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2015-05-15 05:58:24
Pricey, but good by Brett Brodersen

It does a great job of backing up my iPhone, whether in totality or selectively, which is huge in my line of work because almost anything sent or received on my device can potentially be used as evidence in civil or criminal matters. If backing up your phone is a matter of business and not just pleasure, I highly recommend this program.

2015-01-04 20:54:24
Lost Notes by Vanessa

I was so excited and amazed that when I accidently erased my notes with passwords and information that I needed daily off my phone, that Dr. Fone was able to recover all this lost information. Saved me from countless hours of calling places and recovering them the old way! Thank you!

2014-12-29 02:20:04
Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Win) Review. by Geoff

The Itunes backup and recover procedure failed when doing an IOS7.1 upgrade and I lost a lot of photos and couldn''t sync the iphone anymore. I found this application online and it worked a treat. A bit pricey but compared to the time spent in trying manual solutions and the loss of data it was woth it

2014-11-23 01:05:09
Ms. by Marcia Guerrant

I lost all my pictures from a 2 year period from an unintentional "restore" to my phone. I was trying to backup to the icloud and I thought it was asking if I want to backup but the word restore was there and I didn''t realize it would take my phone back to original state before all data and pictures. Dr. Fon was able to retrieve many of those lost photos. Not all but many. I think it''s a great product and easier to navigate than icloud by far.

2014-11-11 01:41:07
Thank you Thank you Thank you by Sandrina ­ Wagga Wagga NSW Aus

It is so nice to trial a product and have everything go 100% smooth. Buying a US product from Australia is always a bit nerve racking. Wondershare website gives such a professional look and feel and with their video examples it made the decision of trialing the product along with immediately purchasing it a breeze. Then I find they have a really cool range of other products. I can now upgrade my iphone software with confidence as I know my data is safe and sound on my PC. Thanks to Wondershares great product. The logical layout and the ease of using this product is fantastic. If you are like me, live in Australia and sometimes hesitate with purchasing software over the internet, don''t hesitate. This product lives up to all expectations and more. This will be the first of many of their products that I will trust and purchase. Thanks again Dr.Fone product by Wondershare.

2014-11-01 16:35:07
Messages by Taliyah

I deleted a message that I really didn"t to delete because it had good memories and I really wanted back so I went to Youtube to find alway to get it back and I find this website and i find the messages that I delete and Im so happy that i find it

2014-10-29 07:53:44
Worked, but not without issues by Jon Beadles

My iPhone 4S died a month ago. Just suddenly refused to recharge. I thought I had a backup via iTunes on my PC. When I got my new iPhone 5S, I assumed I could just restore from that backup. Then I found that there was no such backup. I thought all was lost. A few weeks later, my new iPhone began complaining that it couldn''t back up to the iCloud because of insufficient space. Investigating, I discoverd that the backups I thought iTunes was writing on my PC were going to the iCloud instead. After a web search, I found and bought your software. The Dr. Fone software had a lot of issues downloading the backup from the iCloud. For several tries, it stopped at 44% downloaded and popped up a message blaming the internet connection. I was at my place of business at the time; there were no issues with the internet connection. Repeated tries produced the same result. Tried to analyze the part that it downloaded. It showed me all the file names and put the correct number of bits in each, but none of the files were usable. All were corrupted. Decided to give it one more try at home before writing for a refund. It ran more or less all night there, and bombed in a similar way -- this time with 61% downloaded. On a lark, I asked it to analyze that partial download. This time it found all my photos; none were corrupt.

dr.fone reply: Thanks for your feedback in detail. We will test it immediately.
2014-10-12 17:50:23
Ms by Tammy Woodall

I cannot thank your product enough. My mother passed away and I had several voice mails I wanted to keep. My iphone went into recovery and all hope was lost. I called my carrier and Apple to no avail. Your product recovered them and I can''t thank you enough. The last voice mail that was placed on the phone was her wishing her only great grandsons 2nd birthday. Since he is autisic this voice mail means everything to the family. Thank you so very very very much for saving my moms voice.

2014-09-20 02:06:24
SO GRATEFUL!!! by Gail Swanson

I broke my phone on the day that a very good friend passed away, and in the midst of my grief, I also realized that I lost some precious video, pictures, and voicemails. I am so thankful that I found your software on the internet and it worked! My iphone screen was broken so I couldn''t input my password, and itunes wouldn''t sinc because of that. But somehow your program worked and I have everything. THANK YOU!

2014-08-20 12:49:21
lost important text message by mike

i somehow lost an important client on my text imessage so i was really upset because it was a big contract we got for my business, downloaded this software and it brought out the deleted message. this program works 100% and i would recommend it to everyone i know