How to Use Call Recorder for Android

"The pen is mightier than the sword", an old saying that everyone heard of. Today, pen is rarely used, people are rather using e-mails, instant messaging, SMS service or something else, like making a call that is saved. Also, it s not rare that we picture the moment rather than take notes. Well, it would be very useful if something like that could be done with voice. Leaving a voice mark is more difficult, but in modern world of today, nothing is immposible. Technology and technical stuff apper every day, and we will show you here how to use call recorder for Android smartphones.

Part 1: Why you need a Call recorder?

It is simple to answer this question: you simply want to memorize the moment, and later share it as many times as you want. Whether it is a good or bad, used on court or to remind yourself how your baby said "Dad" for the first time, it is certain that Call recorder will help you with that. Imagine a situation where saying something against one person and than denying that in front of it will lead you to embarrassing moment. When you have a "voice evidence" it is hard to deny it. When you have it, you can look up to it whenever you need to. There are millions of situation where instructions are given over the phone call and seconds later forgotten. In order to prevent that, Call recorder is a smart solution for everyone who has a short memory. Moreover, it is not a question of a short memory or technical issues, but a fact that not all informations can be remembered in the same order. Maybe a good solution is also automatic call recording, where you do not have to worry have you pressed the record button on time.

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Part 2: How to find a best Call Recorder for Android?

When it comes to call recorder for Android, there are many methods how can you record you calls. First, you have to be sure it is legal to do such thing. If you are sure you are not in conflict with the law, you may proceed with such activity. It has to be said: it is not the same to record your own private calls and those of business nature. Some countries do not take recorded calls as an evidence on court if you did not have a previous permission to record it. Because of such incidents, we warn you to be sure you are doing the right thing.

However, if you are doing just for fun or because you want to record a friendly dialouge, there are various applications that will make that for you. Google Voice is one of them, but there are many setups that need to take place regarding this application, so it is questionable whether will an unexperienced user know how to do that. Recording is easy: simply press number 4, and recording will start. Stopping is done with the same number or hanging up. Recorded file will appear in your Google Voice account as it is done through Google servers. Other application that works the same way is Record my call, but iPhone users seem to have trouble with this one. Other applications that provide call recording are Call Recorder and Automatic Call Recorder, but these simple applications have not proven so efficient. In any case, you need to have a recorder.

All of these call recorder for Android are free to use, some of them may require an account. Also, using call recorder is simple. There is another option: pay for record. Services that provide you with same feature, but charge you for that because they do all the work for you. IntCall, and Record Phone Calls are available, notifying that is only for iPhone users. Their pricing models as well as prices are different, so you can choose which one will fit you best. Any smartphone with android should be able to install them without any technical problem.

Even though Android smartphones offer lots of programs, finding a good and reliable call recorder is not easy. For those who want to keep it simple, Google will do the most of the job for you, all you have to do is pick one. For those who want the best of it, trying is probably the best solution they can have. There are dozens of application offered for Android, and there are not even two users who have the same preferences. Due to that, personal opinion and guidance is the best way to find a good and suitable call recoorder.

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Part 3: How to Record a Calls on My Smartphone?

Every application has its own terms and ways of using, so it would take a very long time to describe how each of them works. In this case, one way will be presented, the one we find best and most appropriate. Here, we will show you how to use Google Voice, because this call recorder for Android is free to use. To record with it, you have to own a Google Voice number, which is easy to get, and if you have one, you can start immediately. Of course, smartphone is must have. The good thing here is that these call recordings are not limited only on phones due to the fact that Google Voice works with Gmail, but desktop users can also do it with other callings. However, we have to warn you: only incomnig calls can be recorded. In this way, Google wants to prevent abuse and avoid gray areas we spoke about earlier. The process of recording is simple: when you want to start recording, press number 4. Same is when you want to stop, or if you do not feel like pressing anything, you can just hang up. This is our pick due to the fact that it is not needed to have an application that supports hundreds of smartphone. Also, be careful with VoIP calls as they are close to wiretapping laws.

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Considering the question of call recording for Android, we need to have in mind that there are two things to take care of. Is everything we do legal, as a moral question and more technical question: is everything so easy to set? Not all recorders are easy to use or have the same effect. Even the file that they save your recording can be different (AMR or 3GP). When making a decision, these are the main things we need to take care of.

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