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Top 8 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Phone + Bonus Tip

Daisy Raines

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Smartphones are not an ordinary gadget as it makes our daily functioning easier by replacing multiple gadgets and tools. Every year, we see an increasing rate in buying the latest Android or iOS phones because people want to try their new features. This is indeed true, as the latest phones offer better performance with excellent battery life and high-quality camera results.

In the mobile market, there is a vast diversity in Android devices such as Huawei, Oppo, HTC, and Samsung. In comparison, iOS devices come up with their own peculiar benefits and features. This article will discuss in detail all the essential things to do before buying a new phone such as Samsung S22, and your money will not go in vain. Also, we will be giving you a bonus tip for transferring your data from your old phone to your new phone.

Part 1: Top 8 Factors to Consider before Buying a New Phone

So, if you are considering buying a new phone, you should be aware of the technicalities and essential features of smartphones that one must need. In this section, we will address the top 8 things to do before buying a new phone.

things to consider for buying phone


Our phones store multiple things like photos, videos, documents, and contacts. So here, RAM and ROM play their roles in saving the external and internal memories. Nowadays, people usually prefer 8GB RAM and 64GB storage for basic use.

You can go higher in numbers with storage such as 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB according to the number of photos, videos, and music files you like to save on your phone.

Battery Life

The battery life is directly proportional to the usage time of your phone. So, smartphones with bigger battery life can stand for a long time without the need for a charger. Battery capacity is measured in mAh, which stands for milliampere-hours.

The higher the value in mAh, the bigger is the battery life. If you are someone who constantly uses their phone applications, then the ideal figure would be 3500 mAh.


Who does not want high-quality pictures? That's why the camera is the decision-maker for many people. Many Android and iOS devices have tried to improve their cameras to give high-end results in pictures constantly through past years.

To evaluate the camera of any phone, you should consider two important lenses that enhance the quality of the captured images. Firstly, an ultra-wide lens can capture an image with a larger view and background, especially if you are capturing a landscape view. On the other hand, oftentimes, when you zoom in for distant objects, the resolution becomes lower; that's why a telephoto lens is needed for such images.


Multitasking is the essential component of any smartphone as we simultaneously play games, scroll Facebook and chat with our friends. The performance of this multitasking depends on the speed of the processor. Moreover, factors like operating systems and bloatware also affect the performance of your processor.

The speed of the processor is measured in Gigahertz (GHz) and if you want to edit the video on your phone, select a processor with a faster speed. Examples of processors are Kirin, Mediatek, and Qualcomm, that many Android phones use.


If you prefer to look for high-resolution graphics, then do consider a phone that furnishes with at least 5.7 inches of display. Many smartphones are improving their display technology by introducing AMOLED and LCD displays. AMOLED displays provide sharp and saturated colors, whereas LCD screens offer more bright displays, which ideally works in direct sunlight exposure.

With constant improving technology, now Full-HD and HD Plus screens are coming in the market, making the display screens even more vibrant.

Operating System

The operating systems in our smartphones are the basic requirement to run the installed applications and software smoothly. The two most commonly used operating systems are Android and iOS. Many times, the outdated versions of OS make the speed of the phone slow or can invite some software errors.

So, make sure that the phone you are going to buy, either Android or iOS, is functioning in its latest version. Such as, the newest version of Android is 12.0, and for iOS, it's 15.2.1.

4G or 5G

Now let's talk about the networking speed through which you can instantly download content from the internet or can do video calls with your friends. 4G network offered faster speed with high bandwidth succeeding 3G network. At a lower cost, it provided users with great usability. On the other hand, with the inception of 5G, it took over 4G as it offers 100 times more high-speed as it uses high frequencies.

4G phones work pretty much well for everyday use, but if you prefer more fast speed to download online videos, then obviously, 5G phones are ideal.


Last but not least, price is the deciding factor for most people. The mid-range phones cost up to $350-$400, consisting of all the basic features and specifications. However, if you are looking for more precise high-end results, the cost can start from $700 and goes on.

Many users spend all their savings buying one premium phone, whereas others prefer to go with mid-range phones. The choice is all yours but make sure that the money you are spending makes that phone worthy enough.

Part 2: Samsung S22 Will be Available Soon! - Is It You Want?

Are you an Android lover? Then you must be eager about Samsung S22 as it is one of the most anticipated phones of the year. There are many things to do before buying a new phone Samsung S22 so that you would be satisfied in the end with your spent money. Following are some of the details of the Samsung S22 that you should know before considering buying it.

samsung s22 details

Price and Launch Date

We are not aware of the exact launch date of the Samsung S22 and its series, but it has been confirmed that the launch will take place in February 2022. No one is truly sure about the exact launch date, but according to a Korean newspaper, the announcement of S22 would take place on 8th February 2022.

The price ranges for Samsung S22 and its series would start from $799 for a standard model. Also, an increase of $100 for each S22 model is predicted.


Many people who want to buy Samsung S22 are eagerly waiting for its new design and display. According to leaked images, the dimensions of S22 would be 146 x 70.5 x 7.6mm, which is similar to Samsung S21 and S21 Plus. Furthermore, the rear camera bumps of S22 are expected for subtle modifications, but nothing prominent has been changed in the design.

The display of S22 is expected to be 6.08 inches which is relatively smaller than a 6.2 inches display of S21.

samsung s22 design


According to the reports, necessary changes would be made in the domain of GPU as it will use Exynos 2200 SoC rather than Snapdragon chip. Furthermore, in countries like the US, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 would also bring improvements in the overall performance of GPU.


The storage capacity of the Samsung S22 is more than enough for the average user. It comprises 8GB RAM with 128GB for a standard model, and if you are looking for extra space, it also consists of 256 GB with 8GB RAM.


The battery capacity for Samsung S22 would be around 3800 mAh which is comparatively smaller than S21 that was around 4000 mAh. Although the battery life of the Samsung S22 is not greater than that of the S21 other specs of S22 can overcome this downgrade.


We also mentioned earlier that nothing big change had been expected with the design and camera specifications of Samsung S22. It will have triple rear cameras, and each camera lens would have a different function. The main and primary camera of regular S22 would be 50MP, whereas the ultra-wide camera would be 12MP. Furthermore, for closer shots, it will have a telephoto camera of 10MP with an aperture of f/1.8.

samsung s22 in white

Part 3: Bonus Tip- How to Transfer Data from an Old Phone to New Phone?

Now, after buying a new phone, it's time to transfer your data from the old phone to the new one. Many times when users try to transfer their data to their new devices, their data gets lost or gets corrupted due to sudden interruption. To avoid all this chaos, Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer can effectively manage to transfer your data to your newly bought device.

Efficient Features of Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer

Dr.Fone is getting recognition due to its successful end results. Following are some of its prominent key features:

  • Fone offers high compatibility with every smart device, such as you can use transfer data from Android to iOS, Android to Android, and also from iOS to iOS.
  • There is no restriction on the type of data that you want to transfer, as you can transfer photos, videos, messages, and music files with their original quality.
  • To save your precious time, the phone transfer feature will instantly transfer all of your data in just few minutes.
  • It does not require any technical step so that any individual can move their files and documents by following a few simple steps.

How to Use Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer with Beginner Knowledge?

Here, we have jotted down the simple steps to use the exclusive feature of phone transfer by Dr.Fone:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone on your PC

Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and open its user interface. Now choose the option of "Phone Transfer" to proceed further.

Try It Free Try It Free

select the phone transfer

Step 2: Attach your Phones to PC

Afterward, attach both of your phones to the computer. The old phone would be your source phone, and the new phone would be the target phone where you want to transfer the data. You can also utilize the "Flip" option to switch the source and target phones.

confirm source and target device

Step 3: Choose the Data to Transfer

Now choose all of the data you want to transfer from your old phone to your new phone. Then simply tap on "Start Transfer" to initiate the transfer process. Make sure to stable the connection between both of your phones.

initiate the data transfer

Step 4: Delete the Data from Target Phone (Optional)

There is also a "Clear Data before Copy" option to delete the existing data from your new phone. Afterward, wait for some minutes to complete the transfer process, and then you can freely use your new phone.

Buying a brand-new phone can be extremely confusing as you don't want to waste your money on a substandard thing. That's why this article has talked about all the important things to do before buying a new phone. Moreover, you can also transfer the data from your old phone to the newly bought one through Dr.Fone.

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