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Rooting is a highly sought after process among the Android device users. After all, there is a plethora of benefits that one can enjoy by rooting the device. Rooting the device means that the Android device user will be able to optimize the phone's internal storage memory as well as increase the types of apps that can be downloaded. The restrictions of the manufacturer will not apply to a rooted device now.

However, there are things that you should be cautious with when you are planning to root Android device, especially if it is a Motorola XT1068. Motorola XT1068 is also known as the Moto G 2nd Gen. For Motorola XT1068, rooting it means that you will be voiding the warranty that the said Android device naturally have. This means you will have to pay for it in case there are damages. You cannot rely on the manufacturers anymore. So how to Root Motorola XT1068?

Part 1: How to Root Motorola XT1068 with Android Root Tool

Now, you can choose a simple option for rooting your Motorola XT1068. This method is where you will be required to download an Android Root software for rooting. This rooting software is Dr.Fone - Root. With just one click of a button, you can initiate and complete the entire rooting process.

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Dr.Fone - Root

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Step1: Connect your Motorola XT1068 to your computer

To carry out rooting operations, download the Dr.Fone toolkit and install it. Then, connect Motorola XT1068 to the computer through a USB cable. After that, launch Dr.Fone on your computer.

main screen to root Motorola XT1068

Step2: Detect your Motorola XT1068 for rooting

The main screen will display a few tabs. Click the ‘Root’ tab and touch “OK” on your Motorola XT1068 to enable USB Debugging. You have to allow USB Debugging for the tool to start. Click on 'Start' to make the tool to start by finding the suitable rooting package.

start to root Motorola XT1068

Step3: Confirm the rooting process

When your device is detected with the best rooting solution, click ‘Root Now’ to start the actual rooting operation. A ‘popup’ will appear in the PC asking you to confirm it. Click 'Confirm' to continue.

allow to root Motorola XT1068

Step4: Complete rooting your Motorola XT1068

When the rooting is complete, a success message will be displayed on the software screen. Now, your Motorola XT1068 is rooted and ready for next-step tasks, such as uninstalling system apps.

root Motorola XT1068 complete

Video Guide: How to Root Motorola XT1068

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Part 2: How to Root Motorola XT1068 Manually

You have to prepare the backup of the important files you have in your Motorola XT1068. Including the phone contacts, everything may be wiped out accidentally. Thus, it is highly recommended that you back up Android to PC before going for the rooting process.

If you are planning to go for the manual method of rooting your device, here are the steps that you will have to take advantage of.

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is to unlock your bootloader. This is a prerequisite necessary for when you are rooting the device.

first step to root motorola XT1068

Step 2: Enable the USB Debugging option. You can do this by going to SETTINGS, then choosing ABOUT PHONE. Find the BUILD NUMBER, which is usually located at the bottom. Tap on it seven times. You can get a confirmation that “You are now a developer!”. Go one menu back and tap on DEVELOPER OPTIONS. Inside, you will have to turn on the DEVELOPER OPTIONS and then enable the USB Debugging option.

step 2 to root motorola XT1068

Step 3: Connect the device to your computer. It will show a pop-up on your Motorola XT1068 device that requests to allow the USB Debugging with the RSA key fingerprint. Just put a check mark on the “Always allow from this computer” option and then tap “OK”.

allow the USB Debugging to root motorola XT1068

Step 4: Download all the necessary files. You will mostly find the files that you need for rooting the Motorola XT1068 through the following link:

You need to download the TWRP file as well as the files.

download required files to root motorola XT1068

Step 5: Copy and paste the file you have downloaded beforehand into the Download folder of your Motorola XT1068.

root motorola XT1068 by copying supersu file

Step 6: You need to prepare a folder with ADB and fastboot in it. You actually just need the adb.exe and fastboot.exe when it comes to the rooting of your Motorola XT1068.

root motorola XT1068 by preparing adb folder

Step 7: Copy the TWRP file you have downloaded and extracted beforehand. This should be the system image file. After you have copied it, paste the said file into the folder where you have your adb.exe and fastboot.exe.

copy the twrp file to root motorola XT1068

Step 8: Press down SHIFT on the keyboard and right click on any white space in the folder where the adb.exe, fastboot.exe, and twrp-recovery.img is located at. You have to choose the option “Open command prompt here”. Input the command 'adb devices'.

use comments to root motorola XT1068

Step 9: After you that, you will need to input the following command: 'adb reboot bootloader'. The phone should reboot and go into the bootloader mode.

root motorola XT1068 - reboot phone

Step 10: Input the command: 'fastboot devices'.

fastboot device to root motorola XT1068

Step 11: Input command: 'fastboot flash recovery recovery.img'. The recovery.img part of the command is basically the filename of your twrp system image. You can avoid making mistakes if you just drag and drop the system image from your folder and into your command prompt. This should send every required files over into the phone. You are now done with using the computer. You can then proceed to working on your device.

root motorola XT1068

Step 12: On your device, scroll down using the volume down button so that you can choose the RECOVERY option. You will go into recovery mode this way. There should be a bootloader unlocked warning showing on the screen after you have chosen the said option.

recovery mode used for rooting motorola XT1068

Step 13: You need to click the INSTALL option among the options that you have in the recovery mode to get root access. Click on Download afterward. You can then see your on a list so click on that.

rooting motorola XT1068 by loading package

Step 14: Once you have selected it, you can then swipe across to flash the file.

rooting motorola XT1068 by selecting files

Step 15: Once done, click on the Reboot System option. You can then unplug the device from the computer. The bootloader unlocked warning will show again. Just do not mind it.

root motorola XT1068 with the reboot system option

Step 16: Check whether you have root access or not. You can just scroll to your App drawer and look for SuperSU. If you click on it and there is no error, then you are good to go. You may also double check by using root checker apps you can download on Google Play.

check if root motorola XT1068 complete

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