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Beginner's Guide: How to Update and Root Nexus 6P Safely

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The Nexus 6P is an exquisite device, even with a 5.7-inch screen, it will fit perfectly into your hands. The phone released in 2015 has got it all, a good camera, an aluminum built, 3GB of RAM etc. but we will not be looking at all those for this article, we will be focusing instead on how to root nexus 6P and update it from Android 6 to Android 7.

To root nexus 6P successfully, you need to understand what rooting entails. Rooting is simply attaining superuser access on an Android device and the process is very straightforward if you have got the right set of tools. Rooting your phone gives you more control over your device, you can block Ads, flash a custom ROM, uninstall preinstalled apps etc.

Part 1: preparation of rooting Nexus 6P

Before rooting your Nexus 6P, you need to prepare the device for the procedure. There are few things to be done to ensure the Nexus 6P is fully prepared for rooting, these things include:

•    Have enough battery juice: the process of rooting can be lengthy so it is advisable you have a high battery level before you start. A 70% and above is okay.

•    Backup data: before proceeding to root Nexus 6P, ensure you backup every data in case there is any loss of data during the root process.

•    Install all necessary drivers on both PC and android device to ensure smooth connection

•    Check USB cable to be used for connecting Nexus 6P to PC for faults.

•    Enable USB debugging on Nexus 6P from settings under developer option.

After doing the following, you have now prepared your nexus 6P for rooting and can proceed to root nexus 6P. Another point to take note of is the studying of software you want to use to root your Nexus 6P, Wondershare’s Android Root is what we use here and it is very effective for easy rooting of any Android device.

Part 2: How to update Nexus 6P to Android 7

The Nexus 6P came with android 6.0 aka Marshmallow from the factory with the option of upgrading to Android 7; Nougat. Upgrading to Android poses a lot of benefits, it feels good to use the latest software and Nougat comes with a lot of packages for users, most notably is the Multi-Window feature. The multi-window feature is available on some android devices like the Samsung Note series but it was built into the OS by Samsung, it is on Nougat that Google first established multi-window has a universal android feature.

To update to Android Nougat, there are some preparatory actions to be taken, they include:

•    Backing up of data on phone

•    Have Android SDK properly installed on your PC

•    Nexus 6P Bootloader should be unlocked

•    Nexus 6P should be running stock Marshmallow

•    Installation of all necessary drivers

•    USB debugging must be enabled

•    Nexus 6P battery must be above 70%

After taking the above preparatory steps, one can proceed to update the Nexus 6P. to proceed, you download the Nougat ROM file for Nexus 6P and keep the zip file in the folder containing your Android SDK. Rename the Nougat ROM file to for reference sake.

You can now follow the steps below to update your Nexus 6P to Nougat:

•    Switch off your Nexus 6P and boot device into Bootloader mode; holding the Power, Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Now you will see fastboot menu.

•    Press the Volume Down and Power button to boot into recovery mode.

•    To navigate while in recovery mode, you use Volume Up and Volume Down for upward and downward movement respectively. Now, navigate and choose “Apply Update from ADB”.

•    Connect your Nexus device to your computer using an appropriate USB cable. GO the directory where you kept the Nougat zip file; the Android SDK directory.

•    Open the Command Prompt window on that directory using “Shift + Right click” > Open command window here. On the command prompt window, type in the following command:

    adb sideload – (if you are on windows)

    ./adb sideload (if you are on MAC)

•    Wait for installation to complete, on completion, navigate to the “Reboot system now” by using your volume keys and then select it by using power key from the recovery mode.

This reboot after upgrading to nougat usually takes longer than the normal reboot, averaging between 4-8 minutes but it is normal.

Now you have upgraded your Nexus 6P to the latest android software and you want to root the device because you want nexus 6P root access. In the next part, we will look at how to root nexus 6p.

Part 3: How to root Nexus 6p safely?

To root the Nexus 6P is a very simple and straightforward process especially when done with the right tool. The tool we recommend is the Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root. With Dr.Fone toolkit, getting the Nexus 6P root access is a very straightforward and the whole rooting process is done safely. We will look at the rooting process with Android Root in three simple steps.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1

Download and install the Dr.Fone Root on your PC if you do not have it installed yet. After installation, launch the software.

Step 2

After selecting Android Root, you are edging closer to attaining Nexus 6P root access. Now you connect your device to the PC using a functional USB cable, ensure to enable USB debugging so Android Root can recognize Nexus 6P device. To enable USB debugging on Nexus 6P, go to settings, then developer option and enable USB debugging.

After a successful connection of nexus 6P device to the Dr.Fone toolkit, the phone is now ready to be rooted.

root nexus 6p - connect phone

Step 3

Your nexus 6P device is now connected to PC and has been recognized by the Dr.Fone toolkit. Now you can proceed to root nexus 6P device in one click by clicking the ”Root Now” button.

root nexus 6p - phone is ready

During the rooting process, your nexus 6P gets a message to confirm root process, you click confirm and wait for the Dr.Fone toolkit to finish the rooting process in few minutes. In few minutes you get a nexus 6P with root access.

root nexus 6p - root successful

When you see root completed on your screen, the root process has been completed and you now have a nexus 6P root accessible device. So now, you can block unwanted Ads across the device, uninstall any apps including preinstalled apps.

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