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2015-07-20 05:58:20
Best Data Recovery Software by Ammar Syed

Dr. Fone has an incredibly simple UI with marvelously explained step-by-step instructions, so nothing can possibly go wrong. This is the best Data Recovery Software I''ve come across.

2015-07-18 15:36:44
It Works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) by Jasmine

Thank God for this program it works miracles!!!!!!!!! It found all the txt I was so searching for im so happy eek =) I totally recommend this =) God Bless

2015-07-05 01:08:57
dr. android by raul

its bomb very stable and updates all the time. its smooth

2015-07-01 15:30:25
Dr.fone by ibrahim

Thank you for co-operation . this software is important for us. thank you a lot .

2015-06-24 12:01:36
deleted contacts by fatimah

thanks to your amazing app, I finally recovered my omitted informations.

2015-05-18 23:51:14
برنامج تحت التجربه by mohamed

Tried this in desperation after trying to find freeware to recover accidentally deleted ALL photos/videos. Don''t know how it works but I think I recovered all of them. If there are any missing I don''t know it yet after scrolling thru all of the recovered stuff. I am both relieved and impressed. It did cost $63 but so what, a bargain to relieve me of my panic

2015-05-08 01:23:44
Excellent Android recovery software by Matthew Trompf

I bought this so I could recover everything on my Mum''s Samsung Galaxy Phone after a format.

2015-03-15 14:00:50
No explanation by samll

it is Amazing app to do everything ! Dr.Fone for Android is the best of software in the world!

2014-11-27 21:58:15
excelent by nohair shaapan

i like this app and it is very good foe me

2014-08-10 05:22:38
Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android Review by vib

Thank you so much! I accidentally deleted pictures I took from my Samsung S3 last night and I was so upset because the pictures were of my daughter''s first wedding dress try on. I prayed that this would work and it did!! It took a long time but I would do it all over again and I would recommend this product to anyone!! Thank you again. I am a very happy mother of the bride.