Canon Error Codes and Solutions

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Whether it is a camera or phone, errors can arise in any electronic device. And Canon Camera has no exception. It can be really frustrating when you get these errors unexpected and they result in data loss. Like any other device, digital cameras also give an error when something is interrupting them from operating in optimal condition. Even though the errors can usually be resolved with simple methods, but it is hard to keep track of all the errors.

So, in this article, we will learn about the most common Canon Error codes and how to handle them. In addition, we will also learn to use a canon recovery to recover the files that are lost due to errors.

Part 1. What Is Canon Error Codes?

The codes that appear on the screen when your Canon camera is not working properly are the error codes. The numbers that appear in the error message have particular significance. But as it is hard to remember all the codes, you can learn the main errors that arise in Canon. But before you get to the codes, it is vital that you have a basic knowledge of the Digital cameras like Canon.

1: About Digital Camera:

The simplest way to define a digital camera is that it is an instrument which captures digital images and stores them in the digital memory. Most of the cameras nowadays are digital. Even mobile phones have an inbuilt digital camera. The main reason for using digital technology is because they give high-end and high-definition results.

How Digital Camera Works?

Everything in a digital camera is electronic equipment. It captures the light and turns them into electrical signals. The cameras use two types of the light detector, i.e. CCD and CMOS image sensor. However, most of the cameras use the CCD image sensor.  When a digital cam captures an image, its sensors capture the light coming through the lens. The light travels via an open shutter and strikes the image plane. This result in the formation of the image on the small screen attached to the camera.

Ultimately the image is stored in the camera and you can also delete it immediately if you want to.

2: About Canon Error Codes:

Canon error code appears on the screen to notify the user regarding a specific issue. It appears on the top of the Camera’s LCD screen and signifies a malfunction in the camera. Sometimes, errors arise randomly and have no serious issue. However, some errors can be alarming and lead to serious damage. The error that needs to be resolved as soon as possible includes low battery, SD Card error, stuck shutter, card write errors, lens errors, etc.

Part 2. Common Canon Camera Errors and Fixes:

In this section, we will discuss the most common canon error codes list. This way, you will not only understand the meaning of the errors but also be able to resolve them in times of need. Take a look at the errors and remember the codes so you won’t have to search the internet for a possible fix.

1: Canon Error 20:

Description: Shooting is not possible due to an error.

Causes: The main cause of this error is a mechanical malfunction in the shutter or mirror assembly. You will get a pop up stating to turn off the camera and turn it on again.

Solutions: The easiest solution to this error 20 canon 600d is to do what it says. Shut down the camera at first and take the batteries out for a second. Then put the batteries back and switch on the camera. If the instant uninstall and re-install of batteries doesn’t work, then try leaving the batteries out for a few hours.

2: Canon Error 01:

Description: Communications between the camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts.

Causes: The main reason for canon error 01 is a miscommunication between the lens and the camera. It means that the aperture ribbon is stuck or there are some dust particles which are thwarting the lens. Thus, the particles are preventing the lens from receiving the message sent by the camera.

Solutions: To resolve this issue, you can try out several things

  • Check the lens and clear it if there are some dust particles on it.
  • Carefully analyze the lens conditions, i.e. whether it is tilted or out place.
  • Clean the point of contact on the camera and lens with a dry and soft cloth.

3: Canon Error 99:

Description: Shooting is not possible.

Causes: This error also caused by the miscommunication of lens and camera. But there are some other reasons too including bad battery, defective memory card, etc. This error is typically characterized by some major or minor fault in the aperture assembly.

Solutions: As for the solution of canon error 99, you can try out a few things to fix the error.

  • Turn the camera off and on and try re-installing the batteries.
  • Clean the contact point with a soft and dry cloth.
  • Check the lens conditions.
  • Reboot your camera.
  • Take out the secondary battery.
  • Leave the camera alone for a while.
  • Take out the memory card and insert another one.
  • Test the shutter button when you turn the camera on and off.

4: Canon Error 30:

Description: Shooting is not possible due to an error.

Causes: This error is a result of shutter malfunction. When the shutter is stuck or damaged, you will see the pop-up.

Solutions: To fix the malfunctioning caused by canon error 30, you will have to

  • Turn off the camera, remove the battery, re-install the battery and then switch on the camera.
  • Go the Menu option and choose the Clean Sensor Manually option if available.
  • Take the lens off carefully and move the shutter up. Make sure that nothing is blocking the shutter path and you will be good to go.

5: Canon Error 70:

Description: An error prevented the shooting.

Causes: This error often arises in the Canon EOS 5D Mark iii. It is caused due to a malfunction with an image in the storage. It can be a card write error which indicates that the image format is not supported by the camera. It can also be caused if the camera has been in extremely hot conditions for a long time.

Solutions: To resolve this error, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the camera and take out the battery. Leave the battery out and try to cool it. Install the battery in the camera and then turn it on.
  • Try enabling the C1-3 mode, any of them, or restore the camera settings to default. Turn off the camera while you are switching the CA mode and then turn it back on. You can also switch the mode by connecting the camera to a computer.
  • Try clearing the camera settings from the menu.

6: Canon Error 80:

Description: Shooting is not possible due to an error.

Causes: This error is also related to the electric circuit malfunctions and images. If this error occurs in Canon 70D, it can also happen due to excessive heat while recording videos.

Solutions: To resolve canon error 80, you’ll again have to turn off the camera and uninstall the battery. Make sure that the shutter is intact. Try switching the memory card or formatting it within the camera. And at last, try cleaning the contact point of the lens.

7: Canon Error 05:

Description: The built-in flash could not be raised.

Causes: You will get this error when the in-built flash denies coming up for some reason. This issue happens when the flash is stuck inside the camera and don’t come out even after three tries.

Solutions: To get the flash out, turn off the camera and clean the pop-up stick. Manually try to pull the flash out, but don’t apply too much pressure. Give a little nudge to help the flash pop-up on itself.

8: Canon Error 02:

Description: Canon camera memory card cannot be accessed.

Causes: The main cause of error 02 in Canon is some fault in the memory card. For some unknown reason, the camera can’t read the card.

Solutions: This error can be fixed simply by removing the memory card, turning the camera off and on and again inserting the card. You can also try out another card or formatting the existing one.

9: Canon Error 60:

Description: An error occurred preventing the shooting; the lens movement may be obstructed.

Causes: It is pretty clear from the subscription that canon error 60 is caused due to the obstruction in the movement of the lens.

Solutions: The users can try out these fixes as an effective solution for this error.

  • Turn off the camera and leave it for a while. Then turn it back on to see if the error still exists.
  • Check if there is really an obstruction in the lens.
  • Check whether the lens is in the right place or not.
  • Try another lens for your camera.
  • Clean the contact point of the lens with a soft and dry cloth.

10: Canon Error 04:

Description: Images cannot be saved because the memory card is full.

Causes: This is caused when you don’t pay attention to memory card storage. Thus, the camera can’t save the files on the card.

Solutions: The only solution to canon error is to free up some space on the card. And if you don’t want to delete any file, then simply use another memory card.

These are the common canon error codes with their possible solutions. As you might have observed, the most common fix to most of the issues is to take out the battery and turning off and on your camera. But if you get frustrated, remember not to hit the camera otherwise, you will end up creating a new issue.

Part 3. How to Recover Camera Photos:

As you can see, there is a big list of errors that can result in data loss in Canon devices. As a result, your precious memories will be deleted. Fortunately, here we are providing you a tool which can effectively recover all kinds of media files in just one click. Recoverit Photo Recovery is the best Canon Recovery software. This tool is perfectly capable of recovering the lost and deleted from various digital cameras and other devices in their original state.

The various features highlight the function of the software:

Recoverit - The Best Recover Deleted Photos

  • Recover lost or deleted photos, audios, music, videos and movies in all formats effectively, safely and completely.
  • Support deleted photo recovery from memory card, flash drive, SD card, Android cell phone, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Recover pictures under different situations, like sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash, etc.
  • Support to create a WinPE bootable media and recover inaccessible data from a crashed or unbootable system on Windows computers.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,027,239 people have downloaded it

Here is the step by guide on how to recover Canon camera photos using Recoverit. You can download the software on both Windows and Mac system. The software will allow you to recover 10 media files for free, after that, you will need the premium version to recovery large array of files. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Run the Software:

Once the software is installed on your system, launch it. Connect your Canon camera with the system and the software will detect the storage media. You will have to specify a location from where the files were lost. Click on the Start button to scan the storage.


Step 2: Scan the Device Storage:

The scan results will be displayed on the screen in a while. The files will be sorted out according to their formats. If the files you lost are not listed on the screen then you can run a deep scan. The Deep Scan mode will give better search results.


Step 3: Preview and Recover:

Have a look at the files that you want to recover using the Preview option. Select as many files as you want and tap on the Recover option at the bottom of the screen. The software will restore the files as soon as possible.


While you are recovering the files using Recoverit, makes sure that you save the files in a new location and transfer them to the external card afterward. There is no technical knowledge required to operate the software. So, you don’t have to panic if you lost your files because Recoverit Photo Recovery will handle the situation professionally.

Part 4. How to Maintain Canon Camera:

For every person, their camera is one of the most valuable possessions. And if you truly enjoy photography, then keeping your camera safe must be your priority. The digital cameras are a very sensitive device, thus you need to operate them carefully. Therefore, to avoid the most common errors, you will need to focus on handling the camera like a professional.

Here we are providing you a list of measures that need to be taken to protect your Canon camera and avoid the common errors.

1: Keep It Clean:

The first and foremost thing to take care of the camera is the cleanliness. Carefully clean the intricate parts of the camera with a soft and dry cloth. It will clear up the direct and dust from the camera. Also, make sure that the camera doesn’t get in direct contact with water because the internal parts aren’t exactly waterproof or even resistant.

2: Regular Checkup: Keeping a check on the camera’s condition is a must. So, take your camera to a professional and get it checked. There are various Canon support offices in the main cities all around the world.

3: Always Check Camera before Use: To make sure that the camera doesn’t lead to errors, you need to check whether it is working properly or not more frequently. As long as the functions are intact, your camera will work great and you won’t experience the common issues.

4: Avoid the Sun: It is highly advised to keep your canon away from the direct contact of Sun. the sun rays are harmful to the camera and it can severely damage the lens. Therefore, it will be better that you keep the camera in the bag when you are not using it. Also, remember that you never hit the camera when it is not working properly. Hitting it often leads to some other issues or permanent damage.

5: Have Backup: The best thing you can do to take care of your camera is to keep a backup. We are not talking about backing up photos. We meant to say have extra batteries, backup lens, or even have a backup camera if you can afford it.

Overall, the errors arise because you don’t take care of your Canon. If you are responsible enough, then you will be able to maintain your camera in good condition for a very long time.


Now, it can be concluded that Canon error codes are simply a result of a user’s mistakes. If you stay active and make sure no harm is done to your Canon, then you will be able to prevent yourself from data loss situations. And if somehow, you still end up losing pictures and videos then Recoverit Photo Recovery is always here for you. It will serve perfectly as a Canon recovery tool and assure that your media files are never lost permanently.

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