Samsung Kies: Learn How to Manage Your Samsung Device On Computer

Samsung Kies is one of the most widely used products by various Galaxy and other Samsung device users. It stands for “Key Intuitive Easy System” and makes it easier for users to transfer and backup their data. One can use Kies for Samsung to connect their mobile or tablet devices to their Windows or Macintosh OS.

Usually, a USB connection is used to maintain the communication, but it can also be done wirelessly. If you are finding it hard to manage your device, then don’t worry! We have come up with several ways to help you connect your device to your computer using this useful application without any hassle.

Part 1: Samsung Kies VS Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Kies can be used to serve various purposes. Data transfer, backup, multimedia transfer, and updating the device firmware are a few of them. Though, Samsung has recently come up with its new application Smart Switch to attract more users. Smart Switch makes it easier for users to transfer their data to their newly acquired Galaxy device. This is to make sure that they have a seamless experience moving to a new device.

It might seem that both the application serves the same purpose, but they are quite different in nature. Smart Switch is created to move data from any other device to a Galaxy without losing any significant piece of information. On the other hand, Kies lets you connect your device to your PC for data synchronization. Kies is not widely used for auto backup and should be used primarily for transfer purposes.

samsung kies

Since Smart Switch is comparatively a more cutting-edge application, it can let you perform quite a few tasks easily. For instance, by using Side Sync, you can control your entire phone through your computer. It is a quick and smart way to attain data backup and synchronization. One can also manage software updates and restore data using Smart Switch. But if you simply want to transfer data to your computer, then Kies should be used. It is a simple and effective tool for connecting your device to your PC. You can manage your data easily and transfer it on the go.

Part 2: Backup Samsung Device Using Samsung Kies

One can essentially use Kies for Samsung to backup their device and synchronize their data. Before we start, make sure that you have the Samsung Kies app installed on your system. Follow these simple steps to attain data transfer using a USB connection:

1. Start by connecting your device to your PC using a USB connection. 

2. After successfully connecting, open the Kies interface.

3. Select “Backup & Restore” option.

4. Now, select “Data backup”. Here, you would be able to see different categories of data like contacts, photos, memos, call logs, etc.

backup wth samsung kies

5. Simply select the data you need to backup and save on your computer.

6. After completing the selection, click on the “Backup” button.

7. This will initiate the backup process. After successfully transferring your data, it will generate a popup message to let you know that the backup has been successfully finished.

8. Hit the “Complete” button to end the process.

backup samsung with kies

After following these simple steps, you can easily backup your data. You can check the media files on your computer to make sure that the process has been successfully completed. One can also restore the data, by selecting the “Restore data” option instead and follow the same process subsequently.

Part 3: Transfer Data Between Samsung Wirelessly

Transferring data from your Samsung device to PC using a USB connection was such a piece of cake. Though, you can also use Samsung Kies wirelessly and attain the same goal without any hassle. Follow these easy steps to transfer data between your Samsung device and PC wirelessly.

1. Start by opening the Samsung Kies app interface on your PC. Initially, you will see two different options for connectivity – USB connection and Wireless connection.

2. Select the “Wireless Connection” option to initiate the process.

wireless transfer with kies

3. Now, you have to make your phone connect to the Samsung Kies wireless network. To do so, go to “Settings” -> “More Settings” and select “Kies via Wi-Fi” on your device.

wireless transfer with kies

4. Your device will soon detect your PC and its name will appear on the screen. Choose the name and supply the Wi-Fi confirmation code to proceed.

kies transfer

5. As soon as you would do that, a Wi-Fi request would appear on your PC. Simply enter the code to establish the connection. Initially, it might take a few seconds for the connection to sustain. Though, after that, it would start functioning without any trouble.

samsung kies transfer

6. Now, you can simply select the data you want to transfer to your computer.

Part 4: Perform Software Update via Samsung Kies

Update your Firmware easily using the Samsung Kies app. Make sure that you are using Kies 3, if you have Android 4.3 (or later versions), while Kies 2.6 should be ideally used for versions older than Android 4.3.

1. Start by connecting your device to your system using a USB connection. Your Samsung Kies application will give you a notification after detecting the device.

2. In the “Basic Information” tab, you can see the option of “Firmware upgrade” getting enabled. Click it and the interface will initiate a stepwise process.

update device with kies

3. Read the information and check “I have read all of the above information” before proceeding.

4. Click the “Start upgrade” button to initiate the process.

kies for samsung

5. Samsung Kies will start downloading all the essential components it needs to update the firmware.

kies for samsung

6. As soon as the downloading will finish, it will start upgrading the system. The progress bar will let you know the status of the upgrade.

7. When it’s completed, click the “Ok” button to finish the process.

This will easily update your software. Make sure you don’t disconnect your phone during the upgrade to get productive results.

Part 5: Samsung Kies Backup Alternative - Android Data Backup & Restore

If you are looking for an alternative to Samsung Kies to perform your everyday data transfer activity, try dr.fone. It is an excellent application that will help you backup your data from your device to your computer with a single click. Currently, it supports more than 8000 Android devices and provides a sleek and easy to navigate interface.

kies alternative

dr.fone makes sure that you are able to backup all the data you need without overwriting the previous versions, so that you can keep everything organized and intact. If you want to select some specific items you want to restore or backup, then you can do that easily as well. Instead of transferring the entire folder, you can just pick the files you want to save.

samsung kies alternative

Not just that, you can also restore the data to any other device of your choice as well. This would make it easier for you to move from one device to another, without losing your essential information. dr.fone is 100% secure and guarantees to provide a lossless transfer of data. Give it a try here to backup and restore your data with one click.

Samsung Kies in a remarkable interface that can help you perform your data backup and restoring activities without any trouble. Simply install the Kies for Samsung application on your system and start transferring your data. One can easily connect their device to the computer wirelessly as well as via a USB connection. Not just for transferring, you can also update the firmware of your device using Kies. If you have any trouble with the interface, then try its alternative and be sure to keep all your information safe. Use your preferred application to attain data backup and never lose your important documents or those cherished photographs.

They're downloading

dr.fone - Backup & Restore (Android)

dr.fone - Backup & Restore (Android)

Backup data on your Android devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device.

dr.fone - Recover (Android)

dr.fone - Recover (Android)

Recover deleted data from Android devices, SD cards and broken Android devices.

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