones.

So all of the factors are right? I personally think, some of them are 100% sure and some are partially true. The main reason is choice. Man is usually driven by his choices. Whoever chooses one depends entirely on him. Just as there are some good aspects of the iPhone, there are also some good aspects of Android. Really, it is a strange phenomenon.

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