Practical Guide: How to Root SM G925F?

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a true beauty. The 7mm thin profile curved screen reinforced by a metal frame will attract even the pickiest techie and offers the device a stylish edgy look. The display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 measures 5.1-inches and has a resolution of 577ppi which provides a good colour contrast. The device runs on an Android v5.0.2 Lollipop OS but is upgradable to v.7 Nougat. It is powered by Exynos 7420 chipset,  octa-core 2.1GHZ Cortex-A57 processor. Apart from that, it has 32/64/128 GB of internal storage which is not expandable. One of the best features of SM G925F is its 16MP rear camera with LED flash that can do 4Kvideo recording. The front camera is a HDR, 5MP shooter. It also has a fingerprint scanner, a heart-rate sensor and a barometer. The 2600mAh battery can even be charged wirelessly.

Now, you may think that a SM G925F cannot become better. But the thing is if you happen to do a SM g925f root, your perception will change. If you root your device, you can explore all the corners of Android and fiddle with the features to suit your needs. After a successful g925f root, you can flash a custom ROM and Kernel and enjoy features that are not available in stock Android. You can even automate tasks like toggling network data, WiFi hotspot etc by installing dedicated apps.

So, if you are planning to root SM g925f , read on to find out the right method.

Part 1: Benefits of rooting SM G925F

Rooting your SM G925F device may sound like a risky business but the benefits you can reap if you do a g925f 6.0 1 root are many.

• A rooted SM G925F is more flexible and will give you the freedom to tweak several features of Android. You can customize your smartphone, install several snazzy looking themes, add new fonts to your library and a lot more.

• In a rooted SM G925F you can install apps like Titanium Backup and make backups of literally everything including the progress in a game. Similarly, in case if your device malfunctions, you can use recovery options like ClockworkMod to retrieve it back to its original form

• If you have done a sm g925f root,you don’t have to get bored by waiting for Samsung to dispatch updates for your device. Instead, you can experiment different versions of Android or chuck the Lollipop OS and upgrade to the newest version of Android.

• The 2.1GHz processor of SM G925F can be made to do a whole lot more by changing the frequency. Apps like SetCPU can help you overclock or underclock the processor in your rooted smartphone and help you improve the speed or battery life.

• Some apps are blocked by the carrier either for security concerns or because they are competitive with their apps. But if you do a g925f root, you can download all such apps in addition to deleting all the unwanted built-in apps that take up storage space.

Part 2: How to root SM G925F with Android Root?

Rooting an Android smartphone is lucrative for all those who are tired of the hackneyed features of Android. But it is not easy to root a smartphone. It is partly due to the fact that there is no one-stop solution available for rooting all Android smartphones. The method of rooting smartphones varies from one device to another. Sometimes, it is possible to mess up the root process and end up with a bricked phone that cannot be recovered. Also, a rooted device will void the warranty in most of the cases. Hence, any problem, whatsoever in a smartphone due to rooting or after rooting may not be covered by the device’s warranty. Although Samsung offers manufacturer support to rooting, there is no guarantee about the validity of the warranty. Therefore any mistake in the rooting process will cost you dearly.

One solution to all the rooting needs is the Android Root dr.fone toolkit which can be used for a lot of other purposes too. It can be used to root over 7000 devices 100% safely and securely. The Android root also has the highest success rate in the industry in terms of rooting. So, if you are choosing to do a sm g925f root, using Android Root is the best solution. To know how to do a g925f 6.0 1 root, read the following steps.

dr.fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1: Preparations to be done before performing sm g925f root

There are certain things to be remembered before starting the root process. Ensure that you do the following before doing sm g925f root.

  • • To avoid losing any information, backup your phone
  • • A native USB cable is needed to connect your sm g925f with the PC.
  • • Make sure that all the device drivers, ADB drivers, USB drivers are installed on the PC.
  • • Charge the sm g925f battery to 60% to 80% of its capacity.

Step 2: Install and launch Wondershare dr.fone toolkit

Download dr.fone toolkit in your PC and install it. Then and launch the program in your PC. In the opening screen, click on “Root” among all other toolkits available to open the root toolkit..

launch dr.fone

Step 3: Connect your SM G925F with the PC

After you have launched the toolkit, connect your smartphone to the PC with a good USB cable to start the g925f 6.0 1 root. USB Debugging must have been enabled and if you have not enabled, tap on “OK” when a pop-up message appears on your android phone.

connect sm g925f

After that, the software will establish a connection between the PC and your smartphone.

Step 4: Detect your SM G925F and root it:

Once the connection is established, click on the “start” icon in the dr.fone toolkit to detect your SM G925F. The detecting process may take quite some time depending on the manufacturer and the model. During the process, do not disconnect your smartphone for any reason.

detect the phone

After the dr.fone toolkit has detected your smartphone, it will start looking for a solution to root your smartphone. If the solution is ready, click on the “Root Now” button to start the sm g925f root. 

root now

When the phone will pop up a message asking for permission, select “confirm”. The Android Root will perform the g925f root and will display a success message when the smartphone is rooted successfully.

root successfully

That's it! You have a rooted smartphone for yourself now.

So, this is how a Samsung Galaxy SM G925F can be rooted using dr.fone Android Root in a few simple steps. Before rooting your device, make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of rooting it. However, the benefits surely overweigh the risk involved in rooting a SM G925F.

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