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How to Root ZTE N817 with Android Root?

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ZTE N817 is a power-packed device that comes with plenty of high-end features. Just like any other Android smartphone, it can also be customized to a great extent. Nevertheless, if you truly want to personalize your smartphone experience, then you should consider rooting it. Fortunately, you can root ZTE N817 with just one click. In this article, we will firstly make you familiar with all the prerequisites that you should meet before commencing the rooting process. Furthermore, we will discuss the benefits of rooting and how to root ZTE N817 in no time. Read on in order to unleash the true potential of your ZTE smartphone.

Part 1: Preparations before rooting ZTE N817

You might already know that rooting is quite a sensitive process. If you wish to gain positive results in the end, then you should definitely not take any risk. Ideally, you should make an effort in order to prepare your device for the rooting process. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Before you root ZTE N817, consider the following basic requirements.

1. One of the most essential things that you should do before rooting your smartphone is taking a complete backup. If the process gets stopped in between due to an unavoidable reason, then you can end up losing your phone’s data. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take its backup using a reliable application like Android Data Backup & Restore.

2. Afterward, make sure that you have already downloaded all the essential drivers related to your device. You can get them from ZTE’s official website.

3. During the entire process of rooting, your phone would undergo several operations and will also be restarted. To make sure that it won’t turn off in between, charge your phone’s battery to at least 60%.

4. If you have any additional anti-virus software or a stringent setting on your firewall, then disable it before commencing the ZTE N817 root process.

5. Don’t simply go for any run of the mill application to root ZTE N817. Only use a reliable rooting software in order to get productive results.

6. Since you would be connecting your phone to the system, it is important to turn on the feature of USB Debugging. This will enable your system to perform all the needed operations on your device. In order to do so, you need to turn on the Developer Options on your device first. This can be done by visiting Settings > About Phone and tapping the “Build Number” seven straight times. Now, just visit Developer Options under Settings and turn on the feature of USB Debugging.

enable usb debugging

Part 2: How to root ZTE N817 with Android Root step by step

If you wish to root ZTE N817 with just one click, then you should definitely try Android Root. It is a part of Dr.Fone toolkit and provides a 100% secure and reliable way to root plenty of ZTE devices. Presently, it runs on Windows and is compatible with thousands of Android devices out there. In a few simple steps, you can perform the ZTE N817 root using this remarkable tool. All you got to do is follow these instructions.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
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1. Download and install Android Root on your system. You can get it from its official website right here. Simply launch it when you are done installing to get the following welcome screen. 

2. The interface will ask you to connect your phone to the system. You can do the same by taking the assistance of a USB cable. As soon as you would connect your ZTE phone to the system, you will get a pop-up message on it regarding USB Debugging. Just agree to it and let the application detect your phone.

connect phone

3. Android Root will automatically start detecting your phone and make it ready for the rooting process. The process might take a while to complete. You can get to know about its progress from an on-screen indicator.

detect phone

4. As soon as your phone would be ready for it, you will get the following screen. Now, all you got to do is click the “Root now” button to start the rooting process.

root now

5. The application will undertake all the needed steps to root ZTE N817. Sit back and relax as the entire process might take a while. Make sure that you don’t disconnect your device at this stage. It would also get restarted in between. Additionally, if you get a pop-up message on your phone regarding the permission to root it, then simply agree to it. After a while, you will get the following congratulatory message on the screen.

root successfully

This means that your device is rooted. You can safely remove it and explore all the benefits of rooting.

Part 3: What benefits you have after rooting ZTEN817?

You might already be aware of the severe repercussions of rooting. It would void the warranty on your device. Nevertheless, there are plenty of added benefits of rooting that makes it a risk worth taking. We are going to list some of these high-end benefits that you can experience after performing the ZTE N817 root.

Install Custom ROM: It is one of the most highly anticipated benefits of rooting your Android device. You can customize it to its core and install a custom ROM. This will let you personalize your smartphone experience to a whole new level.

Install apps from various sources: Earlier, you might get a prompt on your device that you can’t install apps from incompatible sources. But with a rooted device, the sky is the limit. You can install apps from almost anywhere. Though, while doing so, you should take care of certain security measures.

Block in-app ads: You don’t need to get frustrated by all those in-app ads. After rooting, you can easily get rid of them in no time.

Android skins: Needless to say, you would be able to change the overall look and feel of your device as well. Rooting also gives you a provision to change the Android skin of your device.

Automate everything: After taking the assistance of the IFTTT (IF This Then That) logic, you can connect your device to the outer world and automate everything.

Uninstall inbuilt apps: There are plenty of inbuilt apps on every smartphone that can’t be uninstalled just like that. They might take lots of unwanted space on your device. Thankfully, after rooting your phone, you can easily uninstall them.

Better performance: Rooting gives you a provision to alter the way your smartphone functions. You can kill processes to boost the processing speed of your device and can even improve its battery life.

After knowing all the added benefits of rooting your Android smartphones, you should definitely try to root ZTE N817. Take the assistance of Android Root and root your smartphone without any hassle. If you face any setbacks in between, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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