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How to root HTC Desire 510 with/without PC?

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Back in the year 2014, HTC had launched its Desire 510, a mid range phone that belonged to the “HTC Desire” family. It sports a 4.7” LCD display with 5 mp back and VGA front camera. This device is powered by Snapdragon 410 chipset with 1GB RAM and 2100 mah battery.

  Some of the HTC desire 510 users look for rooting their device. Those who don’t know about rooting, it’s a process to gain total control on the device hardware and software. As android uses the Linux kernel, thus rooting any android device gives a similar access as administrative as it gives on Linux OS. Some advantages of rooting HTC Desire 510 are -

  • • Total customization of the looks of the device from color, icon to battery icon, boot animation. In one word, you have total control on the device.
  • • It allows full control of the kernel so that user can over clock or under clock the GPU speed.
  • • User can install and custom ROM or kernel.
  • • It allows total access to apps edit, remove, back up and also remove all the bloat ware.
  • • Rooting of HTC Desire 510 allows user to block unwanted ads on any apps.
  • • This process helps to extend the battery life and the performance of the device.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting HTC Desire 510

Rooting my HTC Desire 510 is a complicated process for any newbie. So, every step should be followed serially and make sure not make any mistake. Before you begin the root of your HTC Desire 510, be sure to look after the following points -

• Backup of your HTC phone – Important datas and files of the device should be backed up.

• Battery Level– The level of battery must be 80% atleast. Rooting HTC Desire 510 is a lengthy process and in the mid way, if the battery dies, the process would fail and it lead to brick of the device.

• Drivers – Necessary drivers for your HTC Desire 510 should be downloaded form the HTC official website.

• Follow rooting tutorials – Please follow the rooting tutorials step by step carefully and don’t make any mistake. First read all the procedure and clear all your doubt, then start the process of HTC Desire 510 root.

• Disable of Firewall and antivirus – Disable all the firewalls and antivirus from PC and the HTC Desire 510 so that those can’t interfere in the whole process.

Today, we are going to discuss about 2 method of HTC Desire 510 root -  

Part 2: How to root HTC Desire 510 with Android Root

The Dr.Fone Wondershare “Android Root” is a software that supports over 7000 devices and is 100% safe and secure to use on any phone. With a two step easy and hassle free process, the Android root from Wondershare also has the highest success rate in the industry. With so many pros to go for with the Dr.Fone toolkit, let us now look at the steps to follow for a successful rooting of your HTC Desire 510.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Step 1. Download and launch Dr.Fone Root. When installation completes, just open it.

Step 2: Connect HTC Desire 510 -

Just click on “Root”. Now, you should connect your HTC Desire 510 with PC via Data cable and enable USB debugging mode on the device.

connect phone

Step 3: Detect and root my HTC Desire 510

When the connection is successful, just click on start and let the tool automatically detect the model of the device and it will find the most convenient way of rooting for HTC Desire 510.

detect the phone

After detecting the way, click on “Root Now” to start rooting of your HTC Desire 510.

root now

During the whole process, you will be asked through pop-up if you want to continue the root. Please confirm to go through the process.

The USB cable MUST NOT be disconnected from the device of PC throughout the whole process. If it happens, it may lead to an unsuccessful rooting or may lead to brick your device.

Android Toolkit is one of the easiest processes available for rooting any android device including the root of HTC Desire 510. Any newbie can root their HTC Desire 510 using this software.

root successfully

Part 3: How to root HTC Desire 510 without PC

HTC Desire 510 root can be done without PC also. There is a utility app called Kingroot, allows user of the HTC Desire 510 to root their device without PC.  

Before you start the process, please make sure you comply with the preparation process described at the “Android Root” section of the article.

The Process

Please follow the step by step instruction to root the HTC Desire 510 with Kingroot app.

kingroot app

Step 1:

Make sure that the “Install from Unknown sources” is allowed on settings menu. Now download the “Kingroot” app and install it on HTC Desire 510.

allow installation from unknown sources

Step 2:

On successful installation, the kingroot app will appear on the app section of the HTC Desire 510 device.

install kingroot

Step 3:

Now, launch the app and let it detect your HTC Desire 510 device to find the suitable way to root it.

Step 4:

Now Click on "Try it" to enter the main interface and then "get now" button to begin the HTC Desire 510 root process.

start root

Step 5:

Then, the device is started rooting. In between the process, the mobile may restart several times which is normal.

The rooting process will take sometime and once over, you will be returned to the main screen of your phone.

root process

To confirm the root, you can download “Root checker” app from and check if the device is properly rooted or not. The following image will appear if your HTC Desire 510 is rooted successfully.

The limitation of this process is the app sometimes fails to root the device properly and the user may have to redo the process again and again. Although, fear of bricking the device via disconnection of USB is not applicable in this method.

So, today, we have discussed about the two methods to root HTC Desire 510 with and without the help of the PC. Rooting is good for your smartphone. But sometimes, it may lead to many disadvantages like –

• It gives access to the built in kernel of the device. So, sensitive data are in threat to the hackers.

• Sometimes the rooting process fails mid-way and this may lead the device bricked.

• Rooting your HTC Desire 510 may void the warranty in certain countries.

As an advice for the users, rooting with PC has more success rate, however no matter which method you go for, you should ensure that you follow all the steps properly and carefully. Lastly, please keep in mind that rooting your device may void the warranty so do weigh the pros and cons well before rooting. 

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