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How to Root ZTE Zmax 2 with Android Root?

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ZTE Zmax2 running on Android V5.1 is a big phone both display and weight wise. The multitouch 5.5 inch capacitive screen along with Dolby Digital audio enhancement in Zmax 2 makes visual experience great. Zmax2 runs on Snapdragon 410 chipset and Cortex-A53 processor that offer good control and multitasking capabilities to it. ZTE Zmax 2 is powered by a 3000mAh battery which is a good bargain at its price range.

Now, If you root ZTE Zmax 2, it will give you a lot of elbow room to tweak several features of Android which are not available without root access. Also, once you root ZTE Zmax 2, you no longer have to wait for your manufacturers to provide OS updates. It does not end there. Rooting your smartphone will allow you to alter your battery performance and device response by underclocking or overclocking the 1.2GHz processor, installing custom kernel and custom ROMs, installing carrier-blocked and incompatible apps and do a lot more. From customizing the theme of your ZTE Zmax 2 to automating the tasks of your smartphone, everything can be done by rooting.

To know how to root ZTE Zmax 2, read this article and follow the steps below.

Part 1: Preparations before rooting ZTE Zmax 2

Rooting your ZTE Zmax 2 may be important to you but it is as much important to remember a few things before attempting to start the process of rooting your smartphone. Making these preparations before root ZTE Zmax 2 will ensure a smooth rooting process avoiding any possibility of bricking. Here are some pointers that you need to be aware of before starting the process.

• In order to avoid the loss of any important data while doing a ZTE Zmax 2 root, make sure that you backup your photos, videos, app data, messages, contacts and call registry etc that are present in your ZTE Zmax 2.

• Rooting can be a quite lengthy process. So, ensure that you have at least 80% of battery left on your ZTE Zmax 2 so as to not to interrupt the rooting process

• Your ZTE Zmax 2 warranty may be nullified if you root your device. But it is not a big deal as you can unroot it later when it is needed.

• A native o original USB cable is required to connect ZTE Zmax 2 with your PC.

• All the necessary USB device drivers need to be installed and up to date on your PC.

• Install the compatible ZTE Zmax 2 drivers in your PC to be able to root your device successfully.

• Enable “USB debugging” present in the Developer Options in the Settings of your device.

• Finally, ensure that your device is unlocked so that your ZTE Zmax 2 can be rooted.

Part 2: How to root ZTE Zmax 2 with Android Root step by step

Rooting Android smartphones is not always easy and can be a bit of a pain for those new to rooting. Some methods may not be conducive for first-time users. However, Dr.Fone Android toolkit is a wonderful tool that can not just root ZTE Zmax 2 but is also 100% safe and secure and supports over 7000 devices with highest rate of success in the industry. It is an easy to use software with a simple user interface that makes rooting very easy. With this toolkit, you can root ZTE Zmax 2 in a matter of few minutes.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

  • Simple process, hassle free.
  • Supports over 7000 devices.
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Step 1: Install and Launch dr.done Root on your PC

To start with, it is necessary to download Wondershare Dr.Fone Root on your PC and install it. 

Step 2: Connect your ZTE Zmax 2 with the PC

After you have selected the right tool, connect the ZTE Zmax 2 with the PC using a USB cable. Now there will be a pop-up message on your mobile phone asking permission to enable USB debugging. Tap on OK to allow it. Then, Dr.Fone toolkit will try to establish a connection between your ZTE Zmax 2 and the PC.

connect the phone

Step 3: Detect the ZTE Zmax 2 and root the device

When the connection is established, click on the “start” button in the Dr.Fone interface. This will allow the program to detect your phone and find a proper solution to root it.

The process may take some time to complete. While the process is on, ensure proper connectivity between the ZTE Zmax 2 and the PC.

detect the phone

If the mobile phone is detected, click on “root now” to start the rooting process. In the pop-up that appears on the phone, tap on “confirm” to permit the ZTE Zmax 2 root.

root now

If the root is successful, the Dr.Fone program will display a success message. Now the ZTE Zmax 2 is rooted.

root successfully

Part 3: How to check ZTE Zmax 2 root status?

Sometimes, you may not get to know if your ZTE Zmax 2 is rooted or not. Although a ZTE Zmax 2 root procedure typically takes anywhere between 2-15 minutes to complete, it can also take longer or shorter durations which may cause a confusion about the root status of your mobile. If you are unsure whether your ZTE Zmax 2 root procedure worked or not, check it easily with the following methods.

• For the easiest method to check root access, download and install “Root Checker” app from Google Play store. Root Checker Basic is a free app that can be used to verify whether a smartphone has root access or not.

install root checker

After it is downloaded, follow the instructions to reach the landing page.

Tap on the “Verify root” option to determine the status.

verify root

If the root process went well and successfully, the app will display that your ZTE Zmax 2 is rooted. If the device is not rooted, the Root Checker app will display a corresponding message.

• To check if your ZTE Zmax 2 device is rooted or not, look for apps which manage and control Superuser root access in your app drawer. Most commonly Superuser or SuperSU apps are found on rooted devices. If you do not see any app that controls root access, then you, probably, are not rooted.

•  Alternatively, root access can be checked easily by using a terminal. Plenty of terminal apps are available in the Play Store and any one of them can be downloaded for verification. Open the app and enter “su” (only the word) in the dialog box and tap on return. If you get a pop-up message from a root manager app asking for permission to run the terminal app as a root, then your device is rooted. Otherwise, if your login prompt is #, it means that your ZTE Zmax 2 is rooted. If the login prompt is $, your smartphone is not rooted. 

So, this is how ZTE Zmax can be rooted in a matter of few minutes using Android root. All the three methods described for verifying root access in your ZTE Zmax are easy to use. You can select the one that suits you and check for Superuser permissions.

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