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2017-07-23 07:54:28
unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - 100% satisfied by Firlet

Sending my inquiry saturday 10:30 PM (MESZ), ... getting confirmation and bill after 5 minutes, ... code receive me 50 minutes later ... and it works. 100% satisfied.

dr.fone reply: Thanks for choosing dr.fone toolkit.
2017-05-10 09:36:36
Top, Realy nice by Daan Costermans

my Email was wrong and i just got my money back and did it again and got the code !

2016-08-29 20:13:51
great product, great service! by Vasish

DrFone unlocked my Note 3 as advertised. fast and effcient service. Totally worth the money.

2016-08-29 20:13:13
It Works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) by Jasmine

It works for me!!!I just got my Galaxy S5 unlocked. Thank you, guys.

2016-08-29 20:12:10
Simple and hassle-free by Ammar Syed

DrFone has made sim unlocking so simple and easy. My phone is unlocked within FIVE minutes! I recommend it.

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