The Ultimate Guide to Samsung Gear Fit Manager

Before we get to the Samsung gear fit manager, it is important that we understand what the Samsung gear fit is. The Samsung Gear fit is essentially a fitness tracker and a Smartwatch all in one device. While there have been thousands of attempts at making the perfect fitness tracker in a watch, there haven't been any success stories until now. Samsung is now attempting to create the first Smartwatch of its kind with the Gear fit.

The Gear fit comes as a fitness band that has a curved screen. The fact that it has a heart rate monitor, pedometer and a number of features that could be called Smartwatch features makes it ideal as a candidate for a good fitness tracker and Smartwatch combination. This is by far one of the most ambitious devices that Samsung has created. The reason we say this is very simple; there have been other Smartwatches introduced in the market and most of them have had disastrous results. So far, the Gear fit is sort of receiving a good reception among users of the product who say it works well even with the $200.

Some of the best qualities that the Gear Fit has include the fact that it is comfortable to wear, it is fashionable and not too bad to look at and it also has a rather long battery life. That said the Gear fit does need to be managed and configured. This is where the Samsung gear fit manager comes in. it is the application that will allow you to customize the Gear fit to give you all the settings you want. This application is actually vital to the working of your Gear fit and therefore very important if you are going to be using the Gear fit. It makes it easy for you to utilize all the features that the Gear fit comes with as well as customize them to fit your particular needs.

Considering how important the Samsung gear fit manager is it is vital that you understand how to install it. Here's how.

Part 1: How to Install the Samsung Gear Fit Manager

Step one: Tap on apps from your mobile device

samsung gear fit manager

Step Two: Tap on the Samsung Apps to download Samsung gear fit manager. You can also do this by navigating to

samsung gear fit manager

Step Three: Touch on the Search icon to search for the Gear fit.

samsung gear fit manager

Step Four: Once you search for the Samsung Gear Fit. Select it from the resultant list.

samsung gear fit manager

Step Five: Review and accept app permissions to download the application

samsung gear fit manager

Step Six: Once the download is complete, touch Open to launch the app and then click Next to complete the steps.

samsung gear fit manager

Now you are ready to use the application. Therefore we have decided to show you how to easily use the Samsung gear fit manager to customize certain aspects of the Gear fit. Here's how.

Part 2: How to Use Samsung Gear Fit Manager

Before you can begin using your Gear Fit, you need to ensure that it has the latest firmware. You should pair it with a Samsung device and install the gear fit manager as described in the steps above. Then follow the instructions that will allow you to pair the Gear Fit with the phone or tablet.

Step One: Download and Install Samsung gear fit manager app on the Android device you will be using.

samsung gear fit manager

Step Two: ensure that the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet is enabled in order to pair with the Gear fit.

samsung gear fit manager

Once the Gear Fit has been paired with your device, you can now use it. Keep in mind that you can use the method above to use your Gear Fit with just about any Android device.

Part 3: More Tips about Samsung Gear Fit Manager

In an effort to help you learn as much as you can about how to install and use the gear fit manager, we have decided to outline three of the best sources of information in regards to the Gear Fit and gear fit manager. Here they are and why we chose them.

1. How to use Samsung Gear Fit with other Devices

This is the perfect article for those who think that they can only use the Gear Fit with Samsung devices alone. The article goes as far as giving users a step by step guide to use the Samsung Gear Fit with other non-Samsung Android devices. It is definitely worth checking out. You can read more here

2. The Ultimate Samsung Gear Fit Review

A good review is always a god way to test the usability and reliability of a tech-gadget. We chose this review since it is well balanced and gives detailed information on what to expect when using the Gear Fit. You can read more here

3. How to Use the Gear Fit with Your Galaxy S5

This article will show you all you need to know about how to pair and use the two devices together. It makes it on this list because it is easy to read through and has a lot of valuable information. You can read more here


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