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Simple Method to Root LG L90 (D415/D405) Easily

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Today, it is the norm for people to do an LG L90 root on their devices when they want them to be fully customizable. When an Android device is rooted, the user gets access to the root section and is able to tweak the phone for the best performance.

Part 1: Benefits of rooting LG L90

You can safely root LG L90 using Dr.Fone toolkit from Wondershare without worrying about bricking the phone. There are many benefits to be derived from the LG L90 root process:

1. Bloatware removal

The app drawer should be filled with your apps and not those of the manufacturer of carrier. When you do a LG L90 root process, you can remove all these applications and then install only those that you actually need.

remove bloatware

2. Make full backups

When you backup your LG L90 to Google cloud and other online storage facilities, you get a full backup of the apps and settings of the device, but not a mirror backup of your phone. After you do the LG L90 root, you will be able to get an exact backup of your LG L90 in the cloud.

3. Get timely system updates

When a new update is given by Google for the Android system, some manufacturers may take some time before availing the update to their customers. When you root LG L90, you get access to updates as Android developers release them.

4. Get unique ROMS

The Android system can sometimes get boring after using it for so long; there are so many ROMS being developed which you can use to change the look and performance of your LG L90. Install ROMs such as Paranoid Android, MIUI and Lineage OS after rooting.

5. Tweak settings

When you root LG L90 dual SIM phone, you will be able to tweak the settings and make it perform faster, a process called overclocking. On the other hand, if you want to save on the battery use, then you can underclock the processor so it does not drain too much power.

6. Install root apps

After you root LG L90, you get to install apps which could not be installed without access to the root section; you get to experience as many apps as you would want.

7. Better look

The Android system comes with just a few themes, but now you can download custom themes for the phone. Install fonts which can be used to improve the aesthetics of your device.

Part 2: Preparation of rooting LG L90

Your phone should be prepared for rooting before you make any attempt at the root LG L90 process. This is so that your phone can be restored should anything go wrong. This involves ensuring that your phone has enough power to keep it running through the process, the correct USB drivers, and you must also create a full backup.

Step 1 – Create a backup of your LG L90

You can now easily and safely create a backup of the device using Dr.Fone toolkit from Wondershare. The backup can be used to restore the LG L90 back to its former state should there be a fault in the root process. This is a precaution, and one that you should not skip at all.

backup android phone

Step 2 – Install the correct USB drivers using the Android Debug Bridge

In order for proper communication to occur between your LG L90 and computer, you need the correct USB drivers installed. Use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to install these drivers before you connect your phone for rooting.

Android Debug Bridge

Step 3 – Ensure that your phone battery has optimal charge

Any interruption during the root LG L90 process can brick your phone. Ensure that your phone has full charge or at least 60% to 80% of the charge left, so it does not go off.

get proper charge on phone

Step 4 – Know about your LG L90

Go to the settings and check on the Android Version, Build or Kernel number among many other details. These details are important in the selection of the proper root process for your phone. If you choose the wrong method, you may end up bricking your LG L90.

know your phone

Part 3: How to root LG L90 with Android Root

Wondershare has developed a great rooting tool, called Dr.Fone toolkit. This application can safely band simply be used to root LG L90. Here you get to learn the simple steps that you should follow when you want to root LG L90 with the purpose of getting access to the root section and get to determine how your phone performs and how it looks.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1 – Launch the application

Install and launch Dr.Fone Root.

Step 2 – Connect the LG L90 to your computer

Using your USB cable, connect the phone to the computer. If you have used the ADB to install the correct USB driers then the phone will be recognized easily. You have to ensure that it is in USB debug mode; For phones with Android 4.2.2, there will be a pop-up message which asks whether the device should be put in USB Debug Mode. Click on “OK” and then wait for the LG L90 to fully connect with the computer and the application.

connect android phone

Step 3 – Detection and Rooting of LG L90

Once the LG L90 has been recognized by your computer, click on “Start” and give Dr.Fone toolkit some time to determine the best rotting method for your device. Be patient and do not disconnect the phone from the computer.

detect android phone

After the LG L90 has been fully recognized, click on “Root Now” and then wait for the root LG L90 process to continue.

android device recognized

Step 4 – Finalize rooting of LG L90

Before the process continues to its conclusion, you will be asked to confirm whether the phone should be rooted. Tap the ‘Confirm” button and the process will proceed to its conclusion. You should ensure that the device is not in use lest the rooting process is affected. The best thing would be to remove/disable the SIM cards so no calls or messages can come through before you are finished. You can now wait for the process to be complete and you will have access to your root section.

root complete

You are now conversant with how to perform a root LG L90 process and can now get access to a wide range of benefits which you were not able to get before. You can now change various settings which will allow your phone to perform better, and also customise how it looks. Thanks to Wondershare’s Dr.Fone toolkit, you can now easily and safely go about the rooting process without fear of bricking your phone. You must always create a backup of your phone before you attempt to root it. Once again you get to backup your phone with just a few clicks when you use Dr.Fone toolkit. This ensures that you can restore your phone to its original settings should anything interrupt the rooting process.

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