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Why and How to Record Skype Calls?

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

Ever since video communication came into official consumption, we have seen Skype being a part of every device or every connection that is being undertaken for effective video interaction. Skype has paved its way into becoming a default choice in video calling and is being consumed by millions of users worldwide. With its own chatting system, Skype has enabled people to interact with different users throughout the globe. However, while utilizing Skype, you may come across a condition where you have to record Skype calls for record or later use. In this case, you may need to target certain aspects and features within Skype that would offer the user proficient remedies. This article targets a series of methods and solutions that would explain effective techniques for recording Skype calls.

Part 1: Does Skype allow you to record calls?

Skype introduced the user market to a new system of video calling, with multiple features taking over the procedure of video calling across Skype. Recording your video calls across Skype is possible with its built-in features; however, several cases are to be kept in mind when considering recording your Skype video call. The key features of recording a video call in a specific platform are usually discovered in cases where the call is being practiced from a Skype to another Skype username. Once a recording initiates, everyone is notified of the recording, leaving no user surprised or confused over the call recording. Skype ensures a very significant and coherent screen recording, where it induces all video streams within the recording within a controlled environment, including your own stream. Along with that, everything that is shared within the desktop screen is recorded and added to the collection. However, a single call recording can last for 24 hours of screen time. This would then be made available across chat for 30 days.

Part 2: How to Record, Save and Share Skype calls?

While you get to know about the features and characteristics of using Skype call recording while interacting with your friends, family, or colleagues, there is a significant need to understand the procedure that involves recording it across the platform. It is to be kept in mind that the process not only helps you to record but to save and share these recorded calls. For executing this procedure successfully across Skype, you need to follow the steps explained as follows.

Step 1: For initiating a call recording across your desktop, you need to hover your cursor to the bottom of the screen during a call and tap on the 'More Options' button. Across the menu that opens up, select 'Start Recording.'

start recording on skype desktop

Conversely, it would be best if you tapped on the 'More Options' button within your mobile phone and tap the 'Start Recording' icon. The banner across the top of the screen notifies the users to present within the call about the initiation of call recording.

start recording on skype mobile

Step 2: Once the recording ends, it is available across the chat of the specific individuals for 30 days. The users present in the chat can easily download across the local storage with ease. For saving a call recording on your desktop, you need to access the chat and tap on the ‘More Options’ button across the specific recording. Select ‘Save to Downloads’ or ‘Save As’ to direct the location of the download.

save recording on desktop

For your mobile device, you need to hold the call recording within the specific chat and select 'Save' from the displayed menu. The recordings are saved in the MP4 file format across your device.

save recording on iphone

Step 3: However, if you are looking forward to sharing your Skype call recording with any contact within your list, you need to access the chat. With the chat opened, access the specific message and tap on the 'More Options' button to select 'Forward.' Locate the respective contacts with whom you wish to share the recording and conclude the process.

forward your call recording

On your mobile phone, you need to long-press the message and tap on 'Forward' in the pop-up menu. Over the next screen, select all appropriate contacts and select 'Send' once you are done.

forward your skype recording on phone

Part 3: How to Record Skype Calls with MirrorGo?

Certain users are not into using the Skype call recording feature for several reasons. For this, the market has been presented with alternatives to such recording systems. Although Skype is quite effective in recording your calls, you can always seek platforms such as Wondershare Dr.Fone to offer you high-quality results in video recording. The use of third-party platforms in such a case might seem a bit difficult, which leads to an appropriate selection of the form. Selecting MirrorGo is very convenient, which, as explained in the article, can be seen as an ultimate solution to the problem involving Skype call recording.

This platform features various impressive characteristics, which include one-click solutions to mirror devices onto the desktop easily. You can easily record the screen of your desktop or connected device with the aid of MirrorGo. Wondershare Dr.Fone features a very coherent and diverse list of devices that it deems compatible too. The platform is not just a simple recorder but offers different functions such as screen capturing and sharing. This makes it a very elite choice in recording your Skype call if you are not into using the built-in feature offered at Skype.

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MirrorGo - Wondershare Dr.Fone

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MirrorGo follows a very simple procedure of recording your screen with ease. Providing a very intuitive interface to work with, you can consider recording your Skype calls by following the step-by-step guideline as explained below.

Step 1: Download and Launch

You need to download and install the platform across your desktop. Once you are done with the installation, launch the platform on your computer.

Step 2: Connect Devices

You need to put your iPhone or Android device onto a similar Wi-Fi connection. This would ensure an appropriate connection of the device with the platform.

ios screen recorder 1

Step 3: Mirror your Devices

Ensure that the Screen Mirroring feature across your iPhone is enabled. Once it is enabled, you can mirror your iPhone with MirrorGo with ease.

ios screen recorder 2

Conversely, for an Android device, you can establish a connection with your device and connect your phone across your computer.

Step 4: Initiate Recording

To initiate a recording across your iPhone screen, you need to access the menu present across the right side of the interface. Tap on the circular icon displaying the 'Record' button and allow the platform to record the Skype call present functioning across the device.

ios screen recorder 3

Whereas, for your Android device, you need to access a similar right panel across your interface and tap on 'Android Recorder' to initiate the process. You will be notified by a message displayed across the screen.

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Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions.

4.1. Where are Skype recordings saved?

The recordings of your Skype are saved in different versions for users with different plans. Users who utilize Skype Business need to open the 'Settings' of their platform and open the Recording options within its tools. You will discover the directory present across the window that would be saving your recordings. It would be displayed as follows: "C:\Users\YOURNAME\Videos\Lync Recordings."

As for users who have the simple standard plan of Skype, they can easily access the recordings from the respective chat head that keeps the video for 30 days. Since Skype offers cloud services for their standard users, you can download these videos as per your desire.

4.2. Does Skype notify the iPhone screen?

Skype notifies all users that are present in the call if the video is being recorded using its own services. However, if you do not want to notify the users present in the Skype call and are an iPhone user, you can initiate the Screen Recording feature across your device and initiate the process using the Control Center to record the Skype video call. The users are not notified in this case.


Skype turned out to change the dynamics of video calling for users all around the world. With it covering a very large market in the process, they tend to introduce a variety of features within their system that would allow the users to have a better experience in using the platform. Call recording is one of the intuitive features of the platform, which can be easily consumed through following simple and effective procedures. For understanding the procedure that is involved in recording calls on Skype, you can look across the article explaining the processes in detail. This would guide you into utilizing the built-in feature or even look ahead in consuming the services of platforms such as MirrorGo.

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