How to Use Wifi Tethering on Android Phone

WiFi Tethering is one way of getting to access WiFi networks without having to pay extra costs. Most WiFi hotspots will charge you extra to use their network, but if you do have WiFi Tethering App, you will only pay the costs of your own carrier. This is a great tool for people who use their Android devices when on the move, and need to access WiFi hotspots at airports, train stations, etc.

Part 1: Introduction to Wifi Tether App

The WiFi Tether App is available on most Android phones and can be used to turn the phone into a WiFi Hotspot. The app is simple to use and presents no complications when you start it. It is straightforward and is found in the settings of Android systems.

With the WiFi Tether app, you avoid getting charged extra when you use a hotspot to access a WiFi network. Once you start the application for the first time, simply name your personal network as you see fit. You will find this feature under the “Configure WiFi” tab. Select “Enable WiFi,” and you will be able to surf the Internet using another device, computer or hotspot.

One thing that you must note is that each Smartphone or Tablet is different and there are times when the connection will take long to respond; do not worry, it soon will. There is no information sent to any third parties and this makes the WiFi Tether App a safe tool for setting up your own personal hotspot. In order to see how to use it, follow the tutorial set out below.

Part 2: How to use Wifi Tether App

Step 1) In order to access the WiFi tether app, go to the “Settings” of your android device and then tap on “Tethering and Mobile Hotspot”.

how to use wifi tether

Step 2) You will access a new page where you will tap on “Portable WiFi Hotspot” and once you get to the app, slide the button in order to enable the WiFi Hotspot feature.

how to use wifi tether

Step 3) It is recommended that you add a password in order to protect your data from being accessed by other people. Go to the menu at the top of the screen and then click on “Configure” so as to get to the WiFi Hotspot configuration page.

how to use wifi tether

Step 4) In this page, tap on the dropdown menu labeled “Security” From there select “WPA2 PSK” and then enter a password of your choice in the field labeled “Password”. This password should have more than 8 characters. When you are done, save the changes.

how to use wifi tether

Step 5) Tap the slider button and then click on “OK” when prompted to turn off WiFi and enable WiFi Hotspot. You will see a list of networks that you can use for WiFi Connections. Simply choose the network that you want and then choose the name of the WiFi hotspot that you enabled. You can always turn off the WiFi Hotspot by pushing the slider button back to its original position.

how to use wifi tether

Part 3: Root your Android phone with Android Root

WiFi Tethering is one way to cut the costs of using your data on your phone. You can turn it into a WiFi Hotspot and then browse using another device or network. Recent Android versions have the ability to turn the device into a Hotspot, but in some cases, the feature is blocked; this happens when you buy a phone directly from a certain carrier. In this case, you may have to use third party applications to turn the device into a hotspot. Dr. Fone comes with a nice feature called Android Root. This feature can be used to root your phone so it can use third party WiFi Hotspot applications which may require access to your root system. You can download the trial version and then get the premium version when you are happy about how you root and unroot your phone with Android Root.

Android Root is one of the features that come bundled into Dr. Fone, and it is used to root any Android phone. This tool has several features that are beneficial to your phone and it is 100% safe. Android root works with over 7,000 devices and this is why it is so popular amongst android users. You data is safe from corruption when you use this tool, so you do not have to backup your phone before using Android Root.

dr.fone - Android Root

Root Your Android Phone with One Click.

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How to root your phone using Android Root

Step 1) Download and install Android Root.

Download Dr. Fone and then click on the installer. Here you can get the trial version or the premium one; most people will try the tool before buying the commercial version.

Step 2) Start the Android Root feature

Once Dr. Fone is in your computer, start the application and then go to the “More Tools” button in the main screen. Here you will see the Android Root feature. Click on it to start the application.

android root

Step 3) Connect your Device to your computer

Your phone did come with a USB cable, and you should use this to connect your phone to your computer. You must also enable USB debugging on your phone. Go to the settings tab and look for this feature.

android root

Step 4) Follow the instructions

Android Root will instantly recognise your phone. You will see all the specifications of your mobile device and the application will look for the best configuration when rooting your device. There are many more features, but what you are interested in is the rooting feature.

android root

Step 5) Click once to root your Android device

There is a single button which you will click and wait for your phone to be rooted. Once the process is complete, you will get a prompt telling you that the device rooting has been completed. You should not disconnect your device from the computer until the process is complete.

Once this is done, you can now install any WiFi tethering application which may need access to the root system, and turn your device into a WiFi Hotspot.

Android Root

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dr.fone - Root (Android)

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