Things You Need to Know about Samsung Connection Manager

Is it possible to create a wireless internet connection on your Samsung Phone using your computer and a USB cable? In this way your phone can act as HSDPA USB device resulting in an internet connection. It may seem like an impossible achievement but Samsung makes it all possible using the Samsung Connection Manager. If you are only hearing about this application today, let's start from the beginning.

1.What is the Samsung Connection Manager?

The Samsung connection manager is an application that is designed to create a wireless connection in the Samsung Device using a HSDPA USB. This application also has another secondary function. It can allow users to manage content on their phone including messages and contacts. The application requires the HSDPA USB in order to function effectively and has a simple enough interface that even new users usually don't have any problems navigating its features.

This software is available for download for both Widows and Mac and its additional capabilities make it essential software to have. It is not always that you will want to use it to connect to the internet, not when you can do so using a Wi-Fi hotspot directly from your Samsung phone or tablet. Its other file managerial capabilities however, may come in handy if you need to transfer contacts, messages or other content from your phone to computer.

2. What can the Samsung Connection Manager do?

As we have mentioned above the Samsung Connection Manager is an application that is designed to create a wireless connection on a Samsung device. That is however not all it does. Here are a few functionalities that the software is capable of.

  • • This software allows the owner of a Samsung Mobile device to use it to manage the phone or device.  This is a very important role especially when you want to create backups for the data on your phone
  • • The software can be used to manage various settings on a Samsung phone including network signal, mail receipts, phonebook and even text messages. It is not an essential function but may come in handy at one point or another.
  • • The fact that the software uses the HSDPA USB to establish a connection inadvertently makes it possible to establish a communication line between your computer and phone. This is what the software was designed to do. We wager to say that just like with every Samsung software, the Connection Manager does what it was made to do perfectly.
  • • The software can be used to create and send new text messages or even forward existing ones once the connection between the phone and computer has been established. This is no doubt a cool feature of the Connection Manager that is regularly used.
  • • You can also receive notifications from your phone on your computer.

With all of its features, there are very few people who actually use the Connection Manager. The reasons vary although most people will claim that they don't need it or that kies can perform all of these tasks just as well if not better than the Connection Manager. We however are of the opinion that if you give it a chance, this software can become your Samsung phone manager of choice. Of course there are those who don't use it because they don't know how. If you don't know how to use the Connection manager, we have outlined how to use it for its primary function; establishing an internet connection.

3.How to use the Samsung Connection Manager

Start by downloading the Samsung Connection Manager PC suite and then set it up. It should look something like this.

Samsung Connection Manager

Connect your Samsung Phone to your computer using USB cables. The software should detect your phone. In the PC studio, activate the Samsung NPS Internet connector. Here's how to do that.

  • • Click on the Widget Settings
  • • Under Add/ Delete Function Widget, click on add internet connector

Once you have done that, you can now connect to the internet using the PC studio. Here's how

  • • Click on the Internet Connector in the widgets Section
  • • Select Menu and then connection settings
  • • Fill in the details as requested. They include your name, country, network provider, phone number and the user ID you will use to connect to the internet.
  • • Click OK and then close the internet connection settings

To connect to the internet, simply click on connect and then on yes in the resultant popup window. You will be connected to the internet in a few seconds.  You can then go head and surf the internet or download files off the internet.

Keep in mind that although this is the Software's most important functionality, it is not the only one. You will find the Connection Manager a lot more useful than just an Internet connector.


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