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6 Facts You Must Not Know with Google Hangouts Recorder

Apr 28, 2022 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

Google Hangouts have been among the pioneer platforms for voice and video calling that have allowed users to communicate with people worldwide. This platform has presented the users with an impressive system of interacting with their loved ones in a cross-country system. However, while this service offers you the ability to record your video or voice calls with ease, you can consider using various third-party tools across your desktop to record your Google Hangouts easily. While many users have found the personal Google Hangouts recorder as restricted, various tools can be opted as its alternative. These alternatives offer the users the best services within the market. This article discusses various Google Hangouts recorder software. It allows the user to understand the best tool before going towards a conclusive selection of the best tool for efficient call recording.

Part 1. Is there any Google Hangouts recorder for Windows computers?

If you consider the list that is available for allowing you to record Google Hangouts across a Windows computer, it is not only exhaustive but very difficult for a user to select from. While realizing the available saturation across the system, the use of different Google Hangouts recorder can be understood with an introduction to their characteristics and feature set. This article features three of the best Google Hangouts recorder for your Windows computer defined as follows.


This tool is regarded among the most popular video recording platforms available in the market at a reasonable price. With the ability to add different comments across the recorded video, you can not only record but edit your video within Snagit. Its advanced image editing section and screen recording allow you to perform various tasks with the platform easily.


Although this tool was introduced as a source for video conferencing and meetings, it has presented various utilities. One such utility was its ability to screen record across your device. This tool allows you to co-annotate with your team members and automatically add-in video transcripts for the recorded snippets. Although it offers a limited set of features in its free version, it can still be considered quite convenient for screen recording.

Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

If you are not a very big fan of third-party tools and focus on working out with the applications present within the software for consumption, you can efficiently utilize the services of Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 for recording your Google Hangouts screen. Not only does it provide you the ability to record the games with ease, but it also follows up the provision of recording any other program across the desktop. The features are quite extensive across this tool; however, no matter what size it presents you with.

Part 2. How to use the Google Hangouts recorder on Windows? – Snagit

What to Prepare on the Machine Before Recording?

Recording your Google Hangouts screen may require a few configurations before you are good to go. Multiple peripherals are involved in the process, which are to be checked before finalizing the Google Hangouts recorder.

Sound is quite important and significant in letting you signify your recording and help you present or illustrate the idea to a better extent. The overall quality of any video is enhanced with the aid of audio. Thus, it would be considered nice to look into the sound settings before initializing the video recording. If you are embedding external sounds within your recordings, you need to utilize external microphones rather than opting for the built-in tool within your desktop. You should be careful in setting up the webcam of your device if it is also a part of the Google Hangouts recording. With all these hardware peripherals settled on point, you should also focus on managing and smoothing out the cursors off your screen and be aware of where you would be sharing the video once recorded.

How to use Snagit to record with high-quality image and audio

Snagit, as deplored above, is regarded among the best screen recording tools that you can find to record your Google Hangouts call easily. However, when the question comes on using the tool for recording the high-quality image and audio across the platform, you can easily look across the steps described below.

Step 1: Open Snagit on your desktop and proceed to set up your screen recording settings with the settings available. You can move into the "All-in-One" or "Video" tab for more specifics. You can add system audio or external sounds as desired.

google hanhouts recorder 1

Step 2: Once done, you need to select the area with the cursor's aid that you wish to record. The toolbar that appears on the bottom of the screen can be used to manage the audios channels of your recording. Tap the ‘Record’ button to initiate the recording.

google hanhouts recorder 1

Step 3: Over completion of the recording, tap on “Share” to share it across various platforms.

google hanhouts recorder 2

Where are Google Hangout recordings saved?

Google Hangouts save their default recordings across the attached Google Drive account in the respective folder of "My Recordings." Furthermore, if you are utilizing the services of Snagit, you can set up your own default location for saving the recordings.

Part 3. How to use the Google Hangouts recorder on Windows? – Zoom

To look across the steps of recording your Hangouts call on Windows through Zoom, you can consider the following steps.

Step 1: If you are hosting the meeting, you can easily tap on the “Recording” button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

google hanhouts recorder 4

Step 2: To pause or stop the recording, tap on the same button. Once the meeting ends, the file automatically saves as an MP4 file on Zoom’s default location.

Part 4. How to use the Google Hangouts recorder on Windows? - Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

Users who are not much into third-party tools and prefer using the built-in tools available across the desktop can consider following the steps to record their Google Hangouts with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10.

Step 1: You need to set up your Google Hangouts video call on your desktop and simultaneously tap “Windows + G” to open the Game Bar.

Step 2: Select the pop-up option and open up the game bar on the screen.

google hanhouts recorder 5

Step 3: Tap on the “Recording” button on the bottom of the screen to start your recording. Once done, tap on the same button and allow the recording to be saved across your “Videos” folder on the computer.

google hanhouts recorder 6

Part 5. How to record Google Hangouts on Mac with QuickTime?

Recording videos is quite easy if you are a Mac user and prefer utilizing the services of the built-in QuickTime Player for this case. To easily record your Google Hangouts video call through QuickTime, you need to set up your device in the following defined way.

Step 1: Access “QuickTime Player” from your Applications folder on Mac and tap on “File” to select the option of “New Screen Recording” for initializing a new window.

Step 2: With the arrowhead appearing adjacent to the recording button, you need to configure the settings of your recording as desired and proceed with tapping the red “Record” button once you are to start recording.

google hanhouts recorder 7

Step 3: If you need to stop the recording, tap on the rectangular “Stop” sign appearing on the screen's top.

google hanhouts recorder 8

Part 6. How to choose?

Choosing a screen recording is based on the primal fact that it should efficiently cover all or the maximum requirements for your screen recording. This can help you set up the best screen recorder for your Google Hangouts call. Several factors are to be kept in mind before finalizing the best screen recorder. The first and foremost rule should be the ease of use, induced within the platform. It should provide the user with diverse options for recording the screens, as desired. Following this, it should include the availability of configuring audio as desired. However, the output resolution and quality are other important features that would help you in finalizing the best tool for your case.


This article has featured various Google Hangouts screen recorders. It has provided a dividend study to allow the users to select the best tool for effectively recording the screen of their device.

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