How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 for Better Performance?

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Launched in March 2015, Samsung S6 has gathered its own place with its killer looks, features and flagship performance. This device comes with a 5.1 inch 4k resolution screen with a 16MP rear and 5MP front camera. Samsung S6 promised and provides a whooping performance with its Exynos 7420 octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM.  Backed up with 2550 mAh battery, this device is a true performer.

If we talk about Samsung S6 reset, the reasons can be plenty. With continuous update of bulky Android system and user-installed several apps, slow response and phone freezing are some of the common problems for any device and Samsung S6 is not any exception. To get over this issue, the best option is to reset Samsung S6.

Samsung S6 reset can be done in two methods. In other words, the reset process can be classified in two categories.

  • 1. Soft reset
  • 2. Hard reset

Let us have a look at the difference between these two types of resetting process below. 

Part 1: Soft Reset vs Hard Reset/Factory Reset

1. Soft Reset :

• What is soft reset - The soft reset is the easiest to perform. This is basically the process to restart the device i.e. to power the device off and power it on back.

• Impact of soft reset – This simple process can solve a various problems of your Android device specially if the device was on for a long period of time and has not gone through a power cycle.

So soft rest is a great method to basically resolve smaller issues in phone related to SMS, Emails, Phone Calls, Audio, Network reception, RAM issues, Non-responsive screen and other minor fixes.

Note: It is important to mention that the soft reset of Android device will not delete or wipe any data from the device. It's very safe to execute.

2.  Hard Reset :

• What is hard reset – Hard reset is a process to revert the phone in its original factory settings by cleaning all its operating system instructions, removing all data, information, and all the internal files stored by the mobile user. In other words, it makes the phone brand new just like out of the box.

• Impact of hard reset Samsung S6 – The hard reset makes the device like a new one. Very importantly, it deletes all the internal data from the device. So, it is recommended to back up all the data before you proceed for the reset process.

Here, we are taking this opportunity to introduce a very helpful Dr.Fone toolkit- Android Data Backup & Restore. This one click toolkit is enough to backup all your internal storage memory within a few minutes. The very easy-to-use user interface makes this tool popular throughout the world.  It supports over 8000+ devices where users are allowed to select and restore data themselves. No other tool gives user this much freedom of choosing.

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Doing hard reset Samsung, can resolve plentiful of major issues on your device like removing apps, low performance, freezing of device, corrupted software and even viruses.

Part 2: How to soft reset Samsung Galaxy S6?

As discussed earlier, soft reset Samsung S6 is an easy and common process to get rid of all the minor issues. Let’s have a look how to perform the soft reset of Samsung S6 device.

• How to perform – Some of the devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 has the “Restart” option while pressing the power button. Just tap on this option and your device will be restarted.

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After booting up the mobile successfully, you can see changes on the performance. Depending on the speed of your mobile, this process can take a few minutes to complete. 

Part 3: How to hard/factory reset Samsung Galaxy S6?

Factory data reset or hard reset Samsung S6 can solve almost all the problems of your device as discussed earlier. In this section, we will learn how we can factory reset Samsung S6 using two different methods. Before proceeding, this is important to have a look at the some to-dos.

• Backup all the data of the device internal storage as this process will delete all the user data from internal storage. Here you can use Dr.Fone toolkit -Android Data Backup and Restore for hassle free interaction.

• The device must be charged over 80% as reset process may be lengthy depending upon the hardware and the memory of the device.

• This process can’t be undone in any case. So, be sure to go through the steps before you proceed.

Always remember, this is the last option for any device to improve its performance. Follow the steps to complete the process. Samsung S6 reset can be done by:

1. Factory reset Samsung S6 from Settings menu

2. Factory reset Samsung S6 in recovery mode

3.1. Factory reset Samsung S6 from Settings menu –

In this section, we’ll learn how to reset Samsung S6 from settings menu. When your device is working properly and you have access to the settings menu , then only you can perform this action. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process.

Step No 1– Go to the menu of the Samsung S6 and then go to Settings.

Step No 2– Now, tap on “Back up and Reset”.

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Step No 3– Now, click on “Factory Data Reset” and then click on “Reset device” to start the reset process.

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Step No 4– Now, click on “Erase everything” and you are done. The reset process will now start and within a few minutes, it should be completed.

Please remember not to interfere between this process or press power button as this can damage your device.

3.2 Factory reset Samsung S6 in recovery mode –

This second process of rooting is Factory reset in recovery mode. This method is very helpful when your device is in recovery mode or not booting up. Also, this option is handy if your phone's touchscreen is not working properly.

Let’s go through the step by step process for Samsung S6 reset.

Step No 1 – Power off the device (if not off already).

Step No 2– Now, press Volume up button, Power button and menu button till you see the Samsung logo to light up.

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Step No 3– Now, recovery mode menu will appear. Select “Wipe data / factory reset”. Use volume up and down key to navigate and power button to select.

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Step No 4– Now, choose “Yes – delete all user data” to confirm the reset process and proceed further.

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Step No 5– Now, finally, tap on “reboot system now”.

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Now, your device will reboot and you would have successfully completed the factory data reset Samsung S6.

Thus, this was the whole process to reset Samsung S6 easily. Use either of the methods of your choice, depending on the situation and be sure to back up the important data for hard reset. Hope, this article will help your device work like a new one.

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