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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i with One Click

This Android Root software could help you Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i all in one click.

Dr.Fone - Root

Best Free Program to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

  • Single click and hassle free process to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i
  • Supports over 7000 devices (including most Samsung models)
  • Is accessible for Windows
  • Simple to use
  • Free, No Need to Pay for Root Function
  • Has the uppermost rate of success in the Android rooting market
  • 100% safe and secure when rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i
Available on: Windows
3,884,603 people have downloaded it

Step-by-step guide to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i with one click

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i to your PC.

Step 2. In the main screen of Dr.Fone, select the "Root" tab to start to get the root access of your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i.

how to root Galaxy Ace S5830i with one click

Step 3. Then the root software will recognize your phone model. Click "Start" to begin rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i.

recognize and then root Galaxy Ace S5830i

Step 4. Following the previous operation, Dr.Fone - Root will detect the most proper way to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i from its data library.

detecting the best way to root Galaxy Ace S5830i with one click

Step 5. After finding the way, the root software are ready to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. Click "Root Now" to release the full root potential of your Android.

allow software to root Galaxy Ace S5830i

Video Tutorial: How to Root Galaxy Ace S5830i

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How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i Manually

This rooting guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. Please check things to do before rooting Android devices. Rooting will void your phone warranty. If you still want to continue rooting your phone, we take that you agree to root your phone at your own risk.

Step-by-step guide of rooting Galaxy Ace S5830i manually

To get started, backup all files and applications on your phone first, preventing data from losing.

Step 1. Check the battery on your phone and make sure it's not less than 70%, which can promise you a full rooting.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > check the box before USB Debugging. This step is optional. You can skip it if you've enabled USB debugging before.

Step 3. Download and save it on your computer as a preparing work. Don't try to unzip it after downloading. You actually don't need to.

Step 4. Connect your device to the computer. Copy the ZIP file you downloaded at the former step to the root folder of SD card on your phone.

Step 5. After pasting the file, disconnect your phone and turn it off. When it's totally switched off, press the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons at the same time to go to recovery mode.

Step 6. On the recovery mode menu, you can use the Volume key to choose the options. Select Apply update from SD card and choose the downloaded ZIP file that you've copied to the root folder of the SD card.

Step 7. Wait for a moment. When the process is completed, select Reboot system now to get your phone rebooted.

Step 8. The rebooting will take you a few minutes. After that, your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i has been rooted.

Step 9. If you want to check whether you phone is rooted or not, you can go to the Google Play store to search for Root Checker. Install and open it on your phone, you'll find whether you Galaxy Ace S5830i is rooted or not.

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