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How to Root LG G4 Stylus Safely and Quickly? (multiple models)

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Android Rooting for some users is a jargon and for some, it is just a play. There are various reasons to why many Android users go for Android Rooting; to have the experience of Android at its best. In this article, the focus will be on ‘how to root LG G4 Stylus’. And before I tell you that how to enhance and replace LG G4 Stylus root safely and quickly, let us have a quick overview of why to go for rooting.

There are many advantages of replacing LG G4 Stylus root. Like, you can have the desired customization of LG G4 Stylus; as by rooting you can even install another ROM like HTC’s Sense UI ROM. You can increase the battery life of LG G4 Stylus (after rooting).Last but not the least - as for why many Android users enhance LG G4 Stylus root – is thousands of customised self-tailored features they can cherish. Like, removing pre-installed apps, removing ads in apps, accessing blocked features like slow motion video, etc.

Note that LG G4 Stylus root or any other Android device is not complex. It takes only a few steps. And, with a right LG G4 Stylus root tool, it is safe and quicker. Now, having a brief overview on why to root LG G4 Stylus, let us see how to root LG G4 Stylus root as well.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting LG G4 Stylus

Preparing for rooting LG G4 Stylus is is needed so as to protect existing data and rooting goes smoother without any interruption. Below is the preparation steps to be followed before rooting LG G4 Stylus.

1. Without any doubt, have a back-up of your personal data stored in your LG G4 Stylus device. Although many users have not experienced any loss of data, it is always best and recommended.

2. Upgrade the Android with the latest OTA update. You can do this by following this path: Settings> About Phone >System Software Updates>Check Now.

3. It is very important to free up at least 25MB of internal storage; otherwise, you won’t be able to enhance LG G4 Stylus root with the desired one.

4. Take all the Android information like Baseband version, Android version, etc.). You can do it by following this path: from Settings | About phone | Software information. Such an act will help you the most when something goes wrong or you want to –un-root at some later time.

5. Rooting LG G4 Stylus via SD card is not recommended. Instead, perform it over PC.

6. If you are using a PC for rooting, then make sure that USB debugging is on. Follow this: Settings" > Developer Options and check "USB debugging".

7. You should have all the latest USB drivers installed before rooting.

8. There are many methods of Android rooting methods that can’t be completed without Java JDK and Android SDK. So, depending on the method, you should have it installed as well.

9. Full-charge your phone to avoid an interruption at critical rooting stages.

10. Last but not the least, it is must have the right and safe LG G4 Stylus root tool. 

Having followed all the above preparation guidelines, it’s time to root. But as said in the last point, the right LG G4 Stylus root tool is a must for quick and safe rooting. In the next section we will talk about “Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root” which is such a right and safe root tool for LG G4 Stylus. 

Part 2: How to root LG G4 Stylus with Android Root

“Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root” is popularly known for its single click rooting. So, just a single click (followed by a few minutes of coffee and snacks time) is what it needs to enhance LG G4 Stylus root. The popular features of Android Root are:

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
  • Highest success rate in the industry.
  • 100% safe and secure.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Follow below quick steps for rooting LG G4 Stylus in one click.

Step 1: First of all, Download Android Root by Dr.Fone from their website.

Step 2: Having done that, install Android Root and launch Android Root and click on‘More Tools’ icon at theupper-left corner. It will provide you with many options. Just select ‘Android Root’.

launch drfone

Step 3: As recommended that you should enhance LG G4 Stylus root on your PC, connect your phone to PC via USB cable.

connect the phone

Step 4: Now, just click “Start” in order to get LG G4 Stylus detected automatically by Android Root.

detect the phone

Step 5: When ‘Android Root’ has identified your device, just click on “Root Now”, as shown in the image below

root now

Step 6: Finally, it’s time for coffee and soon in just a few minutes, your LG G4 Stylus would have completed the process of rooting.

root successfully

Android rooting of your LG G4 Stylus has a potential to unlock the experience of Android that was never available to you. It lets you enjoy many restricted, inaccessible, and incompatible apps and customised features along with the possibility to remove a current ROM with another one.

However, the famous saying ‘every coin has two sides’ also applies when you want to enhance or replace the LG G4 Stylus root. The possible general consequences of replacing LG G4 Stylus root are: you will void your device guarantee, you might also leave your device unusable, and (in some cases) you are no able to leverage OTA Updates that can lead to losing an LG G4 Stylus root. So, it is preferred that you always use the best rooting tool like Android Root (by Dr.Fone)in order to enhance or replace LG G4 Stylus root safely.

“Dr.Fone toolkit – Android Root” is safe, secure, and one-click operation Root tool. Last but not the least, this article over viewed on how to root LG G4 Stylus with “Dr.Fone toolkit – Android Root” root tool and it is solely up to you whether to root your Android device or not.

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