The Best Android Screen Recorder for Android Phone

Part 1. When do you need an Android Screen Recorder?

Android Lollipop records the screen of your Android and is an ideal place to capture what you see on your screens with the help of simple apps. In previous versions, you could record your screens without being root but it was necessary to connect the phone to a computer and write the correct command. If we wanted to do it with a wireless application, we needed to have ROOT permissions. This is now over because you do not need any root permissions, cables or to write any command. You need this application because it lets you record your screen easily.

Part 2. The Best Android Screen Recorder for Android Phone

The Best Android Screen Recorder by far is the MirrorGo Android Recorder with downloader. With plenty of features, you do not just get a screen recorder for your Android phone but a lot more. What you will love about the software is that it helps you explore the true possibilities of your Android phone and goes in to do a lot more to help you do everything automatically.You can even play games of our Android phone right there on the computer screen with HD view. This will mean less tired eyes and experiencing the true fun of games like Clash of Clans. Plus, you could even use your keyboards and mouse to play your favorite games, including Subway Surfers! Of course, the ability to record each and every game screen means that gaming becomes a lot more fun.

MirrorGo Android Recorder

Mirror your android device to your computer!

  • Play Android Mobile Games on your Computer with your Keyboard and Mouse for better control.
  • Send and receive messages using your computer`s keyboard including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for full screen experience.
  • Record your classic gameplay.
  • Screen Capture at crucial points.
  • Share secret moves and teach next level play.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Key Features of MirrorGo and what you can do with it

Are you looking to install MirrorGo that is one of the best android screen recorder? What you will love about it is that it can do a whole lot more than just record the screen. Here is a look at some of the features that really make it worth a buy.

*It records and captures your classic game plays; you get screen captures at crucial points

*You can even share your secret moves and teach the next level of the play.

*What is more, you can even sync games and their data to play them anywhere you may wish to play them at all.

*You can fully control your phone from your computer.

*You can now enjoy your social life on the big screen.

*You can play mobile games with your mouse and keyboards.

Part 3. How to use MirrorGo to Record Android Screen?

If you are looking for the best android screen recorder , you will want to use Wondershare MirrorGo.

1. Connecting your Android phone with MirrorGo.

To effectively use the functions of the MirrorGo software, the first step is to connect your phone to your PC. After downloading and installing the MirrorGo software on your PC, you can connect your mobile phone using two methods:

USB Connection:

Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC. Enable the USB Debugging in your Android smart phone for the USB connection. Check the MTP service on your phone after verifying that your USB Debugging is on. Now the connection between your smart phone and your computer is active and MirrorGo will automatically detect your smart phone.

android record screen

WiFi Connection:

MirrorGo also has the WiFi connection for which you just need to tap on the "Scan" button that is situated on the top right corner of the MirrorGo app. Then, simply scan the QR-Code to make the connection between your phone and your PC, active.

android recorder for smartphone

2. Playing Android Mobile Games on PC

Step 1:After connecting your phone to the MirrorGo, the mobile interface will automatically pop up on the PC. The synchronization of the tasks performed will be maintained by MirrorGo between your phone and PC. For playing the game, you simply need to click on the icon of the game that you want to play.

android phone recorder

Step 2:You can now use the keyboard of your PC directly to operate and play the Android mobile game.

android record screen


-The users get the ultimate gaming experience on their large screens.

-The keyboard supports the game shortcut keys.

-Your game data will be synchronized to your Android phone, so it is in no danger of cleaning up.

3. Replying to messages of social software and SMS's quickly on your PC

Step 1:After connecting the Android phone to your PC, the interface will be readily available to you from where you can use the social apps.

recorder for android phone

Step 2:You can use your keyboard to type and send messages quickly.

best android recorder


-MirrorGo helps you to easily reject a call.

-You can reply to messages faster while receiving a call.

4. Transferring data from PC to your Android smart phone

Step 1:Drag and drop the files from the PC to the MirrorGo Mobile Phone Interface.

android recorder for gamer

Step 2:Click the transfer button to start the transfer and check the progress.

game screen recorder

Step 3:After the files are transferred and the process is completed, these files will be saved in your Android phone in the MirrorGo folder.

android phone recorder

recorder for android


It supports the transfer of the APK files which are installed automatically.

Set the Message Notifications:

After you have connected your Android smart phone to your personal computer through MirrorGo, any and all messages from your Android smart phone will immediately pop up on your PC.

Setting the prohibition: Click the settings button on the top of the notification message when the notification pops up. Go to the settings menu and disable the notification message pop-up.

Cancel the prohibition: Click the settings button and select the App SMS Notification Blacklist. Then, click the Cancel button to cancel the prohibition.

Cancel all the notifications: Click on the settings button and select the Close Start up SMS Notification reminder. This will cancel all the notifications on your PC.

android recorder for android game

Tips & Tricks

MirrorGo is one of the best Android screen recorder available today. Looking for simple tricks and tips to manage your screen recording? Here are some ways as to how you can use Wondershare MirrorGo better.

1. MirrorGo Top Button: Click on the button on the top right corner. Doing this will place MirrorGo at the top of all the screens all the time.

2. Power-saving mode: When you use MirrorGo, your mobile phone will stay in power in a power-saving mode which will help alleviate the heating issues of your phone and keep it cool.

3. Screen without lock: If you are sick and tired and bored of unlocking your screen every time before you need to open MirrorGo, it is easy to get rid of the irritation and the other by simply checking the "Screen without Lock" option which is much more convenient.

They're downloading

MirrorGo Android Recorder

MirrorGo Android Recorder

Take full control of your phone from a computer to enjoy it on a big screen.

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

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