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Practical Guide: How to Root LG Magna H502

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Your LG Magna H502 has finally come to a point where it is performing poorly and the standard Android interface is not appealing to you anymore. Thankfully, you can now access the root section of your device and change how it looks through an LG H502 root process. With Dr.Fone, you will be able to root your device safely and get to change how it performs, how it looks and also delete and add apps according to your wishes.

Part 1: Why do I need to root LG Magna H502?

Every user is scared of rooting their phone, especially when manufacturers say that tinkering in the phone will void the warrant, which means you could be left with an empty shell. However, when you use the right tools, the LG H 502 root process can be done safely. There are plenty of reasons why you should root your phone, but here are some of the most important.

Get rid of bloatware

Every handset comes with applications that are installed by the manufacturer or the carrier, which are not necessary for every phone user. You will find your app drawer full of apps that you do not use, and your memory suffering. When you root LG H502 you will be able to get rid of all applications that you don’t need and keep only those you want.

root lg h502

Get full backups

When you backup your Android device to the cloud, you will not get a full backup of every file; you will get a backup of your settings and apps, but not a real backup of the phone. When you perform android root LG 502 you keep a backup of the device exactly how it is. This way, you can easily backup any feature with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Get updates when they come along

Sometimes a manufacturer can take a long time to implement any changes to the android System.  This is particularly painful when you see other people updating their system and you have to wait for an update notification from your handset manufacturer. When you do an LG H502 root, you can get updates as they come out, tanks to developers who port them to people with rooted phones.

Get custom ROMS

If you are tired of the usual feel and look of Android, there are customized ROMS that you can get with unique features and improvements. Some of the large ones include Lineage OS, MIUI and Paranoid Android. These ROMS will add a lot of functionality to the system and you will be quite pleased.

custom roms

Improved performance

This process is called overclocking the processor; rooting the device can speed up the processor and speed things up. Although this may not be a major concern, it is one of the reasons why people do an LG H502 root. You can also underclock the processor in order to improve battery charge times, by reducing the drain.

Get access to a wide range of apps

When you root your device you can move files around and even install apps that need access to the root. This opens up the number of apps that you can install on your device. You no longer have to be restricted; open up your word and get the best apps that there are.

Get to look good

This is another primary reason why people are rooting their devices. There are many themes available, and you get to choose how your device will look. You can also install fonts that did not come with your device. Basically, you will have a lot more control over how your phone will look.

Part 2: Preparation of rooting LG H502

Before you root your LG Magna H502, you should first prepare it for rooting. This preparation is a safety measure so you can restore the device to its original sate should anything go awry. You should backup your phone make sure that it has enough battery charge and have the right USB drivers for proper communication between computer and phone.

Step 1 – Create a backup of your LG Magna H502

As mentioned before, any process that you do on your phone could affect the device and also void your warranty. With Dr.Fone, you can easily create a backup of your phone in just a few steps. The backup file will contain crucial information that you can restore should the root LG H502 process go wrong. Once again remember that this is a precautionary step and does not mean that the device will not be rooted properly.

backup Android phone

Step 2 – Install the correct USB drivers using the Android Debug Bridge

The Android Debug Bridge will help you install the proper USB drivers for your device. This way, you can be sure that your computer and phone will communicate optimally and have no interruptions that could affect the rooting process.

Android Debug Bridge

Step 3 – Ensure that your phone battery has optimal charge

The LG H502 root process can go wrong if there is an interruption in communications; this means that your phone should remain turned on for the duration of the process. You need to have at least 60% to 80% phone charge; ideally you should fully charge your phone before you do the root process.

charge Android Phone

Step 4 – Know about your LG H502

That It is important that you know the finer details about your phone before you do the LG H502 root process. You need to know the Android Version, the Build or Kernel Number and other details, so you can select the proper rooting process. If you do not, you may end up choosing the wrong rooting process and find your phone getting bricked.

know your phone

Part 3: How to root LG Magna H502 with Android Root

Dr.Fone toolkit makes it very easy for you to root your LG Magna H502. The steps are well illustrated and easy to follow. In this tutorial, you will carefully understand how to root LG H502 so you can get access to features that were normally unavailable; you will improve how the phone performs and get access to more apps.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1 – Launch the application

Launch Dr.Fone by Wondershare, and then on the home screen click on “Start”. You will get to see the vast array of tools that the application has for your use, but in this case, you will only need the backup and root features.

Launch Dr Fone

Step 2 – Connect the LG H502 to your computer

Get the cable that came with the LG H502 and then connect it to the USB port on your computer. Thanks to the USB drivers the phone will be recognized. Make sure that the phone is in USB debug mode; phones with android 4.2.2 and above will present your with a pop-up message that asks you to confirm whether your device should be placed in debug mode. Click on “Ok” and let the phone get connected to the computer fully.

Connect android phone

Step 3 – Detection and Rooting of LG H502

After connection the phone to the computer, click on “Start” and then wait for Dr Fone to find the best way in which to root LG 502. This will take some time so be patent and do not disconnect the phone.

detect android phone

After the LG H502 is recognised, click on “Root Now” and the LG H502 root process will continue.

android device recognised

Step 4 – Finalize rooting of LG H502

For safety’s sake, Dr.Fone will ask you to confirm whether the root process should continue. Tap on the “Confirm” button and the whole process will continue to it final stage. When you are rooting an Android device, you should make sure that it is not in use; remove SIM cards to avoid calls being made during the rooting process. You should also make sure that the connection between your phone and computer is not disconnected.

finalise rooting of android phone

Now that you know how to root LG H502, you have the ability to open up a wide range of advantages for your phone. You will have access to the rot sector of your phone, allowing you to tweak it so it performs better and you get to customize your device fully. Using Dr Fone to root LG H502 is the safest and easiest way to go about this. Always remember to create a backup of your device before you change any settings to the root section. It is always best to use Dr.Fone to create a backup, and then proceed with the root process. Should anything happen to interrupt the process, you can easily restore the phone back to its original status.

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