ios 11 updateX
50,000,000 Loves dr.fone toolkit, And You Will, Too

Your complete mobile pit stop.

2014-04-12 14:29:24
great app by brian

iys a must have

2014-03-24 04:56:03
Great Tool but needs a Call History recovery by Jess

Great tool, I was able to get all of my lost information from my Android. I just wish they had a call history recovery so that I could get those unsaved numbers as well.

2013-11-19 14:20:54
Saved Memories by DH

Every one of my camera photos were deleted - years of pics of my granddaughters. Just those Kodak moments that you can't replace

2013-11-18 12:08:11
I am so happy! by Sally

Thank you so much! I accidentally deleted pictures I took from my Samsung S3 last night and I was so upset because the pictures were of my daughter's first wedding dress try on. I prayed that this would work and it did!! It took a long time but I would do it all over again and I would recommend this product to anyone!! Thank you again. I am a very happy mother of the bride.

2013-09-18 12:39:54
failsafe! by jon

im a phone repair tech and i used this software to recover a customer's phone information that was deleted out of his galaxy note 2 and was able to recover everything including pictures of his grandchildren that were accidentally saved to the phones memory

2013-05-28 03:01:34
It worked! by Val

I rooted my mob... then Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android can read my mobile. It recovered a lot of my deleted data on it. Thank you. :)

2013-05-23 21:38:58
Get All my Contacts Back by Danial

I've tried the Dr.Fone for Android, it finds my contacts. Thanks.

2013-05-23 21:37:47
Nice product by jimmy

OK, it recovered my SMS. I'd like to say that it also shows me the SMS existing on my phone. That's OK.

2013-05-23 21:36:54
Great! by Nikie

It works fine with my galaxy note. I've found back my contacts. Great!

2013-05-20 05:05:51
Good for me! by Leo

Nice! My little brother uses a HTC phone and he want to recover his contacts. If it also supports recovering contacts from HTC, it'll be better.