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Ultimate Guide to Resetting iPhone X Plus

Mar 21, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

As you all know, resetting an iPhone can be of various ways covers like soft reset, hard reset, and the factory reset process. However, due to the similarity in their names, most of the users get confused over as to what exactly each of these is and how to reset an iPhone X plus. Hence, we have come up with this ultimate guide to help you distinguish each of these processes.

We shall also discuss in detail the steps on how to reset iPhone X plus, the process to shut down and restart an iPhone X plus as well as to restore an iPhone with or without iTunes.

Part 1: How to soft reset iPhone X Plus?

One of the first steps that an iPhone user must do is to soft reset the device when it becomes non-responsive, is not detected by iTunes, or has trouble making calls, sending text messages, emails etc. Soft reset simply refers to restarting the iPhone device, and the process is quite simple.

Thus, if you are eager to know here is the guide to perform a soft reboot of iPhone X Plus, just follow the steps below:

Step 1 – At start, press and hold the buttons on the side, (along with any of the Volume button). Keep pressing until the ‘Power Off’ screen appears.

soft reboot of iPhone X Plus

Step 2 – Turn off your iPhone X Plus by dragging the slider.

Step 3 – After the smartphone is powered off, press and hold the ‘Side button’ again until you see Apple’s logo.

press and hold the ‘Side button’ again

You have now soft rebooted your iPhone X Plus successfully. It should work perfectly without any glitches. However, if the soft reboot method did not solve the problem, then you need to go for a hard reboot.

Part 2: How to hard reset iPhone X Plus?

Many times the iPhone device struggles with complex issues such as iPhone device stuck on Apple logo, the screen gets frozen, you get a black screen or spinning wheel. In such cases, a hard reset will be the best method for you. Hard reset is nothing but the process of force restarting the device.

So, let us get to know how to shut down and restart an iPhone X plus to bring back it in a normal running mode.

To hard reset your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – To begin, press and release the Volume Up button in a fast mode.

Step 2 – Now, press and then release the Volume Down button quickly

Step 3 - Press and hold the Side Button, in between slider will appear, do not touch that and wait until you see the Apple logo.

hard reset your iPhone

That’s all! It’s a simple process and useful if your iPhone X Plus gets stuck.

Note: Hard reset comes as a rescue in many cases when the device gets stuck in Apple logo, complete blackout, or if the screen or an app is frozen. Some people also call it a hard reboot process.

Part 3: How to factory reset iPhone X Plus from iPhone Settings?

The factory reset of an iPhone X plus is a thorough process that normally is opted by a person as a last resort. It deals with major software issues like freezing, crashing, or some other unknown issue that you are unable to figure out. Factory reset is also helpful if you are planning to sell your device or giving it as a gift to someone. The process results in a complete wipeout of the device data.

Here are some reasons as to why it is necessary to go with a factory reset of your iPhone X plus.

When you are planning to sell or gift to someone:

It becomes utmost important to delete and wipe out all the data from the phone and bring the phone in a default state to avoid any data leakage or letting others get access to sensitive information.

When the iPhone is facing with issues:

If your device is not working properly or needs to deal with system crash or some unknown bug then factory reset of your iPhone will be a big help to you.

Now that we know about the major reasons that lead to factory reset of an iOS device, let us learn the process on how to restore iPhone X Plus to factory settings:

Step 1 – Create a Backup

First, back up your data using either to iCloud storage, iTunes or a third-party storage service. A factory reset guarantees to delete all data from the phone. Hence, you need to back up all your contacts, images and anything else valuable.

Step 2 – Steps to Factory Reset

Now, go to the Settings > Click on Reset > Select to Reset All Settings. Once you select this option the iPhone X plus will spend a few minutes rebooting the entire phone. It might ask you to enter the Passcode if there is any.

Steps to Factory Reset

Step 3 – Confirm the action

Finally, to confirm the action, press “Erase iPhone” and then check if your iPhone has been restored. If everything went according to the plan, you are done with the factory reset of iPhone X plus.

Using above simple steps you will be able to complete factory reset of your iPhone X plus and thus solve various issues that your phone was dealing with.

Part 4: How to restore iPhone X Plus to factory settings with iTunes?

You can use iTunes to restore your iPhone X Plus to its original factory settings. It’s the preferred method for you because iTunes is readily available on the computer (If not then you can easily get access through Apple Support).

There are some advantages to using iTunes to reboot an iPhone X Plus.

  • • iTunes can be used if the phone is not responsive to buttons.
  • • Accessible, every iOS user should have iTunes.
  • • Easy to use and can get the job done.

However, there are some drawbacks to using iTunes.

  • • iTunes takes time to perform the function.

Are you interested in using iTunes to reset your iPhone X Plus? Then, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – Launch iTunes

As a first step, open iTunes.

Step 2 – Create the connection between the iOS device and system

Create the connection between the iOS device and system

Now, connect your iOS device via USB cable.

Step 3 – Select iPhone X plus device icon

iTunes will read the iPhone X Plus. It can be seen as an icon on the top left.

Select iPhone X plus device icon

Step 4 – Choose Restore iPhone

In the Summary pane, click on ‘Restore Device’

Choose Restore iPhone

Step 5 – Confirm Restoring iPhone

Lastly, click on ‘Restore’ to confirm the process. iTunes will erase all content on the device.

Confirm Restoring iPhone

Step 6 – The smartphone will restart, with factory settings.

That was it! Simple and easy isn’t it? You have now successfully restored your iPhone X Plus to factory settings with the help of iTunes.

Part 5: How to restore iPhone X Plus to factory settings without iTunes?

If you are wondering how to reset iPhone X Plus without iTunes, we are glad to present Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) as the perfect solution for you. It simplifies the entire process to a single click. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) automates the entire process. It is easy, simple and can be done in minutes. Also, the Dr.Fone software permanently erases data from the smartphone unlike the conventional methods of wiping out data.

Restoring the iPhone X Plus with Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) is advantageous due to the following reasons.

  • • Simple to use.
  • • The function is completed quickly.
  • • Saves plenty of time.
  • • Works on all iOS devices including iPhone X Plus.
  • • User-friendly, anyone can access it.
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Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS)

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  • Nobody can ever recover and view your private data.
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Step 1 – Complete installation and launch Dr.Fone

To begin with, install Dr.Fone and start running the software. Connect your iPhone X Plus via USB cable.

Complete installation and launch Dr.Fone

Step 2 – Select the Erase option

The program will detect the iPhone X Plus. Choose “Erase All Data” option under the “Data Eraser” option from the main interface.

Select the Erase option

Click on the ‘Start’ button to being wiping out iPhone X Plus.

Click on the ‘Erase’ button

Step 3 – Confirm Erase action

You will get a prompt warning to close apps running in the background and it will also inform you that device data will get deleted permanently. Enter Delete into the textbox when you are ready.

Confirm Erase action

Step 4 – Complete the Erasing process

Lastly, make sure your phone is connected while the erasing process is going on.

Complete the Erasing process

You will get a notice informing you once the process is complete.

a notice informing you once the process is complete

Conclusion: There can be ample reasons to reset your new iPhone X Plus, like selling the phone to someone else or losing it, unfortunately. We have listed quite a few options to reset your iPhone. Each one of these methods has a different way to shut down and restarting iPhone X Plus. However, we highly recommend Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) because it streamlines the entire rebooting process. It is incredibly comprehensive and extracts all data from your smartphone permanently.

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