How to Fix Smartphone Battery Problems Using The Samsung Battery Manager

If you use a Smartphone, and we are sure you do you've obviously had to content with issues of battery life. This is especially true because we use our phone for just about everything. They are cameras, planners, e-readers, phones and document managers or even navigators all in one little package. This overuse if you will of our Smartphones can lead to battery life issues no matter how much the manufacturer hails their excellent battery.

We only point out these issues to illustrate a point. Reduced battery life is a fact that is more common than you think. When a problem is common, there are very many solutions to it.

There are several ways to extend your battery life on your Samsung Smartphone but perhaps the easiest of these ways is by use of an app. Therefore it is to be expected that there will be hundreds of applications that are designed for this specific purpose. Because there are so many, it becomes a problem trying to find the right one. Fortunately for you, we have tested many of the available apps and settled on these 3 that work very well to extend your battery life.

1.Top 3 Samsung Battery Manager

1. Juice Defender

Developer: Latedroid

Key Features: this app allows you to extend your battery life by managing how your apps run. It manages Wi-Fi connections and mobile data two of the most power consuming functions on your phone. It has multiple set-up modes that include "Aggressive power mode" or "Balanced" power mode that allow you to choose which aspects of your phone to completely shut down and which apps to show.

Samsung Battery Manager

2. Battery Defender

Developer: Infolife LLC

Key Features: For a free app. The Battery Defender has features you would expect from a premium app. The single most amazing feature about this app apart from the fact that it helps save on battery life is that it will show you the exact battery percentage in your notifications bar. This is on top of the fact that it allows you to have a sleep mode.

Samsung Battery Manager

3. autorun manager

Developer: MobiWIA - AndRS Studio

Key Features: this app allows you to determine which apps will start running as soon as your phone boots up. It has two modes; basic and advanced. The advanced mode has more control than the basic one in terms of restricting apps from depleting your battery life.

Samsung Battery Manager

When used correctly the above apps will automatically help you extend your battery's life. There are however situations where even an application like the ones we have talked about above fail to work or don't help because you have already lost too much power. In that case there are still some measures you can take to extend battery life. We have outlined five of them below.

Top 5 Alternative ways to fix Battery life problems

Samsung phones are not revered for their battery life so every little thing that you can do to extend your battery life would be welcome. Understanding this, we have come up with 5 easy ways to extend your battery life. Keep in mind that even a little bit of leeway could mean the difference between a dead battery and that important phone call. So let's get to it

1. Turn off VoLTE

If you are in area where the VoLTE is enabled or supported, you will need to disable it if you want to save on battery. This feature of your Samsung phone unnecessarily depletes your battery. It is also advisable to turn off the Smart Switch especially when the battery is too low.

Samsung Battery Manager

2. Disable features you are not using

Often times there are certain apps or features that you don't necessary need or use. You should disable all the ones you don't use to save on battery life. Here's an example on how to disable app you are not using. Click on Settings the Applications, select the app you want to disable and then Tap on Disable.

Samsung Battery Manager

3. Use the power saving mode

Most Samsung phones have two power saving modes; power saving mode and ultra power saving mode. Choose one according to how much power you have left although you should be aware that the Ultra power saver mode will reduce the performance of some apps.

Samsung Battery Manager

4. Turn off Location Services

Another factor that seriously depletes your battery is location services so if you are low on battery, this would be a good feature to turn off. To turn off location services tap on settings, then Privacy and Safety, Location and then toggle the switch to off.

Samsung Battery Manager

5. Turn off Google Now

If you use Google Now, turning it off will help you reduce battery drain. To do this, press and hold the home button on your phone and then drag the Hamburger menu out by swiping to the right.

Then click on settings and then Cards and then turn off the "Show Cards" option.


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