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2014-05-27 23:53:07
Found all my calendar items via an iCloud backup by Don Engel

I lost several pending months of appointments due to SOMETHING, still not sure what. I will say that the software will be a LOT better when the recovered items can be put back on the phone, rather than being saved on the PC.

2014-03-01 01:22:21
Amazing! Must Buy! by Austin

One of the best recovery apps out there! The option to use icloud is the best feature. My suggestion for a future update would be to select certain file types before you start recovering so you don't have to wait so long if you just want to recover certain things. Like if I just wanted to recover all my contacts and notes, there needs to be an option before you start recovering to select certain files within the back up.

2013-10-25 15:32:43
This helped me find out my husband had an affair.... by Screw You

Recovered an old iphone back up and discovered my husbands infidelity through old text messages and photos that he tried to hide after I returned home from being out of the country. Thank you for saving me a lifetime of Misery!

2013-10-05 15:06:47
iPhone nightmare by Kirsty

Dr Fone saved the day stuck in recovery mode and just connecting to Dr Fone re-set this back to normal mode no need to scan and avoided restoring factory setting, fast and life saving

2013-09-26 00:31:01
Thank you! by Kris

When my restore from backup failed on my new iPhone set-up, I was panicked because I thought I'd lost all of my contacts and notes. This allowed me to recover them from what iTunes was telling me was a "corrupt" backup file

2013-09-13 02:14:09
Thanks! by Yannah

Hi! I don\'t know what happened but I lost all my contacts from my iPhone 4s as well. I think I just screwed something on the iCloud. I\'m really not sure. I need to recover that and also have a backup so I can just copy the contacts for the new phone I\'m planning to buy. I guess I\'m fortunate this time that I found your post about this problem. I\'ll follow all the instructions and install the needed tools. thanks!

2013-09-13 02:09:09
Really helpful! by TommyV

How stupid of me to leave my iPad when a kid\'s playing around and spilled his milk on my iPad! Frustrating! I downloaded the trial version of Dr.Fone. It looks so easy to use and is such a big help. Thanks! I\'m now ready to download full version for full recovery.

2013-08-27 22:56:05
Exemplary Customer Serrvice! by Lorran

Thank you for the excellent customer service! While your product (Dr. Fone Data Recovery for iPad) is still incapable of recovering photos and videos (please hurry on the upgrade!) from my "New iPad," I was very pleased that your company refunded my entire purchase price as promised. Now, THAT'S what I call great customer service! Thank you, and good luck on the update. I'll gladly re-purchase the product once that much needed capability is implemented.

2013-05-22 21:40:42
Need this badly! Awesome! by Bobby

Need this badly because I don't want to lose my files on my iPhone and I don't have the patience to wait in the process of backing up to iTunes. Tried you recommendations here and I'm impressed on what Dr.Fone can do. As mentioned, I've also seen some lost files. Awesome!

2013-05-18 08:18:23
Daycare Payments by Jessica K.

I normally store all payments on my iphone to later input in computer. As i was doing receipts for parents i noticed that particular note folder was gone-vanished-deleted somehow my heart dropped to my stomach i literally started to cry. Thank "GOODNESS" for searching the web found this software and it saved my Behind!!! A million thanks and i will definitely refer this software and purchase. :D