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How to Root ZTE Z812- One Click Solution

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Today, rooting an Android phone has become quite a fad with most users. This is because the process allows you to better control your phone and how it performs. When you root ZTE Z812 you get access to the root section of the phone and this allows you to decide which apps you want, the custom ROMs you can add and a lot more. The process comes with some degree of risk and this is why you should carefully follow the steps outlined in this article. Get more control over your ZTE Z812 by using Dr. Fone to root the device.

Part 1: Precautions

Before you go ahead and do the root ZTE Z812 process, there are certain precautions that you need to follow. For the root process to be successful, these precautions should be followed to the letter. You will need to have a backup of your phone, install the required driers and have enough battery power so there are no interruptions. Should anything go wrong, you can use the backup to restore the phone to its previous state.

Step 1 – Create a full backup of your ZTE Z812

There is a certain degree of risk that comes with rooting Android phones and you should have a full backup, just in case. Thankfully, you can first create a backup of your phone using Dr. Fone. This is the file that you may use to recover the ZTE should there be a problem with the rooting process.

backup android phone

Step 2 – Use the Android Debug Bridge to install the correct USB drivers

Download the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and then use it to get the proper ZTE Z812 USB drivers required for successful rotting on the device.

android debug bridge

Step 3 - Charge your ZTE Z812 properly

As mentioned before, the root ZTE Z812 process comes with some level of risk, especially if there are any interruptions. To avoid this, ensure that the device has enough charge before you start. You should ensure that you have between 60% to 80% charge on your phone. Ideally, you should just ensure that the phone is fully charged.

charge android phone

Step 4 - Get to know about your ZTE Z812

Many people do not bother with this step and have ended up ruining their phones. You need to know the Android version that you phone is running on. You also need to know the Kernel or Build number, including other details. This is information that you will need when making the choices of how best to root ZTE Z812 successfully.

know your phone

Part 2: How to root Z812 with Android Root

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is a great tool for carrying out the root ZTE Z812 process. It is intuitive, easy-to-follow and safe. When you root your ZTE, you are able to do a lot more with it since you have access to the root section of the phone. You can make the battery last longer, update your Android OS at any time, add custom apps and ROMs, improve the battery life and a lot more.

Dr.Fone toolkit - Android Root

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Step 1 – Dowload Dr. Fone Root

You can directly download Dr.Fone Root and start the software.

Step 2 – Connect the ZTE Z812 to your computer

Using the USB cable that came with the phone, you should now connect the device to the computer and then wait for it to be recognized. The ZTE should be in debug mode, and if you are using Android version 4.2 or later, you will see a pop-up message which will ask you whether it should be put in debug mode. Click on “OK” and then wait for the phone to fully connect to the computer.

connect android phone

Step 3 – Detection and Rooting of ZTE Z812

After the ZTE is fully connected, click on “Start” and allow Dr. Fone to look for the best approach towards rooting the device. You need to be patient since this will take a little while.

detect android phone

Once the ZTE Z812 has been recognised, click on “Root Now” and then the root ZTE Z812 process will begin.

android phone detected

Step 4 – Finalize the ZTE Z812 root process

A prompt will appear asking you if you would like to process with the ZTE Z812 root process. Click on “Confirm”, and then let Dr. Fone proceed. Take note that you should not use the ZTE or disconnect it when the root process is ongoing, since this may brick the device. Remove the SIM cards from the device before you start so no calls or texts will come in from other people.

root complete

Part 3: Pros and cons of Rooting Z812

Although rooting a phone will offer you a lot of benefits, there are certain disadvantages associated with the ZTE Z812 root process. Here is a list of pros and cons of this process.

The pros of Rooting ZTE Z812

1. Removal of Bloatware

Your ZTE comes with certain apps installed by the manufacture, which you cannot remove. These take up space that you can use for your own desired apps. Rooting will allow you to remove these apps.

2.    Installation of custom ROMs

There are so many ROMs that you can flash onto your ZTE to make it look and perform better. Rooting will allow you to do so whenever you want.

3.    Remove ads from apps

There are ads that keep popping up when you are playing your games. You can remove this when you root ZTE Z812. You will then have uninterrupted game play.

4.    Installation of apps

There are apps which you cannot install on your ZTE since they require access to the root section. When you root the phone you will be able to install these apps.

5.    Update Android OS

You no longer have to wait for the manufacturer to release an official update for your ZTE Z812. You can simply download the developer releases and then install them at any time.

6.    Fully backup your ZTE Z812

When you have root access, you get a full backup file of your ZTE, which would not be possible if the device was in its original state.

7.    Boost performance

Since you have full control of the apps that are running on the device, you will be able to turn off power-intensive apps and save your battery, and also let the phone to run faster.

The cons of Rooting ZTE Z812

1.    Certain degree of risk

You can end up bricking your phone if you do not follow the process properly.

2.    Loss of warranty

When you root ZTE Z812, you lose your warranty from the manufacturer.

3.    Issue with automatic updates

When you root your ZTE, you get access to new Android version, but some features that require automatic updates may not work at all.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages that come from rooting your phone, but the advantages seem to carry the day. When doing the rooting, follow the steps above closely and you will be able to control your phone without a problem. Dr. Fone from Wondershare should be your obvious choice.

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