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How to Root LG G2 and Flash a Custom Recovery

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This device is a beauty and one of the early additions to the G series. It has quite big 5.2” 1080x1920 pixel display. It has quite beautiful 13MP 1080p camera. To power this beautiful beast, it has 2 GB RAM and a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, quite a beast. To power this highly demanding device, it has 3000mAh Li-ion battery under the back panel. This device was announced on August, 2013 but it was released not before than September the same year. The true HD+IPS display is protected by corning gorilla glass 2. Out of the box, it comes with Android jellybean but it is upgradable to Android lollipop. It comes in two variants of internal storage 16 GB and 32 GB. The only drawback of this device is that it doesn’t have the option to increase its storage via microSD card. It gave tough competitions to top notch flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S5.

Well, to be honest, this device can do so much more than usual if the internal locks are removed and the sub folders of Android can be accessed by performing LG G2 root. Usually users do not realize that rooting the device is almost similar to unlocking Administrative potential of the operating system, which means you become the sole owner and can play with any and all functions of your device. The sole problem is to find a safe way to root LG G2. But not to worry, we have found one very safe method for LG G2 root.

Excited? So what are we waiting for? Let us move on with the stepwise process for LG G2 root.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting LG G2

There are a few things to keep in mind before we start to root LG G2.

• The phone’s battery must be charged up to 65% or even more is more advisable. No one wants his device to shut down during rooting process.

• You must have a decent working data connection. As the entire process is depended on the internet connection. This may be the only flaw of this process.

• Ensure that you NEVER SHUT DOWN YOUR DATA CONNECTION DURING THE PROCESS. YOUR PHONE CAN GET BRICKED. And you seriously don’t want it to happen to you device.

• To enable USB debugging, Open Settings>Developer options>USB Debugging. If developer options can’t be found on the device then please go to Settings>General>About phone>Common>Software info (tap on it 5-8 times).

• Take Backup of the internal storage- a backup must be created of all the sensitive and personal information which you have stored inside the internal storage of the device. As the rooting process is full of uncertainty so it is best to take no risk.

• Must know unrooting process- sometimes it might happen that the user doesn’t feel satisfied by the rooting of the device or the process isn’t completed properly well so I recommend to learn the process of unroot too. No one knows what can happen in the process of uncertainty.

• Disable firewall and antivirus- firewall at times block important files related with rooting and disturb the entire rooting function and so to be safe, the firewall and anti-virus must be disabled before rooting.(if any) in your PC.

• The external SD card (if any) must be formatted into ext2 format with the help of card reader .

Part 2: How to root LG G2 with Android Root?

The Android root from Wondershare is one of the most sought after software in the rooting industry. It also has the highest success rate in the industry supporting over 7000 devices worldwide. You can easily download the Android root software online for a free trial before your purchase the full version.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Now let us follow the following steps carefully for an effective LG G2 root.

Step No 1. Install Root and Connect LG G2  to PC

Now once you have finished the downloading process of the software,  click on the Root option among all other options in the toolkit to begin LG G2 root.

Connect your device to your computer with the help of USB cable to PC. A pop up message must appear on the device screen, click OK on the pop-up message to enable debugging for starting LG G2 root.

connect lg g2 to computer

Step No 2. Detect and Root your Device

After the connection is completed successfully, click on Start option on the Dr.Fone toolkit to root LG G2. Computer will then start the device detection process and find the best way possible for LG G2 root. The process takes a few minutes varying for different models so patience is the key to success here.

detect the phone

After the system has finished detecting the best way possible, the system will now show a pop up message with the option “Root Now “. Click on that option for LG G2 root.

root now

During the process another pop-up message will appear on the screen asking whether the user is sure to proceed with LG G2 root. Please tap on ‘CONFIRM’ option to continue the process of rooting your device. Just a few minutes wait and you will be successful in LG G2 root.

root successfully

This is the entire stepwise process to root LG G2!

Part 3: How to flash a custom recovery on the LG G2?

Custom ROM can be defined to be the custom version of the Android on the device. After the rooting process is successful, one can move on with the custom rom process. A recovery can be used to flash the custom ROM. Due to the presence of huge number of developers, a lot of third party custom ROMs are available for almost all devices. After flashing, one can get the latest versions of Android. It can increase the performance and battery life. Follow the given steps to flash a custom ROM on the device

• Head to the ROM repository and enter the model of your ROM

• Choose the ROM of your choice.

• Click on the download link in order to download that custom ROM

• Save the custom ROM on your desktop or Laptop

• Connect your device to the PC with the help of USB cable.

• Copy the custom file from your computer to the SD card

• Once the copy is done you can disconnect your device

• Install Quick Boot from the Google play store on your device.

• Once installed you have to launch that app.

• After tapping on recovery, it will reboot your device from the recovery mode.

• Select backup

• Check all the boxes, once done press the back button

• Select factory reset. This will wipe all data from your device

• Select install and click on the custom file. That you copied earlier

• Select flash and this must start flashing your device.

• When the process is over, select Reboot followed by the system. Congrats! You are all done.

Hence today we learned about rooting the LG G2 and flashing a custom ROM in it. After rooting your LG G2 you will be open to doors of opportunity to play with your device as you please. But please ensure that you follow the steps to root LG G2 very carefully to avoid any loss or damage to your device.

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