How to Root ZTE V795 with Android Root?

The ZTE V795 was launched in 2013 as a budget 3G Smart phone. It runs on Android v2.3 and is equipped with 1.0 GHz dual core processor and 512MB RAM, one couldn’t ask more at that price segment. As a bonus it also has a 4GB external SD and a 4.5” capacitive touch panel to offer, and not to forget a very basic digital rear camera. This device was one of the early brilliant creations of the Chinese multinational company ZTE.

However, due to lack to many features, there have been many users who wanted more from this device and thus were looking for a relatively safe and promising method to root ZTE v795. There are defintely many ways to root ZTE v795 available in the market today. Now, for the novices, rooting is a process where people get full control over their device. Android that runs on the Linux kernel version, on rooting, gives similar results as administrative gives on Linux OS. The only problem is to safely root ZTE v795.

In the next section we will learn how to prepare ourselves to root ZTE V795 and thereafter the steps for ZTE V795 root safely and securely using Android Root from dr.fone Wondershare. So guys let’s get ready for ZTE v795 root.

Part 1: Preparations before Rooting ZTE V795

Before we start, let us look at some of basic points we should keep in mind as preparations to root ZTE V795:

• Make sure that the phone battery is charged up to 70% or more (you seriously don’t want your device to switch off during the rooting process!).

• Enable USB debugging. Open Settings>Developer options>USB Debugging. If developer options can’t be fount then go to Settings>General>About phone>Common>Software info (tap on it 5-8 times).

• Backup of the internal storage- a backup must be created of all the sensitive and personal information stored inside the internal storage of the device.

• Unrooting process-sometimes the user doesn’t feel satisfied by the rooting of his device so it’s highly recommended to learn how to unroot also.

• Disable firewall and antivirus- the firewall sometimes block certain file extensions related with the rooting process so to rule out any possibility of bricking the device, its best to disable your device firewall and antivirus(if any).

• Download MiniTool Partition Wizard tool. Search for it on any search engine, you will get multiple links to download it for free.

• The external SD card (if any) must be formatted into ext2 by using card reader and MiniTool Partition Wizard Tool (one can also try ext4, if ext2 fails by any chance).

• The device must run on android OS v2.3 (gingerbread).The below processes doesn’t support any other version.

Part 2: How to root ZTE V795 with Android Root

“Android Root” is a handy rooting software available at the website of dr.fone. The greatest advantage of the “Android Root” toolkit by Wondershare dr.fone is its simple and easy user interface. It’s also 100% risk free and any novice can use it for the rooting process. The best feature of this software is that it supports over 7000 devices and has the highest success rate in the industry.

dr.fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

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Let us now look at the following steps carefully to root ZTE v795

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download dr.fone toolkit from the website, you can even do that for free as a trial.

Step 2. Install and Connect the device to PC

Now once you have finished the downloading process, install it and then launch the toolkit for android on your personal computer. Click on the Root option among all other options in the toolkit.

launch drfone

Connect your device with USB cable to your PC. Click ok on the pop-up message to enable debugging for starting android root ZTE v795.

connect the phone

Step 3. Detect and Root your Device

After connecting the phone. Click on Start on the dr.fone toolkit for android. The computer will then start to detect the device and find the best way to root the device. The process takes a few minutes varying for different models so patience is the key to success here.

detect the phone

After the system detects the best way possible, the system will show a pop up message with the option “Root Now “. Click on the option for ZTE v795 root.

root now

During the Rooting process another pop-up message appears on the phone screen asking whether the user wants to android root ZTE v795.Tap on confirm option to continue the process of rooting your device. Just a few minutes wait and your ZTE v795 will be successfully rooted.

root successfully

This is the process for ZTE v795 root!

Part 3: What can you do after rooting ZTE V795?

Here are some of the post rooting advantages for ZTE V795:

• Powerful battery saver apps like Greenify can be installed that boosts the battery life exponentially (as long as up to 4 hours!). Giving users a healthy boost over their daily smart phone use.

• Bloatware can be uninstalled to reduce unnecessary RAM and CPU usage, speeding up the Android and increasing the working potential of the processor. And with a dual core processor every KB of unnecessary memory usage could act as a heavy restrain over the phone’s performance. Rooting the device takes care of that.

• Many service providers charge as much as Rs.300/month for Wi-Fi tethering. Rooting enables tethering while avoiding costly fees. Now that’s too good an offer to be over looked by the heavy data users.

• Custom ROMs completely changes the android gives the users the control to completely customize their device to the very core. One can even access the latest version of android before anyone else, a feature that almost all android users dream about these days. Rooting your device turns that fantasy into actual reality.

• Thousands of “incompatible” apps become available after rooting! Even apps from the Google play store that were incompatible on your device could be downloaded after the rooting process that too directly from the Google play store! All of us face this problem when we want an app from the store but our device fails to comply with the required standards. Rooting deals with the unnecessary hazards and allows the user to download all apps from the store and run them on his device.

So today we have discussed the process of rooting ZTE V795 by dr.fone Android root. We also discussed all the advantages related with the entire process. But remember that nothing comes with its fair share of risks, after rooting tour phones warranty becomes void, it may suffer overheating and it might become prone to hacking. However,  if you want to discover the exciting world full with rich features and best of performance rooting is the way to go. As per our experience we can assure you that with the Wondershare dr.fone toolkit for Android root, the risks are almost equal to nil.

Simply make sure that you follow each and every step very carefully and do not forget to prepare before starting to root ZTE V795. Do let us know how was your experience using the toolkit to root your ZTE V795 in the comments section below.

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