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Screen recorder has been helping thousands of people on daily-basis. While some might benefit from record screen on Mac as viewers, others might be the ones that actually make the recordings available to the watchers. The key role behind record screen on Mac are the softwares that actually do the recording part.

Let's take a look below on the best screen recorder for mac tools.

Part 1. Top 5 Screen Recorder for Mac

1. Quicktime Player:

The QuickTime Player is the built-in video and audio player in Mac. It comes up with pretty vast and great functionalities. One of the functions that it can perform, which is relevant to us is that it can record screen on Mac. The QuickTime player, being an original product by Apple Inc. is obviously a shiny and eye-catching multimedia player. It can record the screen of an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and the Mac itself. Moreover, it has internet connectivity as well which keeps you connected with the world of entertainment out in the internet. The most legitimate way to record screen on Mac is through the use of QuickTime Player. It can also use the mic to record the audio during the screen recording on Mac, on iPhone or any other recordable Apple product. It has also a mac screen recorder which lets you record a definite part of the screen by making a selection of the area of which you want the screen to be recorded. Everything you do on it except the in-app purchases regarding the songs, albums etc. you purchase is totally free.

Being QuickTime Player as the number one and free screen recorder for mac tool, it has been featured in the second part of the article where you can also learn how to record screen on Mac.

record screen on Mac

2. Jing:

Jing is a screen recorder for mac which is used to 'capture' the screen of your Mac. However, you can also use Jing to record screen on Mac as it has the video recording capabilities as well. It's free to download for Mac and it's pretty great. If you do not want to be involved in the use of QuickTime Player, Jing is the choice for you. You can make the screen selection as well. Jing also uses mic as an option to record the audio while recording the screen on your Mac. However, Jing has its limitations of recording the screen of your Mac for up to 5 minutes. It's perfect if you need your recordings shorter than that time limit. We can say it's the time-limited version of the QuickTime Player.

quick time player

3. Monosnap:

Monosnap is a great application to record screen on Mac as it comes up with additional picture editing tools inside it. It can also make recordings of whatever you do on your Mac. There is this another great option where you can upload the captures to your own server. Screen selection can be made in almost any of the record screen on Mac software. Monosnap is also completely free screen recorder for mac Monosnap has an option to make your mic, your system's speakers and the webcam work at the same time. The best thing about Monosnap is that you can immediately upload your recorded stuff up your own server and instantly share with the world out from there.

record screen on Mac

4. Apowersoft:

The fourth on our best screen recorder for Mac list which are free to use is Apowersoft for Mac. Apowersoft has many different and basic editing tools and other stuff which do not usually become part of the screen recorders. Although it is helpful, yet it has its own limitations. The first of the limitations it carries that Apowersoft can record screen on Mac only for 3 minutes. That too with its watermark, which is second of its limitations. However, the choice of free recorder softwares isn't very vast out there so it's there and it's free. It also has the ability to make all the three things i.e. Your mic, webcam and audio work at the same time.

best screen recorder for Mac

5. Screen Recorder Robot Lite:

This spectacular mac screen recorder is very light to use and it can be downloaded directly from the App store by Apple Inc. The 'lite' version of the app is very easy to use, simple, and totally free. It has its own limilations as well. The only limitation this app carries is that it record screen on Mac just for 120 seconds! That is just 2 minutes! It's very limited time. However, no watermarks are there even in the lite version. So that pretty much makes it into the best 5 free recorder tools for your Mac. Likewise, screen selection is also there. It would have made fourth in the list if it weren't for the mighty 120 seconds.

screen recorder for Mac

Let's see down below how to use the most legitimate and free screen recorder for Mac in order to record screen on Mac. The beloved QuickTime Player.

Part 2. How to Record Screen on Mac

QuickTime Player Method of Recording Screen on iPhone:

The option to record screen on Mac was introduced to be availed by the users starting from the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

Here's what you have to observe to make iPhone record screen video:

1. What you will need is a Mac running OS X Yosemite or later.

2. Open the QuickTime Player.

3. Click File then select 'New Movie Recording'

record screen on Mac

4. A recording window will appear infront of you. Click the drop down menu in front of the record button, and select your Mac which you want to record. Select the mic, if you want to record the sound effects in the recording as well.

record screen on Mac

5.Click the Record button, and select the screen area that you want to record. The Record screen on Mac game is on now!

6.As soon as you have finished what you wanted to record, tap the stop button, and the recording will be stopped and saved.

Enjoy the record screen on Mac!

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