A PC Root Solution Worth Trying Before You Download iRoot APK

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Rooting an Android device means the user gains privileged control over various aspects of the device. The user can overcome the restrictions put by handset manufacturers or network carriers. Rooting allows permission to remove or change system applications, install or run apps which were restricted. There are two types of rooting applications available in the market, such as APK (mobile apps) and PC (softwares).

Choose iRoot APK or Not?

iRoot APK is a widely used rooting tool for Android with a convenient user interface. It carries out the rooting operation with a single click only.

Fearures of iRoot’s APK version are as follows:

  • It is a one click solution to root your device.
  • It supports a varied range of Android devices.
  • It can root devices running on Android 2.2 and later versions.
  • You don’t need internet connectivity to root your device with iRoot.
  • It has good accuracy and fast performance.


  • Using iRoot is bit confusing to use for a beginner.
  • This software could possibly interfere with the Bootloader, while rooting an Android device.

How to Root Android After iRoot APK Download

To root your Android device with iRoot APK, you need to download the device compatible version. It is pretty easy to download iRoot APK on your Android phone. You can search it on the web and download it to your computer. Later transfer it to your Android phone. Once the download gets over you have to prepare your Android device to install this APK file. As we know, most devices prevent software applications from unknown sources for security reasons. So, you need to allow the installation by enabling ‘Unknown Sources’ option in your device.

Here are the steps to enable the installation of iRoot APK.

Step 1: Get into the ‘Settings’ app of your device.

Step 2: Scroll down the menu to ‘Security’ and hit it.

Step 3: Now, look for ‘Unknown Sources’ section and then enable it, if it is not enabled already.

phone settings

Step 4: Lastly, locate the iRoot APK on your Android device storage, launch the app and click on ‘Install’. In case you face any warning message that blocks installation, click ‘More’ and ‘Install Anyway’. It will install the iRoot tool in your device.

install iRoot APK

Rooting with iRoot APK

Now, you are good to go. Let’s see the step by step rooting process for Android using iRoot APK –

Step 1: Once the iRoot APK is installed in your Android Phone, launch it to initiate rooting.

Step 2: The main screen of iRoot will display the license agreement. Accept the agreement by tapping on ‘I Agree’.

Step 3: Now, hit the ‘Root Now’ button from the main screen of iRoot App. It will start the rooting process.

root with iroot apk

Step 4: Once the rooting process is complete, check for 'Kinguser' App in your mobile phone's app drawer. If it is there that means your device has been successfully rooted.

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