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Upgrade to Galaxy S20 Series: How to Transfer Data from Samsung to S20/S20+/S20 Ultra?

Alice MJ

Mar 09, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Wouldn’t you all agree that a phone device is like a treasure to their user? Well, due to its capability to hold the precious data that we never want to get out of touch. So, for those users who are going to transfer from old Samsung to S20 the comfort of data transfer becomes a matter of concern.

Although the transfer process is not a rocket science, but, there is a catch to it where efficiency plays an important role, which always affects the performance of the device. Keeping all these basic things in mind, this article is formed to cater the need of Samsung device owners who are preparing to transfer from old Samsung to S20 and that without worrying about data loss or other difficulties.

So, should move ahead and explore the possibility of your using the new Samsung S20 smoothly? We promise to make your journey of transfer from old Samsung to S20 process quite easy and interactive.

Part 1: 1-click to transfer all data from Samsung to S20/S20+/S20 Ultra

As your device reflects your personality, the way you choose to transfer from old Samsung to S20 process reflects perfection. You should choose the path that is assured of success, great user experience, and utmost performance. In the world of data transfer Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer has covered a great area of experience with all the necessary equipment carried with it to help the users to complete the process of transfer from old Samsung to S20 with ease and calmness. In fact, in coming steps, you will see that the complete transfer from old Samsung to S20 becomes so easy it all looks like a cake walk.

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Let us then not wait anymore and start the process of transfer with following steps:

Step 1: First Download, and then install the tool on your PC > then click on Switch from the home page.

transfer from old samsung to S20 using Dr.Fone

Step 2: Use the USB cable to connect the devices> they will soon be recognized by Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer as source and the destination devices.

connect old samsung and S20 to computer

Step 3: Once the above steps are done, you will see the complete list of data. You can choose the data as per the requirement to transfer> then proceed with Start transfer.

data transferred from old samsung to S20

Once the transfer process is initiated, soon enough you will get the completion message that the data has transferred successfully to your new Galaxy S20.

As you see, the transfer process was time-saving and easy. This is what we always want right? Well, no wonder all these things are possible with Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. Following above simple steps will help you to transfer all kind of data from the old device to any new one. Thereby you can use your new device happily and with your precious data. The most important need for us is to keep our data safe before and after the transfer process, and Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer guarantees on any such damage to your new S20.

Part 2: Transfer contacts from old Samsung to S20/S20+/S20 Ultra with Gmail

Who is not aware of Gmail? It is quite popular among all generations, whether they belong to any profession or any business class. But do they all know about its various functionality that makes it more durable than ever? If not, here we are giving you a comprehensive guide through which you can transfer from old Samsung to S20 using Gmail.

For all of us contacts are probably the most important thing in a phone, after all, what would you do if you cannot dial anyone? Hence, after buying a new phone, transferring contacts from old Samsung to S20 is a must and due care is needed. So, in this part, we are covering another way to help you transfer contacts that is: with the help of Gmail.

On your old Samsung device

Go to Settings>Open the Accounts section>visit Google> (Select the desired account)> Turn Sync On as Sync Contacts

sync contacts to gmail on samsung phone

On your new Galaxy S20

Visit the Settings menu>open the Accounts and sync>go for Add account> then choose Google>here you need to Follow the instructions to add the account> then click on Google >go for Next>Enter Gmail address and password on your device

sync gmail contacts to S20

Now, again open settings> Gmail account> Sync Contacts. Doing so will sync your contacts from old device to the new Samsung Galaxy S20 and now you are able to make a call to anyone you wish to have a talk.

Part 3: Upgrade to S20/S20+/S20 Ultra from old Samsung with Smart Switch

Being a Samsung user, how can you miss Smart Switch app that becomes a natural choice to all Samsung users when you need to transfer from old Samsung to S20 and you do not want to go far to find the solution. Indeed it is the easiest as well as quite easy to follow the practice to accomplish the task. Just follow the steps we are going to mention here one by one and get ready to use your Galaxy S20 device with all the data you want to transfer from old Samsung to S20.

Step 1: Visit Google play and get the Samsung Smart Switch app for both devices. And after installing, open the app on devices.

Step 2: With USB connector make the connection between an old and new device. Set Old device as Sending device and the new device as Receiving device

transfer from old samsung to S20 using smart switch

Step 3: Among the displayed data list, select the things you want to transfer. Now, finally, after selection of data, press the Send button to initiate the transfer process from old device to new Galaxy S20 device.

connect samsung phone and S20 using usb adapter

Soon, the transfer process will get started and you have all the data to your new Samsung S20 device. For all the Samsung device owners, using Smart Switch is quite easy to access if followed the above steps carefully.

You must be aware that how important our device data is, as they hold various precious things such as documents, old memories, marvelous captured moments, favorite tracks, media files etc. So in the end when we are switching to another advanced device such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra, it becomes imperative to go through a safe and secure way to optimize the transfer process, so that it results in the best experience. There is no doubt that Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is going to provide you with that experience you are looking for. Besides, you also have alternative methods also to look for like Samsung Smart Switch and Gmail. So, start experiencing the new world of Samsung Galaxy S20 using any of the above transfer from old Samsung to S20 methods.

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