Two Solutions to Root Huawei Y330 Easily

The Ascend Y330 also called Huawei Y330, was launched by the Chinese smart phone giant, Huawei in March 2014. This device runs on a mediocre Mediatek dual core processor with a screen size of 4.0” and 480 X 800 resolution display. It has a 512 MB of RAM and is equipped with 4 GB internal memory. The battery strength to support the Huawei Y330 is 1500 mAh. About the camera, it is equipped with a decent 3 MP rear camera .

Now with such basic and low features, some of its users would certainly want to take full advantage of the open source Android OS by Huawei Y330 root.  Well, as we all know, Android is the most versatile and open source OS that gives its user a full access by just rooting the device. Some of the best features post rooting are:

Part 1: Before you begin rooting Huawei Y330

In this section we bring you a thorough study and step by step guide that should be followed before you start the process to root Huawei Y330.

Backup your Huawei phone – Huawei Y330 root is a hectic process and you never assume what can happen at the end of the process. You might damage your device. So, it is always recommended to take back up of all your important data from internal storage of the device.

• Check Battery Level– This lengthy process may take a lot of time for completion. Your device’s power should last throughout the process. So, minimum of 80% battery is recommended before you start your Huawei Y330 rooting.

• Download all Drivers – Make sure that you download all the necessary drivers and software from the official website of Huawei and keep them handy.

• Follow rooting guide and tutorial step by step - The users may be new or experienced, so one go through the step-by-step guide and clear all their doubts before starting the process.

• Unrooting process – Unrooting of your device may be handy in some cases.

• Disable Firewall and antivirus – All the antivirus and firewalls from the PC and the device should be disabled before you proceed for Huawei Y330 root.

Apart from this, there are a few things one should remember before opting for rooting like:

The access to the kernel and subsystem of android can be very dangerous in terms of hacking. The hackers can access the rooted devices more easily and can steal the sensitive personal information. That’s why, Google never acknowledge the rooting officially. Moreover the warranty of your device may be void if rooted. Some of the countries do not officially support the rooting process. Using the wrong process or method can be dangerous for your device and can lead to brick or damage your device.

Keeping the risks of rooting in mind, in the section below we bring to you, we will go through in detail the process to root Huawei Y330 using a simple and 100% safe and secure process called the Android Root.

Part 2: How to root Huawei Y330 with Android Root

Android Root is a toolkit by dr.fone Wondershare which makes the whole process of rooting a lot easier for any user. It gives the users a hassle free user interface to root their android device within a few minutes. Also, it has the highest success rate in the industry and supports over 7000 smartphones worldwide. Let us have a look at the step by step guide for using this revolutionary toolkit.

dr.fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1. Download the dr.fone “Android root”  toolkit  - It is even available for free trail.

Step 2 : Installing and Connecting your Huawei Y330 -

When installation is complete, you can see a window like below. Now, click on “Root” to proceed.

launch drfone

Then, connect your Huawei Y330  with PC via data cable. You should allow the USB debugging mode when prompted.  

connect phone

Step 3: Detecting Huawei Y330 – 

When the connection successful, just click on start to let this Tool kit detect your Huawei Y330  automatically and search for the proper process to root your device.

detect the phone

Step 4: Rooting of your Huawei Y330

Now, the tool kit should find the way of rooting and shows you the following window –

root  now

By clicking on “root now” tab, you can continue the process of rooting. You may be asked for your confirmation is you want to continue with the process. Just confirm the pop ups and let the process finish by its own. Android Root will complete the process within a few minutes and you will see a confirmation window like below.

root successfully

During the whole process, you should remember that the mobile must not be disconnected from the PC and the battery must not be drained out.

Thus, these simple steps can root your Huawei Y330 in no time. This device is very easy to operate and has user friendly user interface for rooting any Android device. Even an amateur, having very less knowledge about the rooting, can root their Huawei Y330 by using this Android Root toolkit by dr.fone.

Let’s move ahead and find out other method to root Huawei Y330 and this time, without PC.

Part 3: How to root Huawei Y330 without PC

Before starting the process of rooting, you must remember to go through the “Before you start and Preparation” part of the article and make sure your Huawei Y330 ready to be rooted.

For this process of PC less rooting, we would use the app called “Kingoroot”. This is one of the open market freeware apps available to root Huawei Y330 without PC.

Now let’s have a look at the step by step guide.


Step  - 1

Make sure that the “Install applications from unknown sources” is turned on. For doing this, you should go Settings > “Security” or “Lock screen or Security” > “Unknown Sources” and turn it on.

allow unknown sources on phone

Step – 2

Open your device browser and download and install the “Kingo root” as a .apk file to your Huawei Y330.

Step - 3

Now, you can see the Kingoroot app on your app drawer.

kingoroot on the phone

Step – 4

Open the app and tap on “start root” icon to start the process.

start root

Step – 5

Within a few minute, the app completes the process of rooting and you’ll be confirmed with a message and a green tick on screen.

root successfully

Step – 6

Now, restart your device and you can find “Kinguser” app installed on your device.


So, these are the two processes to root Huawei 330 with ease. The success rate is higher in terms of  the process to root using the Android Root toolkit as it uses a PC. You can try any of the above process you want and enjoy the seamless possibilities of your rooted device.

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