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Whether you want to record, save or share your favorite audio files, game screens or your best homemade movies/videos, the rising nature of technology has made things easier as compared to some few years back. Nowadays, if you want to record your favorite game, all you need is screen video recorder app, and you are ready to go.

Apart from the screen video recorder app, a good number of other apps which are used to record audios and videos are also available. We are going to have a look at different apps under different categories, and see just how important and what kind of an impact they have, in your day to day technological life.

Also, except for the video recorders Apps we are going to introduce in this article, there are also other solutions and software to help you record your iPhone screen.

Part 1: 3 Best Video Recorder App for iPhone

When it comes to recording your favorite moments on your iPhone, getting the best video recorder app should be your ultimate priority. You don’t want to download or buy an app that gives you poor-quality videos while you can get an app that gives you crystal clear motion pictures. Below are three (3) of the best video recorder apps you should give a try.

Top 1 iOS Screen Recorder

Videon, just like any other video recording app, gives you the opportunity to capture your favorite pictures in motion. With iOS Screen Recorder, you can shoot, edit, save and share your videos with your friends and families.

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iOS Screen Recorder

Record videos on your device easily and flexibly!

  • Easy, flexible and reliable.
  • Export HD videos on your device.
  • Record apps, games, and other content on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Works for jailbroken or un-jailbroken iOS devices.
  • Support iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that runs iOS 7.1 to iOS 12.
  • Contains both Windows and iOS versions.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

best video Recorder App

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Top 2 Video Recorder App - Pro Cam 4

Pro Cam 4 is the fourth version of the Pro Cam cameras. Unlike other video recording apps, Pro Cam 3 gives you the opportunity to capture your videos in a full 3D mode. However, this 3D mode is only available in iOS 7 plus.

Video Recorder App - Pro Cam 4


-It fully supports RAW exposure bracketing which simply correlates to high-quality videos.

-It supports 3D video recording and picture taking.

-Unlike other apps, this app supports JPEG mode in the RAW image data.


-You can capture 3D videos as long as you are on iOS 7 or later.

-You can preview GIF and share it with your friends and families.

-If you don’t want any JPEG file, you can easily disable it under the Photo tab.


-3D video recording is only available on iOS 7 or later.

-You must have an iPhone device that supports iOS 9 or later for you to use this app.

App Link:

Top 3 Video Recorder App - Movie Pro

When it comes to recording high-quality videos, the app that stands out from the rest is no doubt the Movie Pro app. This video recording app gives you the opportunity to record a wide range of high-quality videos with the greatest ease ever.

Video Recorder App - Movie Pro


-It can capture video stills while still recording.

-You can pause and resume live video recording.

-Record directly in Camera Roll.

-4K resolution on iOS 6 or later.

-It has an inbuilt video recording feature.


-You can edit videos thanks to its inbuilt video recording feature.

-You can record videos of up to 4K resolution as long as you are on iOS 6 or later.

-Videos recorded are in High Definition (1080p x 720p).

-You can switch cameras when recording without losing the clarity of your videos.


-It's not compatible with any device running on an older iOS version.

App Link:

Part 2: 3 Best Game Recorder App for iPhone

It’s no doubt that technology has revolutionized the way we use our iPhones, especially when it comes to recording iPhone screens. Back then, the only way of capturing our iPhones screens was only via Mac connected simulators. Nowadays, all we need is an app that can record the screen regardless of what you are doing on your iPhone. The following is a list of three game recorder apps that can sort you out when you need to record a game from your iPhone, directly to your Mac or PC.

Top 1 Game Recorder App - X-Mirage

The X-Mirage screen recording app is a professional app that allows you to directly and wirelessly mirror the screen display of your iPhone or iPod onto your Mac or PC. Apart from that, you can also record, stream videos and voiceover files via your microphone, as well as record your screen and audio files from a wide variety of iOS supported devices.

Game Recorder App - X-Mirage


-With X-Mirage, you can play AirPlay contents in full HD (1080p) quality.

-It comes with a password protected AirPlay feature.

-It supports audio stream directly from iOS to your Mac or PC with a simplified connection procedure.

-You can change, pause or play any audio files on your PC or Mac.


-With this app, you can record, play and share different files and record different screens at a go.

-With the media bar, you can pause, play or change tracks from the comfort of your seat thanks to the X-Mirage media bar.

-You can prevent unauthorized use by securing the app with a password.

-You can create demo videos, record lessons, and record iOS games at a single click of a button.


-For you to download and use this app, you will have to part with $16 for a full purchase.

App Link:

Top 2 Game Recorder App - ScreenFlow

If you are in search of a high-quality game recorder app, look no further than the ScreenFlow app from Telestream. With this screen recording app, you can record, edit and share your screen in a matter of minutes. The following are some of its principal features.

Game Recorder App - ScreenFlow


-It supports animated GIF export.

-You can share your edited screen to social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wista, Facebook or Dropbox.

-It features a powerful editing tool that gives you the freedom to edit all your files comfortably.

-It comes with a user-friendly interface hence making it easy for use.


-It has high-quality screen capturing capabilities, even in the presence of retina displays.

-You can record, edit and share your iPhone screen.

-You can record one section of your screen while leaving the other untouched.

-It comes with a streamlined media management platform, which allows you to organize your files efficiently.


-You must have iOS 8 or later for you to use this app.

-You will have to part with $99 for a complete package of this app.

App Link:

Top 3 Game Recorder App - Apowersoft iPhone Recorder

Apowersoft is another great app that you can use to record your iPhone or iPad screen. With this app, you can record, screen mirror your iDevice, or take a screenshot as you please. Unlike other types of screen recording apps that require you to jailbreak your iPhone, this app only requires you to use the Apple’s AirPlay function.

Game Recorder App - Apowersoft iPhone Recorder


-It supports both Windows and Mac PC’s.

-It supports webcam recording capabilities.

-You can edit your screencast in real-time view.

-You can share your recorded screencasts via the cloud or via DropBox.


-You can personalize your videos thanks to the webcam recording capability.

-You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone for you to use this app.

-You can choose your desirable audio input when using this app.

-With this app, you can record your screen via its phone system, microphone, or via both of them.

-Depending on your preferred audio output, you can choose from a wide variety of outputs available.


-You will have to part with $39 for the complete and unlimited use of this app.

Product Link:

Part 3: 3 Best Voice Recorder App for iPhone

When it comes to recording audio files, having the best voice recorder app can be the difference between getting a crystal clear audio file, and a half-baked audio file. Recorded audio files are very useful since they can be used as a source of evidence in a court case, or during meetings when one is trying to drive a point home. If you are looking for the best audio recorder app, I have with me three of the best in the market. The voice recorder app you choose will depend on your preferences.

Top 1 Voice Recorder App - Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus brings together an array of features which make the voice recording process a simplified yet enjoyable one. This audio recorder app supports MP3, CAF, MP4, and WAV audio files, hence giving the opportunity to record a wide range of audio files.

Voice Recorder App - Recorder Plus


-It supports both iPhone and iPad devices.

-Cloud storage available.

-It’s easy to share audio files with another device or a friend

-It supports a wide range of both audio and voice formats.


-It’s free of charge with no purchase fees.

-You can share your audio files via Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydive and Share Sheet.

-You can easily use it on iPhone and iPad devices.


-The app is only available on iOS 8 or later.

App Link:

Top 2 Voice Recorder App - Voice Recorder HD

As the name suggests, this iPhone enabled voice recorder records different formats of audio files in high definition. With this audio recording app, you no longer have to be worried about recording scratchy or poor quality audio files.

Voice Recorder App - Voice Recorder HD


-With this app, you can easily record over 21 hours of audio files.

-It supports background recording where you can open and operate other apps in the background while still recording.

-You can use the AirDrop sharing program to share audio files with other iOS devices.

-It can configure low-quality audio files to high-quality ones.


-It comes with an audio boost that reduces background noise when recording is in place.

-It supports Apple Watch recording.

-You can record and save your audio files on DropBox.


-It doesn’t support iCloud connectivity.

-Some features such as M4A are only available upon a complete purchase from Apple.

App Link:

Top 3 Voice Recorder App - Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder stands out among the rest of the audio apps in that it gives you the opportunity to record your audio files, and at the same time transcribe them. With over seven years in the industry, this voice recorder app is no doubt a must have.

Voice Recorder App - Smart Recorder


-You can export short recordings via email.

-It comes with an iCloud feature capability.

-It can generate ringtones for the iPhone.

-You can share files via iTunes.

-You can navigate through your recordings using the time slider bar.


-It supports a wide number of audio files.

-You can quickly transcribe your recorded files.

-You can record audio files and share them via bluetooth.

-No time limit when it comes to recording.


-It requires iOS version 9 or later.

App Link:

From what we have gathered, it’s easy to see just how simple it can get when you want to record your favorite movies, meeting audios or screencasts from your favorite games on your iPhone or iPad. With the right app and the right information, you can record your best videos using a screen video recorder; you can also record your best games, audio files and voice files using game recorder apps, sound recorder apps and voice recorder apps respectively. Regardless of what you want to do with your particular app, you are guaranteed to get the best out of it if you employ the right tactics as required.

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