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Join Our Pokemon Go Community at Discord

For all Pokemon Go trainers to level up fast, and catch wanted Pokemons

Why join Our Discord Server?

Our Discord server Virtual Location is created for Pokemon Go users who are interested in fast
leveling up, spoofing tactics, Pokemon Go rumors, making friends,etc.


Every dollar benefits

Exclusive discounts on dr.fone products
Earn as high as 100 USD per week to co-manange our discord server
1200 pokecoins giveaway each for top 10 most active users per month (based on results of the Analytics bot).

Seldom-known Pokemon tactics

Tips & tactics to help fast level up
Latest Pokemon Go rumors & news
Coordinates & GPX files shared by others to help get most wanted Pokemon

Awesome Pokemon friends

Meet Pokemon experts to get 1-on-1 instructions
Meet 4000 others to make friends on Pokemon Go
Ask for or trade valueable accounts or Pokemon with others

Who can get most from our Discord Server?

Those who hate slow leveling up in Pokemon Go
Those who want to play Pokemon Go without walking or at home
Those who want to meet and team up with new Pokemon Go friends

How to join our discord server?

X-baby invites you to

Virtual Location
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4477 members