Top 10 Smartphone to Buy in 2023: Pick the Best One for You

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With the world taking charge into 2022, there has been a lot of potential observed across the smartphone industry. Smartphones are potentially designed with state-of-the-art technology, embedded with innovation. This, in turn, provides the users with many options to select from. However, if you are looking into buying a smartphone you can keep for a while, the choice surely gets difficult.

We witness customers looking for feature-rich phones, whereas some focus on cost-effectiveness. Under such requirements, users must have a certain list of smartphones to consider from. This article potentially answers the user's question on "Which phone should I buy in 2022?", providing the ten best smartphones to pick from.

Top 10 Smartphone to Buy in 2022

This part shall focus on the ten best smartphones you can buy in 2022. The phones selected within the list are based on different characteristics, covering their features, price, usability, and effectiveness as potential devices.

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 (4.7/5)

Release Date: February 2022 (Expected)

Price: Starting from $899 (Expected)


  1. Using top-of-the-line processors for enhanced functioning.
  2. Improved camera for better pictures.
  3. Supports S-Pen compatibility.


  1. Decreased battery size is expected.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is somewhat believed to be one of Samsung's greatest flagship announcements ever made. Believed to be packed with exceptional features, Samsung Galaxy S22 is heating the critics referring to this model to surpass the iPhone 13 in terms of functionality. With a 120Hz refresh rate, the expected 6.06-inch AMOLED, FHD screen is coming up with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200, the top-of-the-line processor available among Android devices.

As far as the device's performance is concerned, Samsung is surely looking ahead to answer all concerns related to devising functionality. With improved and enhanced features, there are a lot of pragmatic updates considered for the device. Samsung is improving its camera module, both structurally and technically, talking about the cameras. Samsung Galaxy S22 will break the market records with its latest flagship launch, which is potentially coming with the best hardware and software updates.

samsung galaxy s22

2. iPhone 13 Pro Max (4.8/5)

Release Date: 14th September 2021

Price: Starting from $1099


  1. Improved quality of the camera.
  2. Larger battery for longer life.
  3. Use of Apple A15 Bionic enhanced performance.


  1. HDR algorithm and some other modes require improvement.

iPhone 13 Pro Max is potentially the top-of-the-line model in the iPhone 13 models. Many reasons make the iPhone 13 Pro Max a very impressive option for a smartphone. With a proficient change in its 6.7-inch display after the addition of ProMotion, iPhone now supports a refresh rate of 120Hz in the display. Following this, the company has brought a prominent change within the device's battery, making it more effective and long-lasting.

With the latest A15 Bionic chip and similar performance upgrades, iPhone 13 Pro Max is a better option than staying across iPhone 12 Pro Max. The design has not been one of the greatest points of the device; however, the performance changes have made iPhone 13 Pro Max more robust in all cases.

iphone 13 pro max

3. Google Pixel 6 Pro (4.6/5)

Release Date: 28th October 2021

Price: Starting from $899


  1. Provides 120Hz display for effective display.
  2. Improved Android 12 OS.
  3. Battery life makes it one of the best option.


  1. The device is quite heavy and thick.

2021 has been quite revolutionizing for Google with the launch of Pixel 6 Pro as the best Android flagship of the year. With the new Tensor silicon touch and Android 12 built to perfection, the Pixel 6 Pro has made a fanbase with its new design and enhanced camera experience. The camera available within Pixel is quite extensive in terms of features.

The 50 MP main sensor in the camera offers a dynamic range and cover features such as the Magic Eraser and Unblur. The camera's connection with the device's software is what makes the experience exceptional. This smartphone is all about combining leading hardware aligned with software that features an enhanced user experience. The device's overall performance is a class apart, with a killer battery to assist the experience.

google pixel 6 pro

4. OnePlus Nord 2 (4.1/5)

Release Date: 16th August 2021

Price: $365


  1. Processor matches the top-rated smartphones.
  2. It offers a very clean software.
  3. Very low budgeted phone according to features.


  1. The device lacks wireless charging and waterproofing features.

Talking about economical smartphones, the OnePlus features a collection of devices that range from powerhouses to mid-range devices. The device serves an exception of features under a price that breaks a lot of users into buying this sleek and beautiful device instead of phones like Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The device's camera is another promising feature that makes OnePlus Nord 2 compete among the top-of-the-line smartphones. OnePlus has surely kept its mind across providing the basic features to their users at a price that would attract high- and low-budget customers. The phone will observe some preceding models, which would also cover 5G connectivity.

oneplus nord 2

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (4.3/5)

Release Date: 10th August 2021

Price: Starting from $999


  1. Very elegant design.
  2. High-grade water resistance.
  3. Software optimization for better performance.


  1. The cameras are not efficient in results.

Foldable smartphones are a new sensation in the market. With Samsung taking charge in this category, the company has been working on its Z Fold Series for a while. The Z Flip foldable phone observed many improvements in this mode, which ranges from the design to the performance. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was designed to compete with the generic smartphone devices, covering all important aspects and requirements of the user, which could allure more consumers throughout the world.

The new Z Fold still has a lot of room for improvement; however, another promising step taken by Samsung was the change in the price tag. While making the device available for everyday users, Samsung consistently adds more features across its updates. Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be your perfect smartphone if you are very keen to follow the latest technology.

samsung galaxy z flip 3

6. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (3.9/5)

Release Date: 13th January 2021

Price: Starting from $205


  1. Durable display and hardware.
  2. Has a good software update policy.
  3. Longer battery life than other phones.


  1. The display offered is of low resolution.

Another budget phone that Samsung introduced in 2021 has continued to gain a position among the top-of-the-line smartphones in 2022. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is known for many reasons, which involves its performance and user experience. The device displayed a stronger battery life than any other device present in the competition. Along with that, A32 has made an impressive position for its solid connectivity state.

With 5G connectivity under a budget price, this device has gained traction among thousands of users. Considering the device's price, Samsung A32 5G features a very provocative performance for a smartphone. Users looking for robust devices should definitely consider working with this smartphone.

samsung galaxy a32 5g

7. OnePlus 9 Pro (4.4/5)

Release Date: 23rd March 2021

Price: Starting from $1069


  1. Provides sunlight-readable screen.
  2. Fast performing processor.
  3. Super-fast options of wired and wireless charging.


  1. Battery life is not strong as compared to other smartphones.

OnePlus has a consistent policy of creating high-performance and budgeted smartphones for all kinds of users. OnePlus 9 Pro is among the top-notch models introduced by OnePlus that counter some spectacular features in performance. Users attracted to better cameras, and high-performance devices can look into this device, unlike Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13 Pro Max, which have their problems.

While covering the leading performance chips in the device, the OnePlus 9 Pro can counter a lot of options that relate to enhanced user experience. The device is extremely lightweight to use and is quite outstanding, making itself known as the best ultra-wide camera smartphone available in 2022.

oneplus 9 pro

8. Motorola Moto G Power (2022) (3.7/5)

Release Date: Not Announced Yet

Price: Starting from $199


  1. Extremely low budget phone.
  2. Long battery life support.
  3. 90Hz refresh rate for better display.


  1. Issues with audio sounds.

Motorola Moto G Power has been in the market for a while now. However, Motorola has been working on its updates every year and bringing new editions of a similar flagship every year. A similar update of the Motorola Moto G Power has been announced by Motorola, which focuses on better performance and smoother experience with the model.

This budget phone is believed to have better battery life at a price that fascinates most users. This robust device can surely help you get the best experience under the specified price to save money. While offering a 90Hz refresh rate, the device surpasses most in the market under a similar price tag.

motorola moto g power (2022)

9. Realme GT (4.2/5)

Release Date: 31st March 2021

Price: Starting from $599


  1. 120Hz high-quality display.
  2. Fast charging up to 65W.
  3. Top-of-the-line specifications.


  1. No wireless charging offered.

Realme has been making an impressive set of flagship phones over the last few years. Realme GT has set up a mark in the smartphone industry with its expressive design. While talking about its performance, the device runs across Snapdragon 888 convoluted with 12GB RAM. This makes the device compete among the top-rated smartphones, twice its value.

Realme GT comes with a 120 GHz AMOLED display and a 4500mAh battery, making it both robust and ever-lasting. It provides users with such extensive tools that it becomes an incredible option to experience speed at such an impressive price.

realme gt

10. Microsoft Surface Duo 2 (4.5/5)

Release Date: 21st October 2021

Price: Starting from $1499


  1. Hardware is more robust than previous models.
  2. Stylus support is present across the device.
  3. Multi-task with different software simultaneously.


  1. Quite expensive as compared to other devices.

Microsoft adopted the innovation of foldable smartphones, bringing the innovation of Microsoft Surface Duo 2. The company improved its specifications across the next update, bringing a better, faster, and stronger device for their users.

While covering the processor with Snapdragon 888 and an internal memory of 8GB, the phone is quite productive for users who are into multi-tasking. Surface Duo 2 has effectively enhanced the productivity of users.

microsoft surface duo 2

The article answers the question of users about "Which phone should I buy in 2022?” While introducing the reader to the latest updates about Samsung Galaxy S22 and the innovations brought across iPhone 13 Pro Max, the discussion provided a clear comparison among the ten best smartphones one can find in 2022. Users can go through this article to figure out the best option for themselves.

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