Will Portless iPhones Become A Reality in 2023?

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A series of rumors erupted after the news of uncertainty around the new iPhone’s launch started getting attention. Tech enthusiasts were going crazy about the possibility of portless iPhones in 2021 since December last year. But the chances of this rumor turning into reality increased exponentially after Jon Prosser’s tweet! Obviously, portless iPhone Reddit went-Gaga-over it.

jon prosser

Remember, Jon Prosser? Jon Prosser became the “official leaker” after he correctly predicted iPhone SE. Jon Prosser is a tech analyst, YouTube commenter, and well-connected leaker.

In this article, we will be talking about the portless iPhones in detail and covering a few specifications they are expected to have. We will also talk about some popular questions around the release of portless iPhones. So, let’s begin!

When Is New iPhone Coming Out?

The new iPhone - iPhone 12 was initially scheduled to be released in September 2020. But the ongoing pandemic has hit every industry, and the production of iPhones was no exception. The rumors of iPhone’s release being delayed were finally confirmed by Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri.

Maestri said that the release of the new iPhone (iPhone 12) would be delayed by a few weeks. This basically means that the new iPhone will be released in October this year instead of September. This will push the release of the iPhone 13 to next year - 2021.

In the meantime, another Twitter leaker said that Apple is facing troubles in getting its hands on 120Hz driver ICs which can further delay its release. iPhone 12 Max Pro was supposed to have a 120Hz display.

ross young new iphone

Having said that, sources suggest that the release of the iPhone 12 might get postponed to next year. The excitement around iPhone 12 was initially limited to it being 5G and bigger screens (6.1 inches & 6.7 inches). But when the rumor of portless iPhones hit the market, it became the center of everyone’s attention.

In a way, we had this coming. After the release of AirPods, portless iPhones were next, but no one expected it to be this soon. But like every new tech, the mass is divided into two groups - one of those who support portless and the other of those who don’t. But more than anything, everyone has many questions related to portless iPhones. Some of them are:

  • How would portless iPhone carplay work?
  • Will iPhone 12 be a portless iPhone phone or iPhone 13?
  • Would a portless iPhone come with AirPods?

Let’s try to answer these questions, starting with what actually are portless iPhones?

Portless iPhones - What Are They?

“Portless iPhones” - this phrase itself is the biggest giveaway. Besides other features, the new iPhone is rumored to have no ports - not for charging, not for earphones (of course), or for any other purposes.

Let’s take a step back. There were rumors that the next iPhone will come with type C USB port which obviously clashed with the rumors of portless iPhones. Jon Prosser says that Apple might entirely skip the USB - C on iPhone 12 too if the reports of iPhone 13 being portless are true. And it definitely makes sense because it will save tonnes in production for the company.

People have been using wireless headphones for a while now but wireless charging might take getting used to. Having said that, what will be the benefits of portless iPhones?

Above everything else, portless iPhones would be completely water-resistant because there won’t be any cavities for water to get into. But water-resistant iPhone is not new. iPhone 11 Pro can withstand water for 30 minutes at the depth of 4 meters.

At this point, it’s hard to predict any other benefits that might come with 2021 iPhone portless phones. This brings us to the unpleasant part.

Portless iPhones - The Unpleasant Part

The world of mobile phones has been moving to a minimalistic design for quite some time now. On-screen fingerprint scanners are slowly becoming old news. Apple, especially, has been a fan of introducing minimalistic design trends for long. Portless iPhones can definitely become a part of that.

But not every user is convinced of this new tech. Here’s an example.

portless iphones

One of the most endearing parts about wired charging was fast charging. Wireless technology is not new but it would be definitely a new one for iPhones. Not every iPhone user is convinced that Apple can pull off fast wireless charging in portless iPhones as well. A slow wireless charging would essentially be a downgrade too!

People are more used to wired charging right now. And it especially is more convenient to use on the go.

Besides this, the 3.5mm dongle that was introduced after Apple removed the earphone port would no longer be a viable option in portless iPhones. People who liked wired headphones and earphones would be forced to use wireless headphones & earphones (basically, AirPods).

Similarly, people’s wire-only carplay would completely turn out useless with portless iPhones.

Another problem will be restoring an iPhone which requires plugging it into a computer. But the latest iOS release - iOS 13.4 suggested that the company might be working on over the air recovery.

The way tech is moving toward everything wireless, we might soon be living in a completely wireless world. How soon will it be?

But, first things first. Apple must be more concerned about making 5G work because portless iPhones may be just a rumor but 5G iPhones are not!

Final Words

There are a lot of things being said of the upcoming portless iPhones but we will have to wait and see how much of these rumors actually turn out to be true. And if they are true, will Apple be able to successfully pull it off or not.

No matter how portless iPhones transpire to be when they are finally launched, the world is definitely waiting for it!

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