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2014-08-02 09:57:23
Excellent but expensive by Holly

Ihphone 4 somehow deleter all photos, could not found anywhere on phone or itunes. This software recovered them all very quickly, but you have to pay the fully price of the software £54, to me this was worth it as some very precious photos, but it is expensive.

dr.fone reply: Memories are priceless. :)
2014-07-29 07:53:36
excellent by pavan

excellent tool for recovering data for iphone.i lost my important data in my iphone unfortunalty. i am really scared beacause it has very importent requirment data. in that situation i found woundershare software. iam installed this application,then i get my data through woundershare.

2014-07-15 06:18:11
recovery of data on ipad after factory reset by yasmin

when i upgraded my ipad, lost all data. called apple and was told that data cannot be retrieved. i am not a techie but i know that the data was backed up as i could see it on the summary section of itunes. i found this website and so glad that i did as i so needed the data that i had on my ipad. thank you so much! i am so grateful and now can take a breather!

2014-07-09 19:45:17
Dr Fone is GREAT!! by SMS

I erased pics from my iPod when I thought they wouldn''t be needed. However, three months later I suddenly needed the photos concerning a legal case. Dr Fone was able to recover 93 of the photos! Some were not available, but 93 were. What a life saver.

2014-07-08 01:25:06
mr by steve

my icloud account was hacked and somehow deleted all my contacts,thanks to this great website i will be able to retrieve all the lost info thanks again for your help

2014-06-29 00:30:26
This app is very excellent by Dafi

My iPAd was stuck on boot logo then I want to restore it. But before that I back up my file on icloud with wondershare. I have try many apps but they cannot back up perfectly. Thank You Dr. Fone

2014-06-27 19:06:47
Thrilled with the product by Nan

I inadvertently deleted several hundred photos from my iphone and then remembered i had backed up my iphone 4s with itunes. This product easily located and recovered all of my files, including my photos. I went from being sick to being thrilled. Fabulous!

2014-06-23 12:28:35
water-damaged iPhone 4s by M. Olivas

After replacing battery, phone powered on w/o screen. I was finally able to blind enter the password -- and blind choose "Trust" -- then Wondershare did the rest!

2014-06-06 20:43:20
Wondershare DrFone for ios is absoutly amazing by amandaarriaga

this program even in trial form helps me keep track of my life.. i am able to confirm memories .. as i can fall into a delousional state.. silly brain damage... thank you.. i will put it on my wish list.

2014-06-02 23:26:01
Wow WOW by JJShaffer

Paid and downloaded, it is awsome, you know how all of your info is stored in your notes, one of my notes just vanished, this program got it like that. Thanks guys