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Samsung Link had always been the trump card for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. over the years. It was initially developed as an app that was responsible for connecting multiple devices and sharing files on the go. There was another advantage for using the All Share app. It never required any Internet connection to pair up devices and share files. However, some people who do not possess a Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Developed smart phones may sneak for alternatives that supports their choice of operating systems. Here's presenting out the Top 5 alternatives for Samsung Link. The key features for all the alternative apps are show casted.

5. SugarSync App

Developer: It was in the month of November, 2009 when the Sugar Sync, Inc. developed the storage app.

Download URL:

Key features: The Sugar Sync app starts off with a low budget and is a real good choice for an experience. Well, if you are looking for an app that suits your backup service well, it is worth for SugarSync to have a go. The key features of this app includes:

  • • Backups any folder on your device
  • • Gives the option to synchronies any folder in your computer device
  • • Supports all operating systems
  • • Shares all folders with permission

Supported Devices:With all features developed, this app can run in most of the selective devices which includes OS developed under Windows (7, 8) Support, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices, Kindle Fire as well as Mac OS X Support and Microsoft Outlook for Windows plug-in.

Price: A free trial version for 30 days has been introduced for this app. Other than this, some of the other plans and pricing are:

  • • 100GB for $ 7.49/mo
  • • 250 GB for $ 9.99/mo
  • • 500 GB for $ 24.99/mo

lternatives for Samsung link

4. iCloud

Developer: This particular storage app was developed under the banners of Apple Inc.

Download URL:

Key features: iCloud is a portal where you can backup and store files in the cloud service. It has an enormous storage capacity as well as just a perfect price to hold on to. The key features are:

  • • Helps to backup everything in the device
  • • Backups even text messages
  • • Can store documents in the cloud
  • • Can store your favourite music in the cloud

Supported Devices: The iCloud comes up as a support mostly for the Apple devices which includes iPhone, iMac as well as others

Price: The pricing for iCloud is quite compatible indeed. Some of the plans are:

  • • 200 GB for $3.99/mo
  • • 500 GB for $ 9.99/mo
  • • 1 TB for $ 19.99/mo

lternatives for Samsung link

3. OneDrive

Developer: The app OneDrive is developed under the banners of Microsoft.

Download URL:

Key features: Especially when it comes to the point for Microsoft, there are a lot of developments for the App. The OneDrive has an enormous capability for storage and is mostly supported in the NOKIA generated devices. The key features to be must mentioned are:

  • • Placing all your photos in one place
  • • Storing all your files
  • • Power Backup facility
  • • Easily accessible
  • • Ready to move files without any hazards
  • • Storage of files done very fast

Price: The price for OneDrive is quite low and it is set for:

$ 2.50/ mo for 25 GB

lternatives for Samsung link

2. Google Drive

Developer: the app is specifically maintained and developed by Google

Download URL:

Key features: It has generally been the most famous app. Be it for a backup or for a professional storage, the Google Drive is now common to most of the users. The features of this app includes:

  • • Keep any file you want
  • • View any file in .pdf, .word, as well as others
  • • Share with whom you want to and how also
  • • Safe and secure, undergoes virus test scan too
  • • Easily accessible from email

Supported Devices: This app is supported with all cellular services including all devices

Price: 15GB of free storage space is given to every user.

lternatives for Samsung link

1. Dropbox

Developer: The developers for this app are Dropbox, Inc.

Download URL:

Key features: The Dropbox has been stunningly active for most of the android users. Well, the Dropbox possesses all kinds of facilities that makes it a real go for the app. There are a handful of features for this app. They are:

  • • Allows to access your files from anywhere
  • • Be it a phone or a computer, you can always use your files
  • • Transfers videos quickly from one place to other
  • • Keep your photos safe
  • • Never lose files

SUPPORTED DEVICES are Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Linux, Android, Windows Phone as well as web browsers. It also provides unofficial ports to Symbian and MeeGo

Price: the pricing for Dropbox starts with:

  • • $9.99/ mo for 100 GB
  • • $ 19.99/ mo for 200 GB
  • • $ 49.99/ mo for 500 GB

lternatives for Samsung link


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